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  1. And I am happy to see that it seems vaccination proof will be mandatory!
  2. Let's just clear up one thing here. Dr. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy at the NIH ( National Institute of Health). He does not work for the CDC.
  3. Thanks for the information. I am very happy about the proof of vaccination requirement. I really hope the crew will not be forced to continue sharing such tiny cabin spaces and that maybe after the year 2020 we can really appericate them even more! Looking forward to safe sailing on my favorite cruiseline!
  4. It is still amazing to me that when I studied microbiology (granted it was many years ago) viruses were never classefied into political species. Why we wait to see when cruising will restart just be sensible. Wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distance and get vaccinated when it is your turn. Your choice of course! Travel safe!
  5. Thanks you for pointing this out. Too bad the ship information on that website has not been maintained. I know the Explorer was due to get refitted shortly after our sailing. It is good that the regulations goverening sailing in Antarctica are followed so rigorously. Antarctica is incredible and needs to be protected. Kathy
  6. We sailed to Antarctica on SilverSeas Explorer in January 2018. Truly a trip of a lifetime! TripAdvisor has great information about planning trips to Antarctica. I see they have changed their website but here is the orginial form. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowForum-g1-i12… Another resourse is this website Travel to the Poles This website contains a list of of all the ships that sail to Antarctica and information about them. Happy planning! Kathy
  7. According to the The Lancet, a leading medical Journal, social distancing( at least 3 feet) and masks help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Also maintain good hand hygiene. I personally don't wear a mask while driving in my car, walking or sitting on the beach. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer so you can remove your mask when you get back to your car. New Jersey has had some of the most rigorous return to "normal" guidelines but our numbers have been dropping. I doubt our Governor will be reelected though. Stay safe!
  8. Hi Redtravel, We are also in NJ right outside of of Cape May and Wildwood. It is pretty much business as usual here. No face coverings or social distancing on the boardwalks. When the weather was nice last week the beaches were crowded and it was hard to do social distancing on the beach. They are allowing open container drinking in many areas so that should add an interesting element! The non-essential businesses are about to reopen (limited capacity and face coverings) and outside dining. My husband works at a local tourist attraction, Sunset Beach mini golf and he said business was excellent this past Saturday but I don't think overall this will be a good summer for these merchants who make their living during the summer months. Hopefully the numbers of covid-19 will continue to to drop in NJ and things will continue to return to the "new: normal.
  9. kathy9


    We got or first Oceania brochure in the mail yesterday after a couple of months. The first cruises being advertised were August, 2020. We are holding off cruising until next April when we have a trip scheduled on Silver Seas to the Galápagos Islands. Our next O cruise in March, 2022 with final payment due in September 2021. We just have to watch and see how things go as everything starts opening back up. Stay safe everyone.
  10. My question is what will the state of world wide economy be in the near future. Surely it will not just return to pre covid-19 status. It may not be possible to cruise to some places nor would it be advisable. We have a Silver Seas cruise in April 2021(paid for) and an Oceania cruise in Feb 2022. We will wait to see what happens but hopefully we will all start safely cruising again.
  11. Maybe NCL is trying to keep their budget under control... I am still getting an almost daily Viking brochure!
  12. Good Morning, We live in the most southern area of New Jersey. We are blessed to both be retired with an adequate retirement income. Our area is a summer resort and normally very quiet in the winter. We have had about 100 cases of covid-19 in our county (Cape May County). All the hotels , motels, campgrounds and even short term rental have been halted to keep people coming from the major cities (NYC/Philly) to the area. There has been a lot of animosity here between the locals and the second home owners on social media after the local freeholders/mayors told them not to come to their beach houses and to shelter in place where they are. All the playgrounds, golf and even the beaches/boardwalks have been closed. Some restaurants are trying to stay open to do take-out. Hopefully by the summer things will be back to normal here and the locals and visitors will exist in harmony again. Stay safe everyone! Kathy
  13. Stay isolated as much as possible. Don't go to church, senior centers etc. Wear gloves (light weight winter) when out shopping. Don't touch your face! Don't watch 24 hour news station! Be optimistic!
  14. Wow is right...probably won't be the first either!
  15. We will have to see what the impact of bailout package would be if it is offered to the cruise industry. I am concerned for my landed based TA whom I have worked with since 2005. Basically a mom and pop operation who specialize in cruises. Also the crew could be hit hard.
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