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  1. They just changed my existing reservation to be suite guarantee
  2. I've done several cruise from each of those. I use to love cruising from Miami, but I don't think I would again on a weekend with 6 or 7 ships in port including some big ones. My last Miami cruise a year ago was one of the first Symphony ones out of Miami. The port was a total zoo getting in an out of there. Cell phones frequently didn't work because of the congestion and it took forever to get to the terminal and get dropped off and picked up..
  3. As quick as people are here to jump on a post, I like this sentiment. 2nd time in a year I have profited from a post here. (Last being the $18 drink package.
  4. I was a bit beyond final pay off. I checked my invoice, I paid about $3000 total for a 9 day, a year ago, that is coming in late May. In late January all suites were shown as unavailable on their website. When I checked last night a JUNIOR SUITE GUARANTEE came up that wasn't there the last time I checked. It showed $999pp if they pick the room and $2495 if I pick the room. I let them pick the room. I guess the question will be, do I lose the $18/day drink package?
  5. True! I'll get our first crystal block on this cruise and will be 9 days closer to D+
  6. We will be on Adventure for this one, our first 9 day cruise just got better!
  7. Just got through, upgrade to a suite guarantee for no charge!
  8. My first cruise from Cape Liberty now has a suite guarantee for $1000 less than I paid for my D1 balcony. I'm wondering if I can call now, I know people are trying to cancel, but I don't want to lose this deal
  9. This is a favorite topic/annoyance for me. It seems to vary from ship to ship and even from month to month. At least on the voyager and above class you can usually find at least one hot tub open at all times. Now if it is above 98 degrees is another story. I haven't been on Adventure since she was in San Juan, so the current crew there maybe doing this differenty.
  10. I like this, we all know most people fear a $300 bill for a sniffle. (I've never been to a ship's medical center.) from what I have seen Royal does as much PR work on this as actual crew training. I've watched crew members do things as dumb as we see passengers do. An example, I watched a crew member unwrap plastic champagne flutes for use at the top tier events and after removing the plastic wrap and filling them, he set over 100 on a table by putting his thumb and forefinger on the rim of each glass. I was also a little disappointed when the newer ships came out that they didn't invest a few of those billions of dollars on bins for Windjammer that have a place to store tongs or serving implements. In so many cases there is no where to put them except on top of the food. Of course this may not be as effective in preventing a viral infection like this vs the usual Noro/various gastro-illnesses. But it can't hurt! I still laugh everytime I see a 14" high stack of American Cheese singles and a set of tongs that Fred Flintstone would use to flip a rack of Brontosaurus ribs to get the cheese.
  11. It was a joke, no its a home game! For me 😉
  12. If you go to the Senator's game tonight, I'll call you elderly! You can return the favor 😉
  13. How mobile are you and the people in your group. Its barely a half mile walk. I've beaten people who take the water taxi or ground taxi. Its a 15 minute leasurly walk.
  14. My experience with Bernard's was a good one, especially for first time visitors to the island. Never been to Pinel, so I might have to look up that tour.
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