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  1. Great advice, Larro. We may very well opt for a dinner one night on our balcony. Comment noted about the wine, too. 🙂 Is it true that on a 7-day cruise you may only reserve the specialty restaurants for one night each? No big deal if so. I just want to be prepared. Thanks!
  2. We're booked on a 7-day Society Islands cruise next July. I've heard a lot about how important it is to get your dinner reservations for the various restaurants made as soon as you board the Paul Gauguin. But what kind of dining schedule do you experienced PG cruisers recommend? I think Le Grill would be a given for the night anchored in Bora Bora's lagoon and perhaps La Veranda for the night at Moorea but any other suggestions that come to mind would be appreciated. Sadly, the Marina Dinner option has already been spoken for. And yeh, I'm probably overthinking this as I'm sure any dining option will be great. 😉
  3. Thanks, Sita. As we plan to spend a lot of time in the water, I wonder if we should seriously consider shorty wetsuits or at least, a wetsuit vest, to add to our luggage (somehow!)? We're from Central Florida so we tend to abhor the cold.
  4. I know the best answer is "it depends" but what about water temperature in early-mid July? We plan on bringing long sleeve rash guard shirts but for those that have cruised the Societies during this time of year, should we be concerned about overly cold water while snorkeling (not diving). As Ryndam said above, we hope to catch some of the Heiva festival as well. Just won't know what their schedule is until the last minute, I guess. Island time, ya know? 🙂
  5. Yeh, I looked into that as well. PG's unlimited plan is $29/day. Kinda pricey so we may just opt for their 400 minute plan for $80. If their Internet speed is like other cruises we've been on, it's pretty slow. Have you every used Tahiti WiFi? They have a pocket-sized router you can rent at the PPT airport which offers unlimited WiFi on most FP islands from about $5 to $24/day. They start you off with 4G/3G speeds and then throttle down your speed after reaching a daily data limit. But then it's unlimited although slower at 2G. Seems like an interesting option since you are not restricted to WiFi only onboard. It won't work while cruising between the islands, though, so if you only use WiFi at those times the PG option might be better. Hmmm....
  6. Ask your TA to try to get the "Sweetie" promotion deal for you from PG. It is *supposed* to be only for new bookings made around Valentine's Day but our TA got it for us well after we had already booked. It's a $200 OBC so worth trying for! And while PG says it is a Spa Credit, my TA says they will accept it for anything you can purchase on board... excursions, gifts, premium liquors, etc.
  7. Yep, absolutely correct. I just confirmed this with PG before I read your reply. Since we will be booking excursions both thru PG and independently we wanted to make sure we didn't leave any "money" on the table. 😉 We also have a couple of no-charge excursions thrown in by our TA during our pre and post-cruise time but want to be sure we leave ourselves some down time to just relax and enjoy being in paradise! 🙂
  8. Thanks TBK but in this case, we have $200 in OBC from PG's Sweetie offer + $500 OBC direct from our TA which is shown as such on our PG itinerary page. Whatever the source, we intend to make good use of it! 🙂
  9. Thanks to our TA, we have $700 in ship board credit (SBC) to spend. I'd like to spend this on excursions (and the laundry package) but I'm concerned the excursions we want might sell out since we can't apply the SBC until we are actually onboard. I'm considering the Bora Bora Lagoon Excursion (BRB-1602 or 1603) & Waverunner Tour (BRB-1604) Thoughts?
  10. Oh, I only wish we were able to book the Marina Dinner, too. It was already spoken for when we checked. At least we did get the Motu Mahana Vow Renewal so really looking forward to that. Even more so after enjoying your photos! 🙂
  11. nattygurk -- Looking forward to meeting you on our July 4th 2020 PG cruise! 🙂
  12. We are doing the same thing flying from Orlando to LAX (1st class non-stop) and then on to PPT on ATN's 4:40pm flight in Premium Economy. Was originally taking their redeye but they added the evening flight so that seemed better to us. Considered a LAX stayover but decided to push on thru. We're only spending 1 night at the IC Tahiti, however, as we'll take the ferry to Moorea the next day for a 2-night pre-cruise stay at the Hilton Moorea then 4-nights post-cruise in Bora Bora. Everyone's comments and suggestions here have been so helpful!
  13. We are also on the July 4th PG Cruise, our first in FP. Please visit our Roll Call page at https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2571207-4-july-2020-tahiti-amp-the-society-islands-7–night-cruise/
  14. Wonderful photos and you look absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that we were able to book this during our cruise next year. So excited!
  15. SWFLAOK -- Keeping our vow renewal casual sounds like the best suggestion yet. A swimsuit coverup of some kind is probably easier for the ladies than us guys, but I'll figure something out. Like maybe a nicer pair of shorts and my dress flip flops. 😄 Thanks!
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