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  1. The DL coffee machine On Liberty was out last month as well. Evidently they’re in no hurry to fix it.
  2. Never used the Key. Is there any markings on luggage tags to identify the Key?? Otherwise they’d have no way of knowing.
  3. Liberty. We were in a suite so that may have made a difference.
  4. On my last cruise three weeks ago, our luggage was delivered inside our cabin.
  5. Wagyu beef. Wagyu beef is popular around the world because of its superior eating quality compared with other breeds of cattle. Not only does wagyu beef have higher levels of intra-muscular fat or marbling but the meat texture is finer, resulting in a more flavoursome eating experience.
  6. I’ve decided that if you want a good burger, it would be better to order as many Wagyu burgers as you want from room service for $7.95 (or free if in a suite) than wasting money at JR’s. We were on Liberty 11/17 and ate there. It will be my last time.
  7. I’ll leave the next one just for you.
  8. Don’t forget them when you leave. I’m getting a pretty good collection from others that have left them behind. Got a nice big one two weeks ago on Liberty.
  9. You can log on to the Celebrity site with the same logon/password as RCI and it will recognize you and issue a Capt Club # if you don’t already have one. As to the original post, you can visit the loyalty desk and ask for your D+ pins and perks when you reach 175 and they may (or may not) accommodate you.
  10. Stewards don’t get to eat the same quality of food as served in the MDR. I know a few people who bring food to crew members. Especially on lobster night. 🤭
  11. Unfortunately suites no longer get lunch in Giovannis on Liberty. They let you bring in food from the WJ into Chops for lunch but no more specialty lunches offered.
  12. Yes, we stayed in our originally booked GS. Never heard anything about it on board. I wish I would’ve thought to ask Nadja, the Suite Concierge about it.
  13. If in a suite, there’s usually a power strip or multi outlet in the cabinet under the tv. That’s what I normally use for the xcord to my cpap.
  14. I was on Liberty last week (11/17 - 11/24) and Liberty is still done the old fashion way for some reason. No pre-pictures and cards issued at the check in desk. Enchantment has the new pre-check in style on their app.
  15. FR_SuitesConcierge@RCCL.com
  16. I’ve watched prices on this cruise almost daily since booking it in Sept of 2018 and have never seen a suite gty category offered. So I think the gty theory can be eliminated.
  17. Yes, I would assume fresh water since flushed water is instantly sucked into oblivion... 😁
  18. This is on the Liberty. I didn’t state that in the original post.
  19. A bug in RCI’s software? Can you imagine that! 😉
  20. Just got a phone message from RCI stating that their Grand Suites were overbooked and they were offering cash back of half what I paid plus $200 OBC to step down to a JS for my upcoming cruise in 4 days. If you book by specific cabins, how do they end up with more sold than available? Maybe having to take a cabin out of service? I declined BTW. The wife would not be happy...
  21. Normally, you check in with Suites, but are called to board right after full suites.
  22. It’s also on your setsail pass.
  23. It will probably have a new title but the same prices.
  24. I have some over a year out and it’s there.
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