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  1. What I do. I'm always happy to meet them. I shake their hand, I ask them what they can do for me. Basically they tell me more than I could ask! I tell them what I want. And they always surprise me with something added. I thank them every day. I tip them well if they follow thru. I wish them well when I leave, They are very nice people who have come up the ranks to be butler.
  2. I don't often comment....but I googled "worst burger on the planet" and I have never eaten anything like it on a Celebrity ship.
  3. Thanks for letting us know how to pronounce Iain's name. I wondered about it.
  4. Do you give your bags to any porter? Or something else?
  5. I apologize to the maitre'd then.
  6. I think if you want the Royal or Penthouse you need to bid the max. I got the Royal at the max and if was a fair deal. Not a great one. I saw the PH open one day and went in and bid the max and then thought better of it and took back the bid. It was another grand over what I bid on the Royal but I have to wonder if we would have gotten it. I checked everyday to see what was available from the day I booked. I am happy with getting the Royal. When I did the math I may have saved less than $2000 from the prices when I booked a Sky guarantee with 4 perks. But not any where near the prices after final. I don't get to sail often since it is not my husband of 46 years favorite vacation. I am just praying that nothing happens between today and next Sunday. When I was young , people would say to me "Don't get old". And I would say "What's the alternative?". Well , fellow cruisers, don't get old.😘 just kidding.
  7. Maybe a server could have told the Maitre'd that there was a lone woman at a large table...two nights in a row. Maybe as I have become accustomed, as he was walking around he might have noticed. It took until the 3rd night for a guest to ask the Maitre'd to move the lady to their table.
  8. Good for you! Happy you met some great people Bad for the maitre'd of the dining room. Not professional. Unseemly.
  9. We are 2 1/2 hours north of Philly and about the same distance from NYC. Our newspapers never carry the kind of ads you see in NYC/PHL . You may see a small ad from a local TA and there is always AAA. I have seen cruise tv commercials but rarely Celebrity. The commercials are different in different places. We also live close to mountain resorts that spend their money in the big city markets and only occasionally advertise locally.
  10. I can't figure why Anthem would pull away empty. They will sail away full and then Summit will start onboard. Given the time line.
  11. I actually knew some people who thought if they booked Celebrity they would sail with celebrities.
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