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  1. I think everyone here has found the "major players" in the Rome tour market. I believe they all offer similar products. We did the Walks VIP Colosseum & underground (with floor & underground) & Walks Pristine Sistine and they were both great. Others here have used other companies. Just know what each offers and see who has a good departure time and has availability. At The Vatican, get in as early as possible! Our experience at both the Vatican Museum and Colosseum was that after the group first met, you walked to the "special group entrance"....waited a few minutes for "your time slot" and the group just walked in. The public lines are in a completely different location at the site and are long!! Each was well worth the tour costs. I don't believe you will "go wrong" with any of the major players with consistently good reviews. We just happened to use Walks several years before Rome when we were in Venice and that sold us on them. You will save a tremendous amount of "waiting on line" time by using these tours.
  2. Edge has the Edge.....especially if you have not been to Rome
  3. That would be a long hot walk. Take the shared water taxi...it's right next to the port, easy, quick and not very expensive.
  4. Very interesting and informative. Yes, the passenger deck ends at about the doors to the Theater lobby. Forward of that it is then a "crew only" work area. Crew has to smoke somewhere. That could be it.
  5. I might hesitate because 6033 is on the port a/k/a smoking side. I have seen folks gather on the open deck (port side) outside the theater to smoke. That may be a smoking area....they tend to vary. Sorry for the new wrinkle. BTW, we have stayed several times in 6028. Never heard a peep there.
  6. OP - No worries for you. This is a very short event. About 30 minutes after we left the dock we were ushered off the helipad. No music...the CD did make a welcome announcement but I don't even remember if he had microphone. It was just drinks and a "quiet mingle"
  7. Aren't they all located in the very front of the ship between the bow and bridge?
  8. That's why you take a quality tour....no waiting for St. Peter's long security line. Either take the tour or wait on the line. Was able to use that door with a Walks of Italy tour in March 2019. Saved so much time as the non-tour line to St. Peters was across the square. Do the tour!
  9. Yea...We had a really outstanding experience. Highly recommended!
  10. PelicanLvr

    Day in Aruba

    Have had dinner at Passions of the Beach at the Amsterdam Manor hotel (on a late port night stay) and the hotel staff was very friendly & accommodating. AM was already mentioned by a prior poster. I suggest spending the day at Eagle and looking for lunch at Amsterdam Manor. Palm is much busier....and it will be a hot walk between them!
  11. OP: So glad you are taking your first cruise and it includes your first visit to Bermuda. Yes, your plan is doable if you make that 2:45 ferry. Remember the church seems to close at 4pm...so go there in a hurry. Is that enough time? BUT could you flip your days and go to the beaches on day #1 and get the first ferry or early taxi/tour to St Georges on Day #2? That may be less crazy. See the beaches and go into Hamilton for dinner on day 1. You won't have to run off the ship for that ferry either. The next morning you can control what time you start. Arrange for a 4-5 hour tour starting around 8:30am (returning 12:30 - 1:30) You would have the whole morning in St. George and see sites along the way. I think that's a whole lot more doable. It's tough not having a full day in Bermuda because St Georges is quite far from Dockyard. Dinner in Hamilton is a great idea. Don't be afraid to take the ferry back to the ship from Hamilton after dinner. It's easy and completely safe. We have done that, it's fun! South shore Beaches: Horseshoe Bay is famous (and crowded) but beautiful. Warwick long bay is our favorite. Go to horseshoe and walk along the shore going left as you face the sea. that would be great in the late afternoon of day 1. Beautiful rock formations like in the Bermuda ads. Enjoy and don't run too hard to try to see it all. You'll miss too much. Plan to come back with a bit more time. Do you think this might work for you? Enjoy!
  12. Been to BDA many times, just not that recently, so I can't comment on the schedules. But... It's a wonderful island to experience. Why not take a combo of ferry/bus connections out to St. George and see the beautiful island scenery and people watch as well. You will be on your own time and can stop and do whatever you want along the way. It could be a very fun day! No rush, just take it all in and enjoy. Stop in Hamilton and sit somewhere (on a balcony) and watch Front Street...then on to St. George. Ask any directions you need from the bus driver or ferry mates, Bermudians are very friendly folks. Warwick Long Bay is beautiful...get off the bus there and walk on the beach a bit....lots of beautiful rock formations to walk thru...then get back on a later bus. I would get a map and plan a day with stops along the way. Sometimes the fastest, most efficient transportation is not the most interesting.
  13. Summit has been using the Pan American pier in San Juan for years. Yes, that is where it has been departing from for a long time. Nothing new here!
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