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  1. Take reasonable precautions as you would in any major American city (I live just outside NYC). You should be just fine. Travel smart and alert. The "carelesss travelers" make for much easier pickings....Haven't we all seen them!
  2. OP - If you are comfortable traveling with 2,500 Euros, bring them. Put them in the safe in your room and you will have peace of mind that you have plenty of cash, which I think may be important to you. You don't want to always be thinking "How much money do I have left." When you return home you can always exchange (back to US) or keep the "left-overs" for the next European trip...but they are not good in Scotland! On the way over, I suggest you split up the cash in money belts between the travelers.
  3. Get one of the "sweet 16" (with double-deep balconies) which are 2Cs and decline the upgrade. Agree these are the best value on the ship!
  4. We walked off Constellation in Venice by 7:30am a couple of years ago, and we were not in any particular hurry to be "first off". Be at the walk off location about 1/2 hour before X says to line up and try to be one of the first people off. You should get off pretty quickly. Global Entry and USA Pre-Check are American TSA & Customs programs. We also are enrolled in both. They will be no help in Venice. There is no pre-check line. You will have to line up with everyone else. We did hear a few loud Americans complaining about lack of a pre-check line...and I think it was in Venice. Funny!!
  5. Yes, our group was alone in the underground (and floor) areas. Really could get the feeling of how it was. The "public areas" are mobbed with people., and that was low season in March. Obviously, it a personal choice if it is worth the money.....to us it really was.
  6. Just did the Walks of Italy VIP Coliseum Tour this March (2019). It was GREAT! You see it all. It's a few $$ more.....but, how many times will you be in the Coliseum. Book it and enjoy!
  7. So glad you got your tickets. Welcome to Italy!
  8. Yes, I guess things do change. Too bad you can't get a local ferry for a "tour" of the little ferry stops along the way. That's progress. Thanks for updating me.
  9. At least 2 days to visit Hamilton and St. George. Maybe look for a ship that docks directly in Hamilton. Some smaller ships still do that. The big ships dock out at the dockyard.....not all that much out there and all of it was built for cruise ship passengers. Hamilton is also much more centrally located to get to various sites. The bus terminal is there also. Do take the local ferry between Hamilton and the dockyard. The local will make stops between Somerset Bridge and the dockyard....The ferry system is great and fun! A third day if you like to take a beautiful sail or other water (non-beach) activity. Hope that helps a bit.
  10. Buses to Old City - Sailed on Celebrity a few years ago to Dubrovnik. Yes, they had buses lined up to transfer you to Pile gate of the old town. Bus back to the ship left from same location as drop off (bus parking lot near Pile Gate). Very easy. Yes I understand that a taxi can bring you up to the top of the cable car but do not know the cost.
  11. Suggest you contact one of the private tour companies to get a price on a similar itinerary for 4 persons. It will probably be more than the ship tour costs, but you will also see much more. First, you will control the itinerary based on your interests. Also you will move faster without a big crowd and big bus. It may be well worth the extra cost. Also, suggest you STAY in Rome overnight. It's beautiful to walk around and see the sites and eat some wonderful Roman (rather than airport hotel )food. FCO airport is only about a 45 minute ride.....we just did it in March. Finally think about seeing one site well in the day you have. Why not drive into Rome and see the Vatican Museum/St Peter's or Coliseum? Even on your short schedule you have time to see one site well. If you push you could even see both! Enjoy!!
  12. The restaurants and shops want your money and most take credit cards. So does the "walk the wall" in Dubrovnik. Last time there I didn't bother with Kunas.... it's a one-way exchange anyway.
  13. OP - Enjoy your tour! You are seeing lots of good sites and doing your best to maximize your time in Rome. I think you understand that you cannot possible see it all in 12 hours....so enjoy what you can see and make the best of it! Have fun!
  14. Have stayed in both 6143 and C1 afts. 6143/44 are about one foot wider than standard. However, the extra width shown on the deck plan is actually a butler storage area located between the C1 and the Royal Suite next door. Back when we were there the closet was where the tea carts were stored. Don't know how it is used now...but it is not part of your room. We did hear a slight bit of noise from that on a few occasions.....certainly not an issue. There was absolutely no noise issue from the dining room below. Remember the very best suites on the ship are all right there. Bottom Line: The service in 6143/44 is outstanding because all the best staff are in that suite hall. However, nothing beats the balconies of the C1 afts, so we much prefer them.
  15. OP is a "first time cruiser" and Naples is a notoriously tough city (verified by my own experiences there)...not a place I would recommend they take public transportation a long distance. Also in Pompeii you will miss so much of what's to see without a live guide. So bottom line, Yes it is possible for experienced travelers to get there and get in to Pompeii on their own. But, do yourself a favor and go on a tour of some kind. You will get so much more out of it and the transportation will be taken care of. Sometimes, to get the most from certain sites, you should not do it on your own. Visiting Pompeii for the first time off a cruise stop in Naples is one of those times. Do a tour!
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