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  1. There was one ship from Carnival, NCL, HAL, Disney, and MSC. Carnival has left the peace talks.
  2. It looks like a peace conference is happening at the Port of Miami.
  3. On that note, when fuel prices rose years ago, Royal and others started adding fuel surcharges there stock tanked. I bought enough shares that when it went from around $15 to $45 I cashed out and bought a 7day cruise on Freedom. Might look at that again. (numbers above were from a suspect memory)
  4. Brilliance has done such a good job as a spearhead that Oasis has come up front with her. Back to somewhat seriousness. I haven't seen this many ships hanging in one spot and staying there since the pandemic shut down. I'll admit to knowing nothing (a rare admission on the internet) and that I'm looking for any positive sign I'll go on my next scheduled cruise.
  5. Good old Lester Holt I assume. Is that a radiance class in the photo? I had a funny memory today because of this, back when Carnival Triumph was broken down and mostly adrift in 2013, the toilet plumbing stopped working. I remember Jay Leno saying, "There was feces and karaoke everywhere!" That did get me a big upgrade on my 2014 Jewel cruise.
  6. 36 hours after my initial post, Brilliance is still on the front lines. Carnival seems to be tighening up its bunch, or as someone said earlier, "circling the wagons" Royal is using Coco Cay as a homeport or behind the lines fortification. Two celebrity ships are on R&R there today. I consider it a bright note Brilliance hasn't return to holding station at Titiri Bank with occasional trips back to St Martin everyother week.
  7. Now we just need photos of Oasis' crane damage in Nassau a while ago.
  8. We had a corner aft D1 on Jewel and loved it. We are currently in 1554 and wait listed for 1556. I will see about 1600. Thanks for the thought.
  9. Not all related, we had a D1 balcony on Voyager for our 25th. We had the same on Allure for the 30th which was the day America found out Bin Laden was dead. We moved the GS on Brilliance to Sept 4th, so I'm still trying to hold out hope.
  10. Allure has joined the battle, so now 2 carriers. Its starting to look like Midway! Nobody has crossed the line put down by Brilliance though. Coral Princess seems to be on reconnaissance. Are they owned by Carnival? I don't know much out side of Royal and Celebrity. A New Holland ship is also in the area.
  11. Adventure was the first cruise I missed because of the cancelations. I was supposed to go on a 9 day from Bayonne in May of 2020. Glad to hear some good news.
  12. I will admit to comi8ng here for the sole purpose of being amusing/amused. I need some kind of cruise fix. The week in Vegas for our 40th wasn't enough. Was supposed to be a Grand Suite on Brilliance. We did get a 4 room suite at the Paris Hotel on the strip with a Limo ride to Planet 13!
  13. In the early days of the pandemic shut down both companies massed ships in this area. It is my ASSUMPTION they thought it was going to be a quick/short term thing. I'm hoping this means they are thinking that again. (I don't claim any knowledge)
  14. This Sept 4th for me, I''m hoping this is a sign of something positive happening, I'm desperate for good news, she was one of the many ships in Miami recently, I believe for crew vaccinations.
  15. Oasis is part of the fleet so we have at least one of 4 carriers available.
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