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  1. If Florida knows how to get out of it using the lessons learned from others, how and why did they allow themselves to get into this position in the first place?
  2. Like was already said, probably an IT problem. Most people know enough to look for the accessible symbol. Or call Royal which was mentioned as well. They have laid off most of their IT departments.
  3. I don't remember seeing them in St Lucia or Barbados. But in St Lucia, you literally walk off the ship right into a shopping village. I may have seen one in St Kitts. But in St Kitts, it's a short walk to the shops. I hope this helps.
  4. Definitely maybe. No, that's too strong. Maybe a maybe.😇
  5. As far as I know, the July 1 opening is for tourists, not cruise ship passengers. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
  6. Most of the private islands are in the Bahamas. Don't they still own them? So if Royal wants to sail there, don't they still need permission from the Bahamas government?
  7. I was there in January. I never had any problems or issues. And we were there early as well as late, and before shows too.
  8. Your numbers don't make sense. Please provide your source.
  9. Not on Royal. Until this problem, they were the easiest to use for accessible rooms.
  10. Royal data processing at its finest.I was checking cabins for a lift and switch and had the same problem. I called them and there was available accessible cabins.
  11. Jack's is to the left, not the right. Beached Whale is to the right.
  12. My family has used him many times and never had any problems. He is very accommodating.
  13. Contact Bernard tours. I've used him many times. The van has a cooler with complementary beer water and soda. And his rum punch will knock your socks off. He always said he wants the cooler empty when he is finished.
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