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  1. Yep. I guess it depends on you speak with also. Just happy to being able to print out transaction, especially since we will be traveling when the transactions post.
  2. I did mine online. Did you it by phone or online? I can only report what I was told. Printed out the transaction report from our account online. What I care about is that I have something in writing.
  3. Oh well, as of 2 days ago they are no longer sending out emails! Person I spoke with showed me where to find transactions appear online. Dh trying to get it to print out.
  4. Another question. It's been awhile since I transferred points for obc. I did it yesterday. I know it won't show on my account until a few weeks before cruise date. I thought though that I would get an email confirming the transaction. Am I remembering correctly? I like to have something in writing in case I have to prove I have the obc.
  5. Same class of ship. Radiance, Brilliance, Jewel and Serenade. Have sailed them all. Was on Brilliance over the past new year's eve. Was on the Serenade August 2018 for its westbound TA. Will be on Radiance circumnavigation of Australia.
  6. One of our favorite classes of ships. Like the outside WJ and the fully enclosed solarium. Beautiful ship. Will be spending 34 nights on the Radiance beginning in February.
  7. Our cruise on the Anthem in late October had people from all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Met a young couple from Germany. Obviously mostly Americans but not just from NY and NJ.
  8. Agreed, you don't need a passport for a closed loop cruise. Having a passport is a smart idea though. I remember sailing with a voter registration card! Also note, check the ports you are visiting. It seems Martinique just announced that passports are required. There's a recent thread that Royal informed passengers that passports are now required for an upcoming stop in Martinique. I would assume passengers are busy getting passports. All I'm saying is that the safe, prepared way to travel is with a passport.
  9. Do you recall the Carnival ship stuck in the Gulf that had to be towed bback to port? If I remember correctly a Mexican port was closer but because of the number of US citizens without passports they spent an extra day being towed because those people wouldn't be able to fly home. Also, US consulates are not in every port. You may have to get to another island to find a consulate to get help. Getting a temporary passport is not easy, especially on a weekend. I know. Been there, done that. Never again. Lost a passport on a Friday afternoon in Copenhagen. Embassy closed. Ship scheduled to leave Sunday.
  10. They are very different but each has its pluses and mInuses. Adventure does have the ice show and ice skating. We've sailed both and like each one for different reasons.
  11. Just remethat in an emergency if you need to fly home from a foreign port you will need a passport and that can take time in foreign port. Not all foreign ports have a US consulate that can issue a passport. Also don't try getting one after hours or on a weekend. I speak from experience.
  12. I looked at spreadsheet and note that Anthem has a CL open, at least in October, to suites, Pinnacles, and D+. No suite lounge. We are D+ and had complete access to CL. There is Diamond lounge on deck 4 open to D, etc. I don't know who was concierge there. There was only 1 concierge in CL, Alex for our 1st cruise ending 10/24, and then Federico at least through 11/2. Hope that helps.
  13. Interesting. Hadn't thought of this and we're on the circumnavigation beginning in February. Even in Europe we tip in US dollars. I'll bring more AU currency.
  14. Look at your documents. There should be contact info for insurance carrier. What Royal gave you is based on their terms and insurance carrier will pay difference. I don't know about pre-existing condition issue.
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