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  1. I don't fill out the cruise surveys anymore. I try to take care of issues as they happen. The last two cars I bought at different dealerships, the salesmen told us to give them all 10s. If they got less they said management would be all over them. I told both of them to hope I didn't get a survey. I bought a car in good faith and made a deal I felt acceptable. I felt no obligation to give someone a 10. I find that when this happens I think less of the person doing the asking.
  2. Thanks again for taking the time to make your journey feel like ours. It will take some of the chill away from this cold wet mountain autumn.
  3. Well the ad has people talking about Celebrity...good or bad. Years ago when learning marketing, a prof showed us commercials and asked us which ones were our favorites. Many of us picked the warm fuzzy one or the popular one but could not name the product the ad was trying to sell.
  4. I believe it was more like a take on Alice in Wonderland. That book also had a pill that made one either big or small. I always believed it was a bizarre tale. Maybe they were aiming for comparing a cruise with Celebrity to making all your fantasies come true? Todays commercial makers may not understand what the song really stood for like some of us older people. That said, it was weird.
  5. Someone on Facebook said there was an issue with a lifeboat last cruise. An On board person said captain called for a delay but didn't know why.
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