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  1. All you get is one small taste. It's good for 30-45 minutes. You can buy full sized drinks at regular prices.
  2. Lobster is tails (although small) are still served in the dining rooms.
  3. Weather happens. You just have to go with the flow.
  4. FYI. I believe you have the wrong ship. The Adventure is doing the route this year and Freedom is doing it in 2021. I know because I'm booked on both.
  5. I was on the Anthem two weeks ago and the menu was pretty much the same. I don't think there's much variation by ship.
  6. San Juan is tight, but both the CVS and Walgreens have them. So does Senor frogs.
  7. Harpoon Brewery is just two blocks from the terminal in Boston. Tours are about ten bucks or so. Be sure to buy on of their pretzels.
  8. Keep in mind that if you go on your own, everything there will be ala carte including things like food, beverages, and activities.
  9. You can save some money by taking the ,#10 bus. Fish Fry is very authentic and reasonably priced. Just a ten minute bus ride.
  10. You're arguing with the wrong people. We can't help you.
  11. Contact the maitre d about a month before the cruise or see him as soon as you board.It's an easy fix.
  12. Read the cruise contract. Ports can be changed for any reason. You're getting opinions you don't agree with. You need to stop justifying yours.
  13. You should be around MD/VA. The weather should be warm enough in the afternoon.
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