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  1. Why not just ask your steward for a proper chair to sit outside rather than risk ruining a piece of furniture. After all, we’re not talking about Carnival here.
  2. If you click on “View Details” under the Boardwalk or CP Balcony listing when booking or mocking up a cruise, it will tell you the perks included.
  3. The bulletin board has always been right outside the NextCruise area on the Liberty.
  4. And most of those two tops are placed so close together that people have to drag their butt across your table to get by.
  5. I just bought two cards for an upcoming cruise. If they try to charge me a punch per shot, I’ll be selling them back at guest services.
  6. I don’t believe Giovanni’s lunch menu was as extensive as the dinner menu, but there was a very good selection. And breakfast there was very good too.
  7. Apparently they took the cruise and the flight, so what did these thieves steal??
  8. Did they not offer a refund as one of your 3 options?
  9. If you watch your cruise planner, you can usually catch Voom for $11.99 per day. Key would be a waste IMO.
  10. Yes, you can ask for two each for the road.
  11. As a Suitie, I look forward to a more peaceful SL on the Vision for the upcoming TA in April... 😃 The D+’s were pretty much overbearing on my last Vision Cruise.
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