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  1. Tell (24 hours prior) whoever is in charge of the dining venue you will be in on your anniversary. Also tell your room steward. Don't expect much and you might be pleasantly surprised by some extra attention. BTW, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
  2. Never been to the port at Sea-tac. But based upon multiple Europe and Caribbean X cruises.....Do unassisted walk off carrying all you luggage. That should start around 7am. You do not put luggage out the night before, but rather walk off rolling all your stuff. You will be one of the first off the ship and the port will be quiet. Get a cab or arrange car service. Do not wait for a shuttle. My guess (for whatever that's worth) is you'll be fine.
  3. One Beach Towel per person is usually left by your room steward on your bed the night before the first port (beach) stop. These towels are much larger/plusher than the pool deck towels. The room steward exchanges them when left of for him/her to take. We leave ours on the balcony to keep the room cleaner. We also grab a pool towel each as an extra and just return these to the pool area each day. Do Not return the larger beach towel left by your room steward to the bin in the pool area .... you must exchange with the room steward or risk being charged. Speak to the room steward and set up a system. They will look for the "dirty" beach towel where you tell them you will leave them. No sea pass card involved.
  4. Another vote for...Relax and do it at the pier!
  5. Oceano in Condado Beach. Outside right overlooking the beach. make a reservation!
  6. Really suggest the Amazon universal adapter. No more multiple adapters, just slide out the plug type you need. Has USB ports too. Works great!
  7. Sailed Summit this past January 2019. Arrived in SJU a day early and spent departure day on the beach. Arrived at port around 4pm and breezed on with no wait at all......BUT almost missed the 4:45 muster drill. Crazy to have it hours before departure! From the roll call during the drill it was obvious that many were missing. Ship was in port early for the following 10 straight days....so don't know when the make-up was?? Just be sure to know the "Drop Dead" time to be aboard. Because it's a departure port, customs rules are different than a mid-cruise port. Be sure to know the all-aboard time, regardless of when you check in.
  8. Yes, all "regular balcony" rooms on M class ships are a bit smaller than the Concierge class cabins. However, the sweet-16 double-deep balconies more than make up for that. Best balcony staterooms on the ship. PS: Put a pool towel or 2 over your small table and it becomes your foot rest.
  9. IMHO, online check-in just makes it easier/ faster for the pier staff (read that as hire less people). Always still have had to line up and show documents. Maybe some day the benefits of on-line check in will trickle-down to us too.
  10. Was on Summit in January (2019). LPC was scheduled to replace Qsine within a month. Never Happened. Perhaps the opinions above are why the roll-out of LPC is sooo slow. Not really being well received. Current corporate culture would never admit that. So we'll see what happens next??? I too ate regularly in Qsine, and will not partake of LPC. It's an overpriced gimmick. Qsine gave us lots of dining options and will be missed. Perhaps the last straw in X's "evolution to modern luxury" for us.
  11. But the Big advantage is not having 4 sea days (2 down and 2 back) needed for a Florida departure. Some love sea days....4 is too many for us. We love the SJU based Summit cruises and would welcome more ships home-ported in the Caribbean. You spend the entire cruise in the beautiful tropical weather!
  12. Always have your GE card. We have renewed and been in program about 6 years without an issue. Last entry, the darn GE machine malfunctioned. Agent looked at card and waived us thru....easy. But have your card even though you should not really need it.
  13. All you winners....please share details. Thank you, it's appreciated!!
  14. Good Point WINE-O, all laundry benefits are NOT valid during the last 3 days of the cruise. So you can't use them right before you go home.
  15. In addition to the wash bag, don't forget the dry cleaning and pressing. Comes in handy! Make full use of the benefits!
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