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  1. Not usually a problem except at tender ports.
  2. The Oasis didn't have a CL, just a Diamond Lounge and Suites lounge. Can't speak to the suite lounges but CL lounges always had a limited drink menu, though some concierge have gone a little further but don't expect it. On longer cruises I've found the Anthem CL crowded early in the evening, finding a chair tough to find. I do understand that the walk is long but there is a Diamond lounge that is more accessible. We like the CL. It is beautiful.
  3. Where did they move CL to? Looked at Spectrum deck plans and see all they added aft cabins on decks 12 and 13, but couldn't find CL or Diamond lounge.
  4. We are D+ and love the CL on the Anthem, so much so dh tries to get a cabin next door, 12318, 12718, so he can run in for coffee in the morning! I've enjoyed sitting in there by the windows reading on a late winter afternoon. Yes a long walk but nice.
  5. I seem to remember 2 booths. Glad to hear they take credit cards now as they used to take cash only...a cousin complained they were caught off guard by that.
  6. My recollection is that they are only sold in Bermuda, on a booth on the pier. Cash only? Does someone remember?
  7. We love Radiance class ships and not thrilled with Oasis. Solarium on Radiance class completely covered which works well if going north.
  8. Alla confirmed with us when we toured. We also got those emails from RCCL.
  9. Unless its changed when we did Russia and used a tour company, Alla tours, they got the visa.
  10. Anthem. Sailed Anthem and Quantum and Oasis. Love Anthem, not Oasis.
  11. We bought one in San Juan and took it on with no problem. Not sure how it was plugged in on the ship. Used in the hotel and seem to remember a massage and hot tubs on the ship helping the back problem!
  12. I agree that we print out 2 per bag. Dh has one on back pack. We have holders now and before that we covered them with wide clear tape. On debarkation once, when we still only put 1 on each bag, a tag got ripped off and we had to search in an area for mis-marked luggage, and those weren't available for about an hour after we disembarked! 2 tags per bag are a must.
  13. Depends. Sometimes just want to get away other times the destination is paramount. If more than one ship than will pick by ship.
  14. It's been a few years but I do remember a map we got in Bermuda. It was very easy to use. Not sure where it is as we have moved. The last section we did in 2012 was from St. George. Some are clearly only for walking while I remember one we took near Somerset that could possibly be used with a bike. Always enjoyed it. Did it once with a guide who was able to identify the plants and fruit that hung over from private yards. Don't recall her name, it was in 2002. Dh says overlay the map with a road map so you know where to start and stop. Don't forget a bus pass so you can ride when you get tired!
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