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  1. our refund has been applied to the credit card we used. Way to go Road Scholar!!!!
  2. Yes, the toilet paper conundrum!!!! can't imagine why it is being stockpiled. Thank you for adding brightness to my rainy day here in Ohio. Spring flowers and trees are loving the rain. Blessings, Pat
  3. our barge trip with Road Scholar in May was cancelled. They gave us the option of FCC or cash back. We wanted to leave our deposit but take the final payment as a refund. They said too complicated, so refund is being posted. We will cruise next year if the trip is offered. If not there is a barge trip on the Moselle calling. Stay well and safe. Pat
  4. Here in Ohio we have been without restaurants, bars and public Catholic services. Also gyms, hair salons, nail salons and tattoo parlors are closed. Our county, Greene, has no cases reported as of now. Can't figure out the run on toilet paper. DH says he has washed away his fingerprints-- a friend said think of the crime spree they couldn't trace. We have a bit of cabin fever, especially with no sports. It will all return when it is safe. Getting a lot of knotting done. Pat
  5. we are so blessed to have this means of communicating. We are not in lock-down yet, still no cases in out comminity. A nursing home about 25 miles north seems to be an incubator. 2 positives and a few more pending. Also our May barge trip with Road Scholar has been cancelled--offered cash refund or future cruise credit. My prayer for all is be safe and stay well. We will return to the rivers. Blessings, Pat
  6. yesterday afternoon saw some of our many daffodils are in bloom. Here in Dayton Ohio the weather matches our mood---overcast with dense fog. Trying to stay optimistic that being away from people will really help curtail this minster. Notamermaid, steamboats and G.M.T. and all posters stay well and safe. Pat
  7. Have decided to take the next few (I hope) weeks to do some cleaning and culling of "things" Agree about taking a walk, that is on my list for today also, Have 3 children out of work because of various closures. Oh, yes enough toilet paper for 2 weeks. Can't figure the crazy need for hoarding toilet paper. DH read in today's paper that Purell is being sued because of false claims. Doesn't really kill the germs it claims to. As I keep saying hot water, soap and friction still works really well. Let's enjoy the sunny weather when it is with us. Stay well and be safe--no fights over toilet paper. Pat
  8. Notamermaid and Steamboats, Thank you both for all the wonderful info you have given me and others on these boards. Stay well, avoid crowds. Work from home if you are able. The most important thing is handwashing. Dr.Oz was on our tv this am--stated good regular handwashing can decrease chances of getting virus by 50%. In nursing school many years ago, the good nun was teaching us isolation precautions. Her mantra was hot water, soap and friction. It does work. Stay well both of you and your families. The rivers will still be there when this ends. Blessings to all, Pat
  9. my husband has a new name for the air circulation systems on the ocean liners--incubation systems. The affected lines will be spending much money to sanitize those boats. Hot water, soap and friction, a mantra from one of my nursing instructors. Stay well. Pat
  10. We are still in a wait and see for our Road Scholar barge trip in southern France. RS has cancelled trips in badly affected areas. Am a retired infection control nurse and know the basics of staying well in times like this. There will only be 22 on the barge and Avignon is the largest city we will visit. Will abide by health directives and use common sense. Clorox wipes are my friend right now. Stay well, Pat
  11. gratuities are included with Road Scholar. Pat
  12. We are taking one with Road Scholar in May. We are going from Avignon to Narbonne. All pax are English speaking, 22 of us. Road has many of The Croisie barges chartered. Will let you know how is goes in early May. We book directly with Road Scholar and do our own air. Good luck hunting. Pat
  13. We have been o 4 Croisie trips, 3 of them with Road Scholar. No children on any of the trips. We are going on our first barge trip in May with Road Scholar on a Croisie barge. Even tho they vessels are not brand new they are very well maintained inside and out. On our last trip. we were berth next to a Gate 1 boat. It was blue and not clean looking outside--needed a wash. Our boat was sparkling white in the sun. Pat
  14. Sounds like a wonderful cruise. Certainly makes it easier for travel, doing a round trip cruise. Enjoy!!
  15. Have cruised on an Amadeus boat on an alumni trip 10 years ago. Older boast, very clean. One of our traveling companions has a severe allergy to mushrooms. They were so good about keeping her without the dreaded fungi. If you are not totally locked in to the direction of your trip, I would start from /Bucharest. In this direction you see still struggling countries emerging from Communist rule and advance to capitalism. It also gives you a shorter trip home. Whichever direction, enjoy and have a safe trip. Pat
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