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  1. Usually anyway. We had the misfortune of being the next to go through checkin when the network went down. We watched the people in front of us go on board while we stood for 90 minutes. At least we weren't at the back of the line which was still outside. Glad to hear most people haven't seen this and they figured out a good backup.
  2. Agreed, although late at night on the last day you can frequently see a bunch of ships waiting outside port to go in and the lights of the Florida coast.
  3. Can you translate this into English please?
  4. That was a calm rational post. Are you new here? 😉
  5. Because you like jumping to conclusions on the internet? It's relatively a safe thing to do.
  6. They were definitely in plain site while in the solarium pool and hot tubs on Mariner.
  7. I had been suggesting this for years, so I'll take the credit, but I'm sure others suggested it as well. I will frequently use a pool for about an hour, then go to my room. I usually don't need a chair, but I have to put my "stuff" somewhere. I was pleased to see this by the solarium on Mariner Are these on any other ships in the Royal Fleet? Heading on Adventure in the spring, hoping this was part of the "amping" of the Voyager class.
  8. Unless your using the beach pool on on Oasis class! Poking fun, but good post. You make a good post. My wife and I will frequently get two chairrs together near a pool. I'm good for 2 hours at the most, and will give up my chair to someone else. My wife who could spend all day at the pool, will make friends with a neighbor so she can use the bathrooms or get a drink and come back to the same chair.
  9. Go for a run at 7am and forget your towel? There are plenty already on chairs with no people in sight!
  10. Back to 200 days! Long winter to get through, the first cruise from Port Liberty.
  11. There are plenty of shuttles available to reserve, or just grab at the airport in FLL to get to Miami. The last time we stayed there, we did the Holiday Inn at the port and had a nice evening walking about the Bayside area and its a quick cab to the port in the morning.
  12. Is that out of Florida or Port Liberty? I don't think even they know the schedule yet and things can change, but I know Adventure is relocating her home port about then, so that seems like a likely change over, but that is speculation on my part. i suggest you check back in early 2020.
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