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  1. I was considering doing this for my mom as she loved cruising. With going through Carnival, you have to be 12 miles offshore before you can scatter your ashes. My mom couldn't swim and I didn't think that she would like this so we are going with another option.
  2. We just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and stopped in Cartagena and used Dora for our excursion and she was WONDERFUL. She was funny, enthusiastic, witty and you could tell that she loved her country/city with all of the history and knowledge that she shared. We were in an air conditioned Mercedes van with 10 other people on the tour and were amazed at the beauty of the city. If you book with her, you won't be disappointed.
  3. Loved reading your review and looking at all of the photos; now what am I going to do with all of my spare time since we are at the end of this review? Looks like I'll have to pull up one of your older ones! Thank you!!
  4. We know that when you buy liquor on board in the Fun Shop, you pick it up on the day you disembark. When doing a B2B, if we were to purchase liquor on the first leg of our trip, would we be able to pick it up on the last day and then bring it to our room to enjoy on the second leg of our trip? We are just curious if anyone has done this and what your experience was. If we have to pick it up at the very end of our trip, I will just order a bottle of liquor online to have delivered to our room and not make a purchase in the Fun Shop. Thank you.
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