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  1. Everyone is quick to critique these posts, I guess everyone wants to add something, but before any cruise does start Royal has a lot to do before they announce, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of word leak out. My son in law, works for GFS food which supplies a lot of food from the Miami and Port Everglades port to Royal. I've been watching Brilliance and Rhapsody sitting in St Martin for a couple of weeks now. I've had the ships on an extra screen for hours at a time and haven't seen any movement. I did see Brilliance taking on fuel a week or so ago. There is so much that has to happen before they announce crews returning. I'll bet we here a lot of posts this way.
  2. This is pure speculation on my part, but I think everything that was planned is up in the air until a hard return to sailing date is set. I don't believe there is a correct answer to your question. In my opinion, even what Royal management wants to do right now could go out the window as things change.
  3. Abe just made reference to him in his live Facebook broadcasts. He mentioned that Richard would leave really odd and strange things behind in the CD's cabins when he left a ship.
  4. St Martin's reported cases of Covid are down, the cruise on Brilliance, Vision, Rhapsody, and Indy have been isolated for awhile. I wonder if they are allowing the remaining crew on board to get off and stretch their legs.
  5. Sorry its outside your intended choices, but my answer doesn't quite fit. I was so anxious to do my first cruise out of Bayonne, rescheduled it for July 1st when the May 21st cruise didn't happen. These 2 kind of answer question #3. I'm still hopeful the answer to 1 and 2 is my next scheduled cruise on Brilliance May 1st.
  6. Actually that subject is barely related! There use to be some debate on excessively long signatures here on cruise critic, but the last forum software update did away with that because yuou can opt not to see those signatures. I'm glad I kept mine. With no cruises this year, I haven't spent as much time here, but I've been missing this forum and that I would post a frivolous fun post and see what happens. If I get any snarky replies, I'll just ignore them, but I'll have fun creating this post and reading some of the replies. ANYWAY, all of my cruises, except the covid canceled ones are in my signature, I thought I'd challenge myself to list one fun/positive memory from each cruise. Feel free to comment or add your own. 1st cruise 4/29/06 RCCL Voyager of the Seas. - Eastern Caribbean. First ever cruise, everything about it was wonderful - This was our 25th anniversary 2nd cruise - 5/11/07 Majesty of the Seas - Bahamas. MOTHER'S day cruise! Unexpected get away - great price 3rd cruise - 4/27/08 Freedom of the Seas -Western Caribbean. Freedom's 100th cruise! First time on this, biggest at the time ship. This became my favorite ship. 4th cruise - 4/16/09 Navigator of the Seas - Cozumel/Belize. Cruised with sister and her husband, first time not by ourselves. Turned out great, had a ball 5th cruise 11/15/10 Majesty of the Seas - Key West Nassau First time in Key West - Loved Blackfin Bistro .6th cruise -5/1/11 Allure of the Seas Eastern route 30th anniversary cruise First time on this class of ship, first time in St Martin and first time at Orient Beach 🙂 7th cruise 4/14/12 Jewel of the Seas Cozumel Costa Maya First cruise we drove to, loved the Radiance class of ship. 8th cruise 4/28/13 Allure of the Seas Eastern route Duplicate of 2011 cruise - Had the best ever "meet and mingle - Made dozens of new friends, some we have cruised with multiple times now 9th cruise 10/28/13 Majesty of the Seas Halloween in Key West Halloween in Key West was fun! 10th cruise 5/3/14 Jewel of the Seas Southern Caribbean First southern C cruise - Calabazza catarman in Barbados - best excursion ever. 11th cruise 4/26/15 Freedom of the Seas Western Caribbean First trip out of Port Canaveral - Best Dining room staff and food ever! 12th cruise 4/30/16 Oasis of the Seas Eastern Caribbean Made several new friend! 13th cruise 10/17/16 Majesty of the Seas 4 day Bahamas First driving trip to Port Canaveral - exactly 1000 miles from my house. We enjoyed both the cruise and road trip. 14th cruise 4/29/17 Adventure of the Seas ABC islands. Loved the ABCs. One highlight - Aruba Trikes - Diving in Bonaire as well 15th cruise 9/18/17 Majesty of the Seas Irma shortened cruise Another fun road trip - I was impressed how both the hotel and the cruiseline handled the situation. Also local friends we met on Freedom in 2015 invited us to their house for drinks 16th cruise 4/27/18 Jewel of the Seas Southern Caribbean Cruzan and Captain Morgan tours in ST Croix - Also we had the coveted aft corner cabin on this class. 17th cruise 9/17/18 Enchantment of the Seas - Bahamas. Another fun road trip - made 3 new friends 18th cruise 4/27/19 Symphony of the Seas - Eastern Really good wings at Playmakers! 19th cruise 9/16/19 Mariner of the Seas - Bahamas Another fun road trip with friends, loved this ship and the newly improved Coco Cay.
  7. I may consider it. I sure wish Royal would have moved my 9 day $18 drink package to this 5 day cruise. I know it is at least triple that now.
  8. I found some pictures and do like the looks of the bar there. I can't wait to experience my 3rd cruise on this class, first on Radiance, and my first suite lounge. Thanks everyone.
  9. I think that other couple is Diamond now, but I have to confirm with them, but we will probably visit both depending on who we meet and who is where.
  10. Makes sense, but the Excursion group at Royal is one of the least trustworthy groups, including their IT department in my mind. If I've had any Royal people lie to my face, (or via written word) it was the excursion people. Most of my private excursions are less packed that the ones Royal offers, so I don't believe the social distancing thing for a minute.
  11. FYI - This cruise will give us enough points to be D+ when its over. (assuming we get to actually go on this cruise) So we have been to a few Diamond Lounges and enjoy them very much. On this next Brilliance cruise we got a great deal on a Grand Suite for my wife and I's 40th anniversary. Any thoughts on which is better to spend time in the Conceierge lounge vs the Diamond?. One set of good friends will be a suite as well, another set of friends I have to check on, and see where they are and if they are Diamond yet. Maybe move between them? Maybe go to which ever has the better service/offerings or is less crowded? Any thought and photos welcome.
  12. Well said, with no kids, I wouldn't hesitate. I did book Empress once and they moved her on me!
  13. 2 or 3 beach days is enough for me, you will still be in the sun on other ports. If you get to St Croix, the Cruzan and Captain Morgan tours were both fun. Freedom remains my favorite ship. St Marten has my favorite beaches and in Barbados, the Calabazza catamaran (private excursion, not through royal) was one of the most fun times we have had on an excursion and would be perfect with your adult daughter Good diving in Curacao, but I enjoyed Grenada and Bonaire better for diving.
  14. Deck 12 has a 1 deck buffer to the pool deck and has been our deck of choice for 4 cruises on this class.
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