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  1. Not sure about Freedom, but Liberty just recently stopped serving specialty lunch in Chops or Giovanni’s and now just allow seating for Suite guests in Chops to bring in their food from WJ. I’ve found that breakfast in Giovanni’s is much better than MDR. Your food is served quicker and is never cold from being mass produced. I like pancakes and they’ve always been much better as opposed to the usual dry powder puffs served elsewhere. Just a much more relaxing environment.
  2. I got this response from Mr Sanchos yesterday when I attempted to get reservations for some in my party. I have two spots but needed six more. “We thank you for your preference! Unfortunately on November 19th, 2019 we are unable to accept more reservations as we have reached our maximum capacity, moreover we want to ensure good customer service and plenty of room for our guests. Although, feel free to contact us by phone or email anytime after 7:00 am local time on the day of visit to see if we have any cancellations. We don’t have a waiting list. We apologize for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Mr. Sancho's Beach Club” I’ve been to Chankanaab as well. Not the same as Sanchos, but the kids would probably enjoy it.
  3. Maybe see if there’s a group for your particular sailing and ask for someone there who has MTD to check the reservations in their cruise planner to see what’s still open.
  4. if You’re on the 11/17/19 sailing, forget about Sanchos as it’s already sold out for Nov 19th.
  5. I loved everything about the Radiance except for the casino smoke issue. On our Alaska cruise in ‘17, the weather was cool and rainy many of the days which caused the smokers to sit in the casino all day to smoke. The smoke just boiled out into the Centrum which stunk up the entire area. I was literally sick of smelling smoke by the end of the cruise.
  6. I think it depends on alcohol sales volume as to whether they decide to offer it or not.
  7. I’m booked on 1-15 which appears to be unaffected.
  8. Yes, I’m thinking maybe they’re possibly going to try to schedule more.
  9. I’ve been curious as to these motives as well. I’m wondering if they’re going to try some 8 or 9 day runs to Coco Cay out of Galveston. It appears they’re doing everything they can to get more bang for their bucks out of their island and just about every change lately seems related to it.
  10. I was on a B2B that both went to Cozumel. The first leg stayed on ship time and the 2nd changed to Coz time. The captain will make clear announcements before releasing passengers to the port as to which times to observe.
  11. Ditto what Steve said. The Captain will make clear announcements relative to time changes (or not) prior to releasing passengers at the port.
  12. While your experience is probably an exception rather than the rule, you could probably get off the ship quicker via self disembarkation as opposed to being escorted by the concierge. But the escort is much more pleasant and relaxing as opposed to fighting the crowd if you’re not in an absolute time crunch.
  13. I brought one on our recent Vision TA and left it there. One of the crew members was probably glad to get it. The hard beds are killer for me and the pad was like heaven. All they’ll do onboard (from my recent past experience) is stick an extra quilted pad on the bed that helps a little but I still end up in pain after a few days.
  14. It’s the same deceptive practice done by department stores and other cruise lines. Just look at the end price and ignore the hype and fuzzy math.
  15. That’s MSC that HITS the ports......
  16. Ships porting in Galveston (Texas) can only serve alcohol that Texas taxes have been paid on until intl waters. The current Liberty itinerary is Roatan first stop which is two sea days so there should not be any problems arriving on time.
  17. I’d take it straight to the guest services desk and give them a piece of my mind.
  18. It was my understanding that lunch was still served to suite guests fluctuating between Chops and Giovanni’s on Liberty. So no suite lunch on your recent sailing??
  19. They usually do have Blanton’s on the Liberty, but buy it early if you see it. Ive seen it sell out and if you decide to wait till the last night to get it, it may be gone.
  20. Deck 7 afts are JS on Enchantment. Also, the corner afts on deck 8 are 2 br GS - not JS on this ship.
  21. Gotta be quick on the draw to get one of those. 👍
  22. Glad to hear MJ is still SL Concierge. Looking forward to seeing him again in November.
  23. I think it must be because the ship’s in Europe. All the prices are higher on the Oct 25 cruise as opposed to the following TA. I’m booked on both.
  24. Yes, they just basically start bringing you stuff because the menu is so confusing you can’t figure out what the item actually is anyway. Just go with the flow and enjoy. Great experience.
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