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  1. I've done many winter cruises from Bayonne, never had an issue. One minor correction from the prior response, it's a two minute walk from the parking garage, not a two mile walk. Fyi, an eight day cruise will get you down to Cape Canaveral at 8 or 9 am, while the seven day will get you to Cape Canaveral a day earlier, but not until noon or 1 pm. I'd rather have a full day of daylight.
  2. Anthem is returning from England in November 2020 and is there thru at least April 2021. Nothing else has been officially confirmed yet.
  3. They were there in past years, but I don't remember seeing them last August. I'll be there next month and report back what I see.
  4. Royal is great, they will accommodate you. All you have to do is ask. You didn't hear this from me, but talk to her room attendant, explain the situation, and ask if she can remain in the room. Then take her room key and go to her muster, saying she forgot her card, and you got it for her. Please don't flame me, my wife is a stroke survivor, and I know how difficult the muster drill is for her.
  5. Usually at the back of the Windjammer (the rear section facing the ocean).
  6. Royal always seems to have a problem with port fees going up and down. I'm have an issue with my Oasis out of Cape Liberty next September. They said the difference will be added back to my account as a credit while we sail. By the way, I got an ocean facing balcony for under $1950 (including taxes and fees). I had over $650 in reductions since I booked two months ago😀
  7. I'm booked in accessible balconies for my next five cruises. I have gotten Royal Up offers for four of them. Would they be for Accessible balconies or just standard rooms. I don't get a straight answer from Royal.
  8. I've used Geoffrey many times, never disappointed. His tours include a few hours at the beach, but he will always take those not interested in swimming back to the ship. The beach time is always last, so you will still get a tour and shopping.
  9. Another vote for Bernards. His tours are fantastic, only 16 passengers or so on the bus. He gets angry 😠 if there's any beer left in the cooler when the tour is over. You're in for a great day!
  10. Was on the Adventure last year from Cape Liberty. The ice shows are open seating, no reservations.
  11. It's more like a cooler than a frig. The items you put in get cooler but not really cold.
  12. In San Maarten, check out Bernards tours, and in St Thomas, check out Geoffrey tours. They both include sightseeing, shopping, and beach time. Each is highly recommended, and reasonably priced. Check out Maho Beach airplane landing on YouTube, that's one of the stops on the San Maarten tour. Ship tours are more expensive and crowded. Don't be a super planner, do whatever you want and enjoy each island. Try to make a beach day on one of the islands just to relax. In my opinion, Barbados has the best beaches. Just my two cents.
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