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  1. Call up your credit card company and explain to them
  2. It's nice but not 400+ nice. Spend your money elsewhere.
  3. Not all taxis are equipped to handle them. You may have to wait until one gets there. They are all different sizes.
  4. go on the app and look at the daily activities on the current sailing
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Starbucks by the port and is it open on Monday s.?
  6. Right. They are running a sale now where you get $100 off on a cruise for 5 nights or less and $200 off for longer cruises. These discounts apply to new bookings only, not existing ones. That could be the difference.
  7. He is an acquired taste. But you're right. His routine is the same every day.
  8. Keep in mind you can always reprice your next cruise reservations.
  9. Nothing is guaranteed from year to year. Just too many variables.
  10. Keep in mind that most shops are closed in Hamilton and St. George on Sunday.
  11. Does it really matter? If you want lunch together, just agree to meet at the WJ, or wherever you want you want to eat at a specific time. No need to fret about it.
  12. The casino is smoked filled most of the time as well. There is no rhyme or reason between smoking and non-smoking areas. One row may be smoking, next non-smoking, then smoking, etc. They also do not enforce the rule which states you must be playing on a slot machine to smoke. Some people just use it as a smoking area, smoking three or four cigarettes without playing a penny. The casino hosts don't care. Good luck .
  13. Read the cruise contract. They can change at any time for any reason.
  14. Most people research their cruises before booking. I'm not in the habit of spending a couple of thousand dollars and not knowing what I'm getting for my money.
  15. Sorry, but You should have known that this could be an issue when you first booked.
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