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  1. They allow a certain amount pre cruise, and the rest on the day you board. You could also get lucky as a walk on it there are openings.
  2. Use a backpack. I push my wife on in one and that is my preferred method.
  3. Cannot speak for the Oasis class, but on all others, it has never been a problem, even if you are late.
  4. Why are you asking here? Shouldn't you be calling AARP for an answer?
  5. How far from the tram to the Tap and Still brewery? It sounds like a great combo.
  6. How far is Callwood from the cruise port? Is it difficult to go there as a standalone trip?
  7. RCCL does offer a shuttle to Fanuil Hall. In 2017 it was $20 found trip.
  8. Are there any liquor stores near the pier? Also, does the Pusser store sell rum?
  9. The ships are just too big to fit any more.
  10. There are two stores there by the port. You should find them open when you return.
  11. Will you be in other ports like San Marteen or St. Kitts? The prices are just as good. Will you be docking at the main port of Crown Bay?
  12. They is plenty to do in Halifax on a scooter. As long as you dock in the main port, you exit right onto the board walk which is over a mile long. There are a few mini malls which are very scooter friendly. There is a brewery right across the street. Make sure you get a lobster roll and a bear claw.
  13. My wife uses a scooter too. Make sure you book an accessible room. The scooter can not be left in the hallway, it has to be kept in your room. Not all standard rooms are large enough to handle it. You can sit in the theater in the last row. They have spaces allocated for the handicapped person and their guest. The Windjammer has tables with an accessible sign on them. If a non handicapped person is using them, just tell the head waited and he will ask them to move. For tours, the web site indicates it it is accessible. Ask if you have any questions.
  14. Does the Pussers rum store have a distillery tout and does it sell rum there?
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