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  1. So are they going to put a tape line lengthwise down the middle of the ship and say “old folks port and under 65 starboard side”?
  2. I did a L&S yesterday and was told up to two weeks. The corrected invoice was emailed about two hours later.
  3. The price says “starting from”. Just like all their other “sales” that say “up to” XX% off. Don’t forget the “*”.
  4. Where do you see it written down for a full suite?? I’ve stayed in at least a half dozen JSes and received double points every time.
  5. A little off topic, but what would prevent a person from doing a L&S to a more expensive available cruise and then rebooking the original cruise? Can this be done?
  6. I’m looking at a Sydney to Hawaii TP but have no idea and I’m a little concerned about airfare prices before I book one. I know A2S prices on Europe TAs are normally very reasonable but have never booked a flight to the South Pacific. Are the prices to Australia and Hawaii reasonable as well? Or astronomical? Any recent cruiser have a ballpark figure as to what your fare was?
  7. I’m also seeing that Quantum is doing the exact same itinerary as Ovation from Sydney to Hawaii leaving one day later.
  8. I’m on the Jewel TA as well with the 9n B2B. I suspect the TA will still take place from an east coast port instead of Galveston which means it will probably be shortened a couple of days. Bummer since we normally drive to Galveston eliminating airfare.
  9. I’m booked on the TA and following 9 night. Waiting to see what’s next but I’m sure it’s toast.
  10. I stayed on the deck 7 port corner aft on Enchantment (same class) recently which is right over the stage below. It was pretty loud on the night of The Quest, but not bad the rest of the cruise. Nice roomy balcony and a huge closet.
  11. Just more marketing hype. “Buy now because prices will double tomorrow....“
  12. Used to be 3 to 5 days. Now it’s probably 3 to 5 weeks.
  13. Best kept secret. Let all those that think cabins by the elevator are noisy walk way down the hall to their room. I’ll take the ones by the elevator every time.
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