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  1. In case anyone else was on the fence... We were booked for October 2nd cruise and were canceled. We opted for the 200% credit. We went from having a room with a balcony for the three of us, to having two balcony rooms with two people in each, plus a third room for a solo inside cabin. Couldn't beat that. We were able to turn one room into three and add two more sailors for no additional cost. And between the three rooms we still have $750 room credit left.
  2. With our travel insurance for this trip, if they go bust we'd get our money back so we're actually relieved they canceled and gave us the 200% credit. We were planning to change the cruise to next year anyway. Now the three rooms in our party will either all turn to suites or if possible we'll use the credit to book more rooms and bring family.
  3. Actual movie theater. Disney has been only ship we've been on with the theater playing movies throughout day, serving popcorn too. Just adds one more thing to do.
  4. Looks like they replaced Havana with Key West and dropped price by $200 Not worth it for us. Will look at another itinerary
  5. Looks like they reversed course this morning. The prices are back to what they were pre-Cuba ban
  6. So I just noticed that all remaining October cruises for VV went up $300-$400 since Friday. We are booked on the Havana 4 night and should hear this week what the replacement port is but now if we do switch itineraries, it’s going to be $300-$400 more than Havana was. Seems a little shady but we’ll see
  7. Agree with Biker. I mean, yes it would be great but remember they're reacting to essentially a tweet from the president, confirmed the policy and only then when they were 100% sure this was what it appeared to be, could they start planning. We contacted them on the chat the morning of the policy and they advised they were working on getting the details of the new policy first and foremost. We're book on Oct 4 night to Havana. It's for our 6th anniversary and my wife's 30th birthday. Cuba was the reason we booked this one. We're actually sailing to Caribbean this July and would have been going to Cuba but didn't since we had Cuba on deck with Virgin next year. Oh well. Hopefully it's not Key West they replace Havana with, we'd have to switch.
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