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  1. Eddy Jenkins was the CD on the Edge last week and he was fantastic! We sailed the Edge in April as well, but we cannot recollect who the CD was back than😬. Look up Eddy's Bio's on FB or Instagram and you will get a feel of how hilarious he can be. The whole activities & entertainment team was excellent, we enjoyed it so much more this time round, it has matured in a positive way and it's better adjusted to the guests, that's how we experienced it. Could also be that in April it was a Caribbean- and in August it was a Mediterranean-cruise, and entertainment will be customised to the audience. Whichever way, Eddy rocked literally when he was participating in the "Battle of the DJs" during a silent disco! Now we're looking into our next cruise and would very much like to know when he's CD on a Celebrity cruise again. Would anyone know if there's an updated schedule for next year available?
  2. @Dbears We're on S2 suite with 3 persons, after turndown service the butler will have prepared the sofa's trundle as a 2nd bed. The sofa in CS is bigger, which can fit 2 extra beds, one on sofa and one on trundle. @vtc201 last night we went to le Petit Chef, had a great time! However, do you know if wine pairing (15usd in total) that comes with both menus is included in the premium drinks package (above 15usd you pay extra) ? The waitress said it's not included. So there's a confusion. I asked where it's mentioned that this was not included in premium drink package. She said she told me during ordering it's not included. At the end she said she will "arrange" something. It was a bit of an awkward situation, didn't want her to get into trouble either.
  3. Thanks Steff79! I will take a better look next time πŸ‘ The kids birthday package that you can order for the cabin is highly recommended btw, they decorate the room, arrange nice presents and Aida goodies, like a handy toiletries bag, soap holder, toothbrush holder and birthday cakes at the restaurants, our birthday boy was very happily surprised and so were we!
  4. Thank you for the information, good to know! I thought this site was only for purchasing Aida products. Was this also listed on the site to reserve restaurants, excursions, packages etc?
  5. Agree with panamapd and sorry to hear that rotjeknor's experience did not meet expectations. We sailed the Canary Islands on AidaNova in February and enjoyed it very much. This was our 2nd Aida cruise, we're non-Germans, so we knew what to expect. True it's a different cruise than other lines, it's more "Spartan" or simple, although we have to say AidaNova is a major improvement compared to her predecessors. If you set your expectations high, you might get disappointed. Comparing with other cruiselines on similar level, I think Aida is indeed a hidden gem. We had a very good deal for the four of us, so we kept our expectations on par and made the most of it. What we like is the laid back atmosphere, civilised people, good kids club where they also speak English, plenty of activities, the gym is very nice (one of the best and largest gyms we've seen on a cruise with indoor and outdoor area) well maintained and clean. We booked a Vario-fare online at Aida (cabin allocated by Aida, only 2 water bottles on 1st day) instead of Premium (you choose own cabin, every day 2 water bottles and more perks), which nearly twice the Vario-fare. With this "saving" we decided to book the more secluded (specialty/a la carte) restaurants for dinner in advance, which is highly recommended if you don't like the buffet restaurants. We went to: - Teppanyaki: kids (and adults too!) still love the tricks the cook does while he prepared food in front of us πŸ˜„ we've seen most of them but still had a good laugh! - Rossini: the "poshest" restaurant on AidaNova, pleasantly surprised by the high quality of food and presentation here - Time Machine: food with impressive entertainment, entering the restaurant was for us unprecedented at sea (we got to talk to the Dutch owner of the company that installed the audio-visuals there, very interesting to hear how much effort had been put in this restaurant) - Churrascaria Steakhouse: the meat unfortunately did not meet our expectations (sorry we're meat lovers and expectations were high!) ordered medium-rare beef mignon/tenderloin but was too well-done. Didn't bother to order another one, service was a bit unattentive here, could get something at "Best Burger at Sea" (inclusive) afterwards... - Brauhaus: towards the end of the cruise we were pretty saturated with all the food, it looked well though, the enormous pork knuckle looked and smelled good, but I just could not anymore. My DH finished everything though - Fuego: the only buffet restaurant we went for dinner, our favorite lunch place as well, kids love the soft ice cream machine. For lunch we went to buffet restaurants when at sea and to nice restaurants on land during port days, we had some great excursions there. When kids were at kids club, we went to the gym (we're not that sporty at all, but this was so convenient!) or just relaxed in the sun in a beach chairs on deck or hammock on our balcony. After dinner, we had a nice stroll around, watched some entertainment (Voice of the Sea with contestants who are crew-members was great to watch!) and/or danced at the beach club. What we missed was a mini-bar and coffee machine in the cabin, but than again, for the price we paid, we could not complain!
  6. Agree, we've booked a Celebrity Suite and Sky Suite, looking at the balcony- & interior furniture makes us doubt as well. The Retreat looks nice, but for the Suites rate, we would have thought you would get sufficient decent furniture to retreat in, as a choice. At least you have a lounger on the balcony, in Sky suites there are only tiny chairs and mini-table just large enough for your cup of coffee/tea, and you have to bend over to grab it. No table and chairs inside, as shown on the initial images when we booked, instead they put a rocker in the room now. Alas, as you say, completely "1st world" issues! We still have time to make a final decision...
  7. OMG the balcony furniture 😱 we're booked on CS for our parents and SS for us, no way they will manage to bend over such tiny low tables, they will break their backs! We will survive, however while we're at it, for NCL's Haven we paid half of Celebrity Edge's price, our room was much larger with decent table & chairs, sofa, footstool, coffee table in the room and on the balcony adult sized table, chairs plus lounger. Truly hope Celebrity will replace the balcony furniture at least (we are still "surprised" the final CS interior is very different from the first images shown on their website at the time of our booking...). Thank you Marilyn and everyone for sharing very useful information!
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