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  1. My husband works for defense contractor and things have been constantly changing. I don’t see us being able to cruise Or vacation this year but maybe our typical February/March cruise.
  2. What can you do? I’m just thankful that while I have been furloughed for 11 weeks my husband has a great job with benefits.
  3. I think so as well. I work retail for one of the worlds largest companies and I’m sure when we are allowed to open we will also have restrictions.
  4. Hey all! I haven’t posted in awhile and honestly coming to the boards made me so sad. I had wanted to cruise 3 times this year instead of the just once a year that we normally do. Anyways, my husband works for a company that won’t allow him to cruise (for the foreseeable future) and if we fly anywhere or are in Contact with anyone that has recently flown, he has to quarantine for 2 weeks. I understand where they are coming from, and they are all essential employees. I was wondering if anyone is dealing with something like this? We live right outside of Seattle and are still sheltering in place so I know it’s going to be different for everyone.
  5. I live outside of Seattle and I would be shocked if cruises from here happened this year. King County (Seattle) isn’t going to be moving into Phase 2 with the rest of the state next week as the cases and deaths are still a major concern. I agree with the other posters about Alaska and Canada.
  6. I’m an operations manager for a large retail company. My take on all these issues is that not everyone is being trained the same way and for a corporation as large as NCL, that is a big mistake. I really wish they would hire me! 🤣 I would whip everyone into shape.
  7. You can make it up the next day if you are late.
  8. I agree that the food was very poor. We spent most of the days off the ship going to restaurants.
  9. Hey everyone! I’m finally home after some loooong airport delays. I’m still not feeling great but I’ll do a recap later on today or tomorrow!
  10. They had Latin night, Motown night 80’s night, 90’s night, 2000’s, and the glow party. We just got off the 11 day. We had something every night but those are what I remember the most.
  11. We didn’t pre book any restaurants for the Epic and we really regretted that. We ended up using 3 of our 5 dining packages at Wasabi. We couldn’t get in anywhere! We checked every restaurant, every night and only Le Bistro had a last minute opening the last night of the cruise.
  12. I’m having a really hard time posting anything to CC with the internet here on the ship. I also caught a head cold so I slept for 16 hours the day/evening we were in Curaçao and into Bonaire. Not a ton to report but I do have photos and will recap those days when I can. We are in St.Lucia now. We came in about 30 minutes lates so they pushed all aboard time to 7:30. We spent the day at Reduit beach. I wish I would have know that I would be hassled endlessly by people selling stuff. The beach itself was okay but I wouldn’t go back there. Definitely take a water taxi if you can to wherever instead of a land based one. The traffic is terrible! They enacted the “virus” protocol today so no self serve in the buffets. The captain said it was more a recommendation from NCL and the CDC because of Caronavirus. I guess it will be that way for the rest of the cruise. It created quite the jam for Breakfast today. I was pretty Hangry by the time I was able to get a little bit of food. Most of the Specialty restaurants are booked all the way out now so we are just trying to play it by ear and we have to eat at 9:30 each night but that’s okay. Tomorrow is Barbados and we are snorkeling!
  13. We are in 12310! It’s a great location. Quiet but close to Spice H20 and the spa just a few decks up!
  14. Aruba!! Today we rented a UTV for 4 people. Not the tour. We did the opposite of everyone else and went straight to Baby Beach. No crowds and the water was so warm and shallow. Ugly Refinery in the back ground. We followed the dirt roads all the way around the island stopping at most little beaches, natural rock formations and little tourist sight. We had the UTV for 8 hours and really only needed it for 6. We were so hot and sunburnt by 4 pm that we just dropped it off early. We walked around the port area and grabbed some fridge magnets. We had a snack and beers at Lucy’s Retired Surfer shack. Really good Ceviche! All aboard time is 7:30 and it’s currently 6:58 and we just walked back on board. I’m perched up high to watch for any potential pier runners! 🤣🤣 Overall Aruba is alright! I wouldn’t spend more than a few days here. It really reminds me of the desert Southwest where I am from. Just add in gorgeous beaches! Tomorrow we are in Curaçao. No planned excursions, but we will be getting off to explore. Dinner tonight will probably just be something light from Garden Cafe or O’Sheehans.
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