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  1. Here is the link for todays. I keep taking my CC# out so be sure to put yours in. Maybe I should start leaving it in and let you all complete the surveys to see how many points I'd get. Probably no extras, but with Celebrity's IT department you never know! https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=1928612ac243fe33ea345fefa6c469fcd6e4b672fd62d4e2cea314c5ce0c9ced3fad28f252004ee3eee694d51b41ce263e11e1ef32e1e421772f74e521a828342b96f5f9ef850b70db76f26cdbfe2bcae6694f14de71486e46e5dffba6a77f82
  2. Yes. Can't drive from Chicago to San Juan, but we can book a non-stop on American with 2 seats on each side of the aisle so no one to sit next to except my DW
  3. If you go to the actual Marine Traffic website and hover over a ship it will tell you some info about it including the name, and in many cases the destination that the ship has been put into the system. I got a good laugh when I found the Reflection as it's destination was listed as "Away from TD9". "Don't care where we're going, just get us the **ll out of here!"
  4. No problem, I'll put a pack of them in my suitcase and head out for the first ship. As many of said, from current reviews it sounds reasonable and in many cases, we're getting used to them now. As for the thoughts of things aren't safe if they're required, I make good choices, decide where I go, what I touch, how I eat and make sure I'm washing my hands or using sanitizer as often as practical. Also, have a nice suite booked on the next 2 trips so we'll be comfortable on our own balcony or in our cabin if necessary. I know it's not for everyone, but wanted to chime in with an answer to the OP
  5. The comment I'll add to this, is that it seems the Summit trips out of San Juan have jumped more than any of the other ones I've looked at which makes me wonder if there is something going on behind the scenes regarding those sailings The OP is correct, the trip we are on in March of '21 has seen increases of over $1,000 PP in all categories, some have increased almost $2,000 PP and this is only a 7 night trip. I don't know how it can be supply and demand when for example there is not one RS sold on our week, but the price has gone up by $1,000 PP in the past 3 months. Many of the inside cabins are shown as sold, but I'm guessing they have just been blocked for capacity controls, but most of the other categories have plenty of openings yet prices are really climbing.
  6. You can leave your phone in flight mode, but then turn on the wifi so you connect to the ship's wifi as wrk2cruise indicated, but you'll still protect yourself from unwanted fees your provider may charge.
  7. This is a thread with all the comments coming before the shut-down so a lot has changed in the past 4 months.
  8. We were on the March 14th sailing on the Summit which was in the first round of cancelations. We were notified on Friday night the 13th the sailing departing the next day had been canceled. We received an email with our FCC information on May 1st, which was 49 total days. I don't recall how long the refund of our taxes took. We received the email directly from Celebrity, but we did use a TA for that reservation. Shortly after receiving the email from Celebrity we received an email from our TA (the company, not the agent we worked with) encouraging us to use our FCC with them to book something new. There was no specific's in the TA email about the FCC.
  9. I expected 5 points, only 4 showed up. Now do I call to debate about the one missing point, will it really matter, is it worth the hold time.....
  10. Didn't mean to speculate, in my OP I only asked "Anyone heard of this before" Nope, as I said in OP, the CS is $13,000, these two cabins are $9,200. Also, both would be booked in the suite so they would have all 4 perks (assuming they didn't book a special fare that excluded any perks) the inside would be considered vacant Yep, and if they decide to get serious, I'll call my TA, but for now I figured I'd see if "Anyone (had) heard of this before" I completely agree with your comment, and appreciate the direct answer. Actually, I didn't ask that in my OP, I asked if anyone had heard of this before. They would not feel comfortable misleading the crew, and doing so would put a damper on the whole trip. Thanks everyone. Seems like some think this could work, while others don't, so it will an option to explore if they get serious, but as we all know Cruise Critic is just a place to share experiences, Celebrity has the final say so if they want to know for sure I'll try to book something through my TA and see what happens. As I'm sure someone will advise, if they do book something, I'll be sure to get the agreement in writing from Celebrity too.
  11. My DW was talking with a friend about planning a cruise and they asked me if they could book a Edge Class S3 and the adjoining inside cabin, but put both their names on the S3 so they have all the suite benefits, and they use the inside as a second bedroom and bath. I know you can book these cabins like this with underage children but haven't read anything about doing it for 2 adults. From a price point, booking an S3 was about $6,900, and pricing the inside with no perks was about $2,300 so they are looking at $9,200 total. You can't get a CS or anything with a separate bedroom for less than 13k and even then you still only have 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Essentially they are looking to book a "spare" cabin without assigning a passenger to it, but still be able to use it. Anyone heard of this before?
  12. For those of you looking to do this weeks survey and didn't get the email, here is the link. https://pages.email.celebritycruises.com/page.aspx?QS=f309f80a0ed2c7084aa90001b6291bfce74d7836bf052e84cffcebad76fa1e2a9caabb3c2b858855dacbd9de16a163b39b8ab42c46ffb7a401d240679e8687c1851817e6d74f4b3244113cdf19954493a97cbc394c4b9610b05acf5e7a66dd70
  13. A while back there was a discount promo (10% I think) for Captain's Club members which was not compatible with FCC. Other than that I don't believe there have been any restrictions. If this was the case it would be all over the boards as almost every cruise now days has some type of added perk.
  14. All is well! The new trip is there, exactly as I had requested, same exact cabin I had on the original week (C2 with C3 price), all my OBC showing up which included some bonus OBC, and it's the same price. Now I need to check on my wifi and drink packages since they don't show in the "Manage your reservation" detail, but it looks like the website was, dare I say, flawless.
  15. Agree, but in one day my existing cruise dropped off my list of reservations and nothing new appeared. I was asking if that was typical or if the new one should have shown up the same time the previous one was dropped.
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