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  1. It can be done on the larger ferries but not the smaller ones. You may have to wait one of two ferries until a larger one comes along.
  2. Try looking at viator.com . You could find something that fits your criteria.
  3. FYI, there is a shopping area right on the pier. Plenty of shops, bars, and places to eat.
  4. Keep in mind that not all ferries are accessible. You may have to wait a few minutes for one that is. That being said, it's very doable.
  5. Had the same on the Anthem two weeks ago. Great for socks, underware, t shirts, etc. Not sure I would trust them for good shirts.
  6. As already has been said, if someone will be pushing the wheelchair that is a lot of walking for the person doing it. You may want to rent a scooter for the time onboard. The cost is reasonable, and it will be in your room when you board. And there's no problems taking it off the ship.
  7. There is no glitch. The OP did not read the instructions before making the purchase.
  8. You could also be assigned near the outdoor smoking area on deck 5.
  9. It depends on the sale it was booked with. I've seen it offered both ways.
  10. Scored a sixty dollar reduction in our Sept 20 Oasis sailing, thanks.
  11. I was on the Anthem two weeks ago. Not a problem.
  12. I was there two weeks ago and was playing on the that machine.
  13. Not true about the $2.00 minimum. Most are about fifty cents but there are a few for as little as ten cents.
  14. In the past week, have I've gotten at least ten different email reminders for three cruises that final payment is due. These cruises aren't mine . I called Royal and they said they will look into it. I'm not looking for advice but want to know if this has happened to anyone else.
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