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  1. This may or may not be confirmation of something happening. They did this on the Sun when there wasn't a dry dock. They moved the 4 person cabins into a more expensive category of "family" cabins. It is interesting timing, right when people were saying the required 5-year inspections would be, but, there is an Oct 11 cruise. What I don't see is a cruise between when the Escape arrives in South Hampton on the 21st and the 26th when it leaves for the transatlantic crossing back to warmer temps for the winter.
  2. Thanks for the info. I wish there was somewhere with reliable info, but NCL seems to be tight lipped about it.
  3. Hopefully NCL doesn't wait until last minute and then cancel a bunch of cruises like it did on POA. Everyone keeps saying it needs a 5 year inspection dry dock, but now they have filled most of the schedule for the Escape. The only thing that doesn't seem to be booked is from what I can figure out playing with the schedule is between 2-3 weeks of unscheduled time after the TA spring of 2021, BUT, it stops in London and the next cruise starts in Copenhagen, so there could be a re positioning cruise not yet on the books.
  4. Sorry. Here is the link http://crew-center.com/norwegian-cruise-line-dry-dock-cruise-ship-schedule-2020
  5. Hopefully this isn't a non-allowed link, but this confirms an Oct 22-25, 2020 Dry Dock. I'd be interested to know if anyone hears anything about a Spring one and what is slated to occur. We don't sail until October 2021.
  6. Thanks. I'm an obsessive planner (as many on this site are) and she was always so good at taking care of me and not being annoyed by my obsessive qualities. Luckily a have a cruise buddy who is now a TA (she wasn't when we met) and she knows what I'm like, but the stress of change is still real. Plus, the loss of a friend on top of it all. It helps to have people who understand. Thanks again for taking time to post.
  7. Thanks. That was what I thought, but my old TA unfortunately passed away, so she can't release it and her company is saying it isn't possible. If it was a cheap cruise in the near future I would just leave it, but it is a very expensive cruise so far away I don't want to have to break in a TA who doesn't seem to have the experience of my prior TA.
  8. We currently have a reservation for an NCL cruise in just under 2 years. I would like to change my reservation to a new travel agent. The current agency (my actual TA is no longer with us) says my option is to cancel and re-book. Although prices are still the same, I don't want to take a chance of losing our cabins. Any successful experiences transferring to a new TA or even to direct with NCL? Thanks.
  9. Yes you were, but if you don't ask, then you will continue to be worried. I'm glad that you weren't put off by the minority who like to post less than helpful responses. I haven't been on the Joy, but I like to arrive at the port early to board. I would rather sit around and wait until it is boarding time than stand in a long security line. As others have said, unless the ship is late coming back from the prior cruise or the staff at the port are particularly disorganized, NCL is usually quite good at getting people on (and actually back off again) fairly well. The NCL crew have been some of the friendliest I have seen on the seas. Even though there are some things reserved for Haven or other class cabins only, this isn't the vast majority. Have an amazing cruise and don't let your worries get the best of you.
  10. Better yet, how much do they gain from the casino, spa, shops, dining, and drinks when people aren't in port?
  11. I was thinking of that one, but didn't remember the name of this ship and didn't want to take time to research. We were sailing in Alaska not long after that fire and they were busy installing fire suppression on all of the balconies every day that we were in port. Several other changes were added after that as well.
  12. Thank you for the review and extra info. I would love to see the Dailies if you get the chance to upload them and any dining photos you may have. We are doing a similar itinerary, but on the Escape in 2021. I know the ships are different, but did you notice the buffet and other indoor locations having more crowded seating since it is chilly to sit outside and eat? Our will probably be downright cold since we aren't sailing until October.
  13. Wow, you really hit the jackpot there. The ones I have been looking at either have the $100 free note OR the 20% off note. Too bad I already have my winter 2020 trip booked.
  14. Thanks. Sorry, I saw Breakaway out of Port Canaveral on the other post, but forgot when I posted the request for the ship. Can you tell me what to look for on my reservation to see if I happen to have both promos and don't know it? Thanks.
  15. Can you please tell me what cruise? When I'm looking, the double points and OBC are showing for 2019 cruises and the 20% discount is showing for 2020 and later cruises. We're considering booking a new cruise and double-dipping would be awesome.
  16. Can you please tell me what cruise? When I'm looking, the double points and OBC are showing for 2019 cruises and the 20% discount is showing for 2020 and later cruises. We're considering booking a new cruise and double-dipping would be awesome.
  17. Yes, they separate the luggage by color and offload the luggage in the same order that they have the times on the color tags, but, what I think Jetswdo is saying, is that by the time the self-walk offs are done, most of the luggage is already in the terminal, so you can really leave any time you want. I have seen them tell people it isn't their color yet, so I think the safest would be to pick any color BEFORE the time you want to get off, not just any color. I have never seen a disembarkation go as quickly or as smoothly as the POA. One thing I prefer over Princess is that you can hear the announcements everywhere so that you can avoid walking stairs, etc when your color is called.
  18. Personal #3 - I've been to the Swizzle Inn both on a cruise trip (very crowded) and on a non-cruise day (much calmer) and enjoyed the food and fun atmosphere both times. While working in Hamilton, I had dinner at Portofino and absolutely loved it. Great service, great food, but pricey. For fast food in Hamilton, Mr Chicken meets the requirements of quick but yummy. No ambiance, but I went there on our first cruise and went back when working there. #3 Escape - like someone else said, no charge for main dining missed reservations, but our reservations on the Pride of America and other ships we were previously on at specialty restaurants said we would be charged the full price as a no show. I would double check the fine print.
  19. Good to know. Mine was in the 20% section, not the monthly Latitude special section. Good to know I can get both if I book one of the other cruises.
  20. Sorry, no extra point and $100 OBC. Mutually exclusive offers offered to the same audience.
  21. No and no $100 OBC. It is either an insiders offer or the 20% latitudes offer. I saw fine print somewhere stating they can't be combined and my new confirmation stated no extra points. 😥 But I saved $800 so I can go on a cheap cruise and get those points that way. 🙂
  22. The web site has been hit or miss all day today in all different areas. It probably can't handle the traffic generated by this promo. It will be errors one minute and I come back 10 minutes later and that area is working, but a different one errors out.
  23. I used to do only port intensive cruises because I love seeing and doing things and was very worried about our 15 day Panama Canal cruise that had 6 sea days, but I loved them and the cruise as a whole. Our Canada/New England was 12 ports in 14 days and Hawaii no sea days were both amazing, so I'm comfortable now with both types of itineraries. 😉
  24. Thank you for posting. I just emailed my TA. If she is able to get through and re-book before the sale ends, I will be saving close to $800!
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