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  1. Does anyone know about the status of the 9 day New England/Canada cruises from Cape Liberty in the fall? I don't see any mention of them.
  2. Seems odd. The casino bar is not open until the casino is open.
  3. I wouldn't want to be on the first cruise while they are working out the kinks.
  4. Here's a new wrinkle to discuss. How are passengers going to embark and dis-embark?. Neither port has any type to building to handle these processes. Any depending on which pier the ships are docked at, how are they going to get luggage to and from the ship. Some are more than a quarter of a mile away. They are going to be shuttling the luggage and passengers walking on those narrow piers. And what away loading supplies and removing trash. The same problems exist. My best guess would be 15 to 20 , 40 to 50 foot trailers for supplies and another 5 to 10 for trash removal. Remember the narrow pi
  5. I found the casino to be very cramped very smoky. Just my opinion, please don't flame me.
  6. I average three to four a year. Since we need an accessible room for my wife, and the fact they need to be reserved so far in advance, I usually have eight to ten reservations at any pint in time. I must admit covid is causing extreme havoc (just like everyone else).
  7. The Monarch and one Majesty would be me.
  8. I've bought two or three from EBay. Shipping was about twelve dollars. One was even free shipping. Before you ask why. I wanted blocks of ships that I was on in the past when I didn't qualify for the free ones yet.
  9. I m on that one too and haven't received an email yet. Thinking of doing a lift and switch to the Adventure in September 2022.
  10. That's it. Thanks Ken! Just what I needed!😁
  11. Does anyone have the list of these cabins by ship? I used to have the link, but lost it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. Don't forget the standard shows in the main showroom (We Will Rock You, etc) and Spectra's Cabaret in 270. Those with reservations get in first, and those without are let in 15 minutes before Showtime for any remaining seats. Not sure how this will work in the new Covid-19 normal.
  13. You'll see many lighthouses going on and out of Portland. Great views.
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