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  1. I think you need to consider the fact you will not go on vacation this year. You wanting to go will not make the virus go away.
  2. Would anyone feel safe going to any port that soon? I don't think so.
  3. The bottom line is that there is no absolute answer. Storms happen and can cause rough seas. Is a sail one week and have smooth sailing. You can do the same route the following week in a storm and have 35 foot swells.
  4. The Anthem has been doing the same 7 days Bahamas and Florida itinerary for years. Same route, different ship.
  5. Usually on time, maybe up to a half hour early. Definitely not 9 or 10 in the morning.
  6. Cafe 270 had them. If you don't see any, just ask. They are usually Lays.
  7. Royal does allow soda but it must be in your carry on bag.
  8. If you just want to go from Halifax to New York, a bus, airplane, or train would be cheaper.
  9. Two blocks from the port is Harpoon Brewery and a block from the brewery is Yankee Seafood. Great way to spend a few hours.
  10. Port fees are set by the locality the ship is docking at. It has nothing to do with the price you paid.
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