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  1. I will be following along. Doing this trip next spring in a sunset veranda. I wanted St Kitts but next year’s trips appear to be Grenada.
  2. Was on this same trip. We thought the food in the dining room was very good. Service all around the ship was excellent. Managed to get Murano and Tuscan Grill in and greatly enjoyed those meals. Had no trouble finding spots around the ship to spend time and the Subset Bar was always our after dinner stop. Loved Curaçao and since we just self toured would love to go back. All in all very happy with this cruise. It was our 4th with Celebrity. I do think I like it abit better than HAL as far as ship layouts and general ambiance and passenger mix.
  3. Well one flight cancelled and we are booked on another. Going to be a horrible long day but fingers crossed.
  4. Ugh. We are scheduled to fly to FLL tomorrow night for a Saturday cruise departure. Fingers crossed tomorrow is better.
  5. Oh great idea to leave one in your vehicle! A few years ago we spent 20 minutes hoofing around a parking garage because I forgot where I parked!
  6. Apple Air Tags is my newest addition to the travel "kit."
  7. We have done both. Celebrity for my Panama cruise. I like them both but Celebrity a tiny edge as I prefer the ship layouts better BUT I have not sailed the huge ships on Hal or Celebrity. I would choose based on the ports and time in ports if I had to choose.
  8. No heels on cruises for me. I bring 3 pair of Birkenstock Mayori sandals: silver, gold and black patent leather. They are so slim they take up very little space in the luggage also.
  9. And we are on the ABC cruise right after departing April 14. We just did our first HA cruise this year, but back to Celebrity. Lots of similarities but I just love the Celebrity layouts and the Sunset bar for pre and post dinner LOL.
  10. Agree @FourNinesCasual nights my husband will wear a short sleeve button down or long sleeve button down with his pants, on dressier nights he adds a sport coat. Last year one night after dinner (with a sport coat) a crew member passed us in the hallway and said to my husband "looing good there my man" so I do think the crew appreciates alittle effort these days of jeans and shorts for dinner and after dinner. Pretty funny considering the memories of tuxes and full suits and ties. It has changed the ambiance over the decades, but it does make the travel easier no question about it.
  11. Exactly especially these days when it mimics allergies or colds so you just don’t know if you have a drippy nose. Now it is just an expense and hurdle of cruising that may or may not mean everyone on the ship will not get sick from Covid or noro or any other illness. Heck these days you can’t even figure out where you were exposed if you catch Covid…anecdotally from experiences of people I know you can have both shots and two boosters and catch this drippy nose fatigue and body ache variant. I will test if I have to in order to board but I will be happy when it is no longer required.
  12. It is getting crazy with this hodgepodge of requirements. I used to be afraid of noro in the old days of cruising now I am less afraid of illness but have hoops to jump through that really don’t make much of a difference I think. My next cruise is in a couple months but I have used Emed for the past two cruises so if still required will do that way again.
  13. I am a small ship fan. Was on Elation last fall for a short cruise and going again this fall. Elation is a beautiful ship for fans of smaller ships who don’t care for the mega ship genre.
  14. No heels for me..I bring either black patent leather flat sandals or silver or gold depending on which dresses I am bringing.
  15. I would have a problem with this also and find it unacceptable with the current covid symptoms for fully vaccinated persons. I think I would also say "thanks but no thanks" to moving from a balcony to an OV. If they for some reason insisted on dropping me off at the next port...so be it better than being cooped up with no fresh air.
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