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  1. Why are people even concerned? Most people have at least two of three in their carry on or luggage.
  2. The sail away party was a way to sell more drinks. Since a lot of passengers have a drink package, there is less incentive to create a reason to drink. I think the same holds true for the late night deck parties.
  3. Were both of Guys restaurants open for lunch on sea days as well as port days?
  4. The New England cruises stop in Canada as well, Halifax and St. John.
  5. It doesn't matter if it's a journey cruise or not. The policy is the same.
  6. Menus will be basically the same. The eighth day will contain repeats from the prior days with possibly a new item added.
  7. They do know but many don't care. On our last cruise, one man did it repeatedly. I think he was told that security would take it if he continued.
  8. If they are full when you try to book online, try again in a couple of days, or book on the ship as soon as you board. You can also go to either ride and try to get on as a standby.
  9. Try Beckys Diner in Portland. As you leave the port area, make a left. It's just a ten minute walk along the waterfront. It's a basic diner but their lobster is great. Get a cup of the seafood chowder. Prices are very reasonable.
  10. You were ripped off,I agree. It happens every where. Did you check for credentials before you got in? It's not fair to condemn Cape Liberty for the issue you had.
  11. Bottom line is that scooters don't belong parked in the hallway. If they are, another scooter or wheelchair cannot pass by. Just tell the room attendant during the day, or guest services at night. They will take care of it.
  12. There is a taxi center at the end of the pier. They will take you anyplace you want to go. Getting back is not a problem either. Plenty of cabs available.
  13. In Halifax, take a tour to Peggys Cove, go on a Duck Tour, or just walk along the Boardwalk (plenty of shops and restaurants along the way). I would go for lobster and blueberry pie just about any place in Bar Harbor. Great homemade ice cream shops too. In St John, visit the old time market. Reversing Falls is good but only when the tires change. Otherwise it just looks like a river. Make sure to check the high and low tide schedule.
  14. You will not be able to get any kind of traction with a scooter or regular wheelchair on the sand. You would have to stick with paved surfaces.
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