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  1. We were just there last month, and while on a tour the guide showed us the platforms they put down. She said they were placed out on the streets because they expected flooding soon. Boy oh boy, the floods in the photos were definitely higher than those platforms!
  2. Last year our ship was delayed leaving LaSpezia, a port we weren’t even supposed to be at, because of bad weather. so many people missed their flights. The cruise even had people bused at 1am so people could catch early flights. We were lucky because we were staying on in Rome for a few days post cruise. We thought we’d be in Rome around 10am, but ended up getting there at 4:30pm and we had a car service pick us up at the pier. Next year we have a 6:05pm flight. Rather be safe than sorry.
  3. I would google hotels that are right by the People Mover. Then you don’t have to drag bags over bridges and you can catch a bus or a taxi early before your flight. Or, get a hotel by the airport, and just take a bus into Venice, sight see and head back to the hotel by the airport knowing you’re right there and sleep sound!
  4. I’ve read about people taking car service to airport after a cruise and seeing something along the way. anyone have any tour companies they can recommend? we are 5 adults, will be in Rome 2 days prior to cruise, and figured we probably had time to see the Colosseum before our 6:05pm flight from FCO. we don’t need to see anything else in Rome. thanks in advance!
  5. When we go to the beach on vacation, we leave nothing on the beach worth anything when we go in the water. I have one of those waterproof bags and keep it all with me. Funny, my Dad was a cop and I guess he instilled a sense of awareness that has served me well. Some may feel that I go a little “overboard”, but I rather be safe than sorry. I also own one of the PacSafe steel mesh bags that I can lock to a tree, chair, etc when needed. It’s more of a deterrent. If someone wants something, they will try to get it. I just won’t make it easy for them.
  6. I own quite a bit of Scottevest clothing. Especially their vests. I like their Featherweight vest. Lots of inside pockets. My husband swears by their pants as well. Makes me feel much safer with my money and credit cards inside the vest than an outside pocket. i also carry a cross chest bag made by Travelon. It has little clips to hold zippers closed and wire through the strap and cannot be sliced through easily, and slash resistant material.
  7. I am from NY as well, and I know we tend to walk around with a heightened sense of awareness that may not always be the case if you are from a different state. that being said, I would google the term “pickpocket in Italy” and look at the videos. They definitely give you an idea of what to look out for.
  8. I guess we will really play it by ear that day weather wise. If if not a good beach day I think Herculaneum might be our other choice. Close by, and looks to be extremely interesting and yet a little different than Pompei
  9. This trip is just my husband and myself. We are taking our children next year, (they have only been to Baltic area), and we will bring them to Pompei, so we don’t really want to do anything similar this trip. would love to take a swim if possible, as this is really the southernmost port that we do not have something scheduled in, and hope it will be the warmest water, beach opportunity this year.
  10. We have been to Naples a few years ago, did Pompei, Amalfi Coast, Sorrento. And taking our adult children next year. So don’t want to repeat it this time. this will also be the earliest we will be in Italy having done mid October cruising. we were hoping to possible take a nice beach day, and take a dip (even if it is a little cold) and weather permitting. We will be in Naples on October 2nd. anyone know of a good place to go?
  11. Ummm. Wasn’t it? And I was thinking, I’d like to know about a good drinking establishment. Always nice to try the local offerings. 😂
  12. MCazer

    Italian trains

    Yes, and I am trying Trenitalia to Florence, and Italo Florence to Rome, to try both out!
  13. MCazer

    Italian trains

    I get emails from Italo with discount codes. You may want to check them out. funny, I get the emails in Italian, so I had to use google translate, but this is the info, and I believe they have a direct train from Venice to Rome. It's not yet time to return! Travel with discounts up to -30%. Travel with Italo and save up to -30%. Buy a ticket before 09/09 using the promo code RETURN and travel from September 24th to December 14th.
  14. This is wonderful! We board October 1st at Civitavecchia and end in Venice. With a lot of the same stops. Thanks for being so descriptive!
  15. I am booked with a big box travel agent and still get emails from Celebrity for their Move Up program.
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