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  1. Coming to this thread late and haven’t read it all, but we were on a B2B on Enchantment three weeks ago and D+ were allowed in the CL so the exclusion doesn’t appear to me to be fleetwide. P.S. I’m a $1 per drink tipper and a $20 on the last night if I’m treated right.
  2. I agree. Some place a towel in the tub to reduce slipping.
  3. There’s a shower inside the tub and there’s room to bend over if you drop the soap. Unless you can’t step over the side to get in, I can’t see any disadvantage and only pluses.
  4. It might be easier to just drop off your luggage with the porter, leave and go to Fremantle and check in later.
  5. I personally wouldn’t want to do 16 days in an aft. You can get a little to a lot of vibration and noise over the driveline. Also more movement. The GS would be my choice.
  6. It’s basically the same as the Suite Lounge that you are familiar with. 3 drinks per day on your card during happy hours.
  7. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten the full D/balcony discount on any booking. All Royal discounts/sales are smoke and mirrors.
  8. I carry it for myself. The beds are torture for me.
  9. It can vary, but they will make clear announcements so everyone will know what to do.
  10. I always carry a Klymit air mattress and recently had an epiphany that I can use my CPAP machine to air it up. Works great.
  11. They are aware that most people don’t have access to their luggage on day 1 and are very lax in dress expectations for lunch and dinner. No problems dining at Chops in your travel clothes.
  12. We just got off a B2B on Enchantment. We’re older so don’t need an amusement park and enjoy the older, less crowded ships. Cons: The outside of the ship is literally rusting away. We were in a JS aft balcony and the edges of steel around the balcony are literally eaten away - not just rusty; Ive seen better entertainment (production shows) at a high school talent show. Pros: The ship is still very nice and well maintained on the inside; The crew, officers, concierges, and wait staff were some of the best we’ve encountered; Food in WJ and MDR was very good. I won’t hesitate to enjoy Enchantment again.
  13. I haven’t seen BOGO or FNDR in quite some time now.
  14. I’d imagine they’ll price it based on demand. If they have no trouble filling the ship at high prices, they certainly won’t lower fares.
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