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  1. No issue at all. Starboard side view of Sydney Harbor bridge was unforgettable!
  2. Agree...wait till onboard. Might find it less expensive, plus you can find out what nights and times work better for you.
  3. Ordered luggage tags in mid-Dec for a Feb 2020 cruise as soon as they were available for order. Still no tags. Called CC the other day. Told there was a mixed up in the system, and tags were supposedly issued and mailed 12/31. Still waiting...……..
  4. Let's hope the bathing suit is not a Speedo 😞
  5. We've been in BLU consistently since we started cruising again in 2017. Never knew about the BLU Wine List 😞 Anyhow….we enjoyed Decoy Cab every night on recent cruise, plus Port. And, DH loved the Villa Maria SB. And always opted for the Premium Package. Here's the latest from CC site as to what you get with Premiun. Classic +..... All classic package items, PLUS: Specialty coffees & teas, craft & artisan beers, spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, Coca Cola products, premium bottled water and wines by the glass up to $15 per serving. Also take a 20% discount off all bottles of wine!
  6. Wear something other than a bathing suit and pack the swim shorts for later. Duh
  7. Just rebooked a couple excursions for a November 2020 cruise due to price drop.
  8. I guess you just need to think beyond your normal routine...I know we had to. We are so fixed into "get it yourselves", that adapting to the advantages of having someone wait on you was, as some have noted uncomfortable, was puzzling at first. But our Butler was so kind when we asked just what we could ask him to do for use. Ideas: The Butler can bring you shrimp cocktail or cheese and crackers, or both, and two nice glasses of wine each afternoon, plus coffee and toast each and every morning, without having to call room service or get the wine yourself. If you are planning a little get together in your cabin with other passengers, the Butler can make arrangements for food and drink for all. We mentioned it was our anniversary...and voila, a great bottle of real French champagne appeared in the room, with all the accoutrements.
  9. We were on a B2B2B2B. In a suite for the first cruise, Aqua for the balance. Left an additional tip at the end of the first cruise for our butler. Nothing huge, but just a little extra. Not to say this had anything to do with what happened on our remaining two cruises while in Aqua, but he was always available to us and made a point of telling us that. We even continued to get preferential seating treatment in the Theatre on Evening Chic Nights.
  10. Any information for who are the Master, etc. for Eclipse, Feb and Mar 2020?
  11. Go see the CC Host and ask very nicely if they'll upgrade you to Elite for the next cruise since you are only 3 points away and will achieve Elite within a couple of days of that 12 day cruise. Just might work!
  12. Oh good! My TA told me it was pp, so nearly $2800! $1400 for the two of us sounds great!
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