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  1. I’m pretty much overloaded with Lift & Shifts. No place to book anything else.
  2. I always check it and have received a senior discount a few times. It’s random and unpredictable just like all other RC sales, but worth a key stroke.
  3. We were on Enchantment last January and it was fairly nice on the inside but a total rust bucket on the outside. Our aft corner balcony was literally flaking away with rust. Otherwise, the crew was great and we had a good time.
  4. https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com/?brand=R&_ga=2.268388366.1684835478.1593640033-1721514053.1568232851 Go here to see your options.
  5. It states so on the invoice. For example, I have a L&S to Harmony for Jan 22. The invoice states “The booking is currently subject to USD 700.00 cancellation penalties at time of booking invoice 07 Jul 2020. This amount may increase based on the cruise penalty schedule. “. How they derive $700 I’m not sure. I’m assuming $200 L&S fees and $500 deposit.
  6. Maybe they’ll add parking meters to deck chairs. Each swipe of your card gets you 15 minutes. Or you can buy the Unlimited Sunning Package in the Cruise Planner for $20 per day.
  7. Anyone can sue anyone. That doesn’t mean they have a legal standing to prevail. I would think only if they could prove the person knew of infection and intentional exposure.
  8. Also, free room service and you can order dinner from MDR in-room.
  9. What was enthusiasm has turned into concern as to whether I’ll even get full benefit out of the over $8k of mine RCI is already sitting on. I’m certainly not looking to book anything else while my currently scheduled six cruises are constantly being cancelled, lift & shifted and rescheduled. The thrill is gone for now and not sure if it will return or not.
  10. If masks are forever, I’ll buy another motor home and return to strictly “land cruising”. I will not spend a week or more on a ship that looks like a hospital ward. Just my opinion.
  11. They happily tried to downgrade me from a GS to a JS on a L&S that had none left, but would not let me upgrade at the posted difference. Only if it’s in their favor.
  12. Royal is already sitting on over $8k of my money and as time goes by I’m getting more and more skeptical as to how much benefit I’ll get out of it. I’m certainly not going to tie up another dime until I see some progress. Their last move of cancelling one of my L&S’s under the guise of a repositioning with nothing but a refund when they only changed one port has left a sour taste in my mouth. I think it was just an exercise to dump a bunch of money losing lift & shifts to sell for more $$$. But I do understand their motives of taking things a couple of months at a time. They’re
  13. Nadja was on Liberty back in Nov 2019.
  14. Maybe they’re holding Royal Ups in case passengers are turned away at the pier due to temp checks, etc.
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