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  1. Never Mind. I just checked again and the sailing on the 14th is not listed like it was this morning. Sorry about the previous mistaken post.
  2. I checked this morning and the 3 November sailings on the 14th, 21st, and 28th were all listed with rooms available. We are booked on the Nov 28th but won't be surprised if it is cancelled too.
  3. British Isles was on our list also so when my PVP posted on her page that it was available, I booked the August 6 sailing. Already excited!!
  4. I was curious and looked at other room types on that cruise. The third person is cheaper than the first 2 guests in the other rooms types ( ocean view, balcony, and suite). It is only the interior room where the third person is more. In fact, an Ocean View room for 3 was only $20 more TOTAL for the cruise than an interior. To me, it would be worth the $20 to have a window.
  5. My 2 Getaway cruises on Valor out of New Orleans gave $100 cash each time. My Dealers Choice on Horizon was $50 in S&S casino bank. I am expecting my $50 on Magic for Dealers Choice next week will be casino credit but we will see.
  6. I really dont see that many on this thread are complaining "to no end" about this elimination. My earlier comment was that after sailing in a suite for eight times, I got used to having the body lotion provided so I have quit packing it. This last time I did ask for the lotion since I didn't have any. I will know in November to take my own. This started as an informative post so those of us that we're used to these things in suites could be prepared to bring our own. I appreciate the original post.
  7. I did notice that the liquid soap and shampoo in the ocean suite shower had ELEMIS on the dispenser. The small bottles had OCCEAN as a brand.
  8. We were on the Valor 2 weeks ago in a suite and I noticed no little bottles and I knew we had always had them in the suites. The shampoo didnt really matter to me but I did want the lotion since I didn't bring any. I asked our room steward and he brought several bottles that night. He didn't say they were doing away with them he just apologized for them not being there. I'll be sure and take lotion with me on the Magic next month just in case.
  9. We booked the Dealers choice thinking we could get a price match but when we tried we couldn't do it. My PVP, who has been with Carnival for several years, said the rules had changed recently and no more price match. The only thing I remember getting was $50 casino credit. We have another one booked for Nov and did get a good rate which didn't get any better so I am pleased. Will get another $50 casino credit ( I am not a big gambler so $50 is fine with me). You get a lot more "stuff" with the Getaway offer.
  10. Forward elevators go to 11 and then the spa elevator goes to twelve. Stairs up to Deck 14 from there.
  11. Just got off 5 day on Valor. I think Deli has new menu. We had Cuban sandwich which was very good, Buffalo chicken sandwich ( without the buffalo sauce so it was like a chicken tender but big and good), hot dog and turkey wraps were both good. They do have the special cakes at lunch but maybe only on one of the buffets so if you don't see them on the front buffet look on the back one. We didn't eat in the MDR so I found the Lido buffet to be very good at night with several good options. The fried shrimp on the first night is my favorite. We like the ship and love going down the river. Hope you have as great a cruise as we did. Don't forget the BBQ upstairs for lunch. Very good Mac n cheese.
  12. I looked it up on Carnival website and quote "You'll also gain access to the cruise terminal as soon as the shuttle gets you there, regardless of your arrival appointment time - a small thing that's surprisingly nice on embarkation day ". What I mean about checkin, as Platinum, I know we will board after weddings and Diamond. Before Platinum we would receive a general boarding group number, the earlier you checked in the earlier boarding group number. I don't know if they still assign boarding group numbers the same way that is, the earlier in the terminal, the earlier to board.
  13. Immediate access to the terminal. I thought that would mean you could checkin and get an early boarding assignment (after FTTF) but they may have changed that process and the boarding time assigned before checkin. I am Platinum so I haven't gone through the check in process lately. My point was that at least there would be immediate access to terminal.
  14. If you take the Carnival shuttle from the airport you will have immediate access to the terminal when the shuttle arrives at the port and not have to wait for your check in time. That should get you on the ship sooner unless you are just wanting to explore the city. At least that is another option.
  15. I was on a Getaway Cruise on the Valor in May and they gave me my casino credit in cash. I'm hoping they do it again in September on my next Getaway.
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