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  1. That’s a long bus ride from Bermuda to Thailand. At least the ship will wait on you since it’s a Royal excursion.
  2. It seems that all suite prices have climbed recently (or are not dropping). I suspect it’s maybe because people are jumping on them to get the 4 points per night and Royal is charging a premium. They are way out of line with below suite prices. Hopefully they’ll settle a little after the end of this month.
  3. Not sure about unvaxed, but vaxed are unrestricted.
  4. I could care less how other people dress. Go find someone else to argue with.
  5. They’ll want to see the card. They’re moving people through check in as fast as they can and they’re not going to take time to look up a pic of your card. My card was checked 4 times by different people before getting on the ship.
  6. Independence had them in the Windjammer for lunch a few times last week. First line to your left after you enter.
  7. The buffet on Enchantment is not “horrible”. To me, it’s usually pretty good for buffet fare. But buffets are buffets….
  8. But nobody enforces it. Kids come in without parents, adults come in in all manner of dress and nothing is said.
  9. Just got off Independence and the voucher was automatic when you ordered a drink unless you told them you did not want to use a voucher. They just swipe your card and hand you your drink. I always tip a dollar per drink but I don’t judge others.
  10. Nope. Just go to any restaurant and make all three as soon as you board. All you can do on the cruise planner is choose the time on the first night.
  11. Once they reach the predetermined number they remove it. Probably sold out. You can also send an email to dining @ rccl. Com and inquire. We wanted a 5 night dining pkg on a Symphony TA once that was no longer listed and sent an email. They opened it up for us to purchase and then removed it again.
  12. We just returned from 2 weeks on Indy. Had to have a test to stay from the first week to next but no further tests on the 2nd week through departure.
  13. We were in a suite on Independence 09/05 and Nadja made our requested reservations for a table for two by a window as I stated above. I found no difference in now vs then relative to concierge services.
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