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  1. We are interested in doing this excursion is July. Has anyone experienced it? I am wondering how much walking/hiking there is? I am going with a group where some of us have challenges. Any information would be appreciated.
  2. I have gone on 4 Autism of the Seas cruises and have another booked for next year. We pay the same prices as everyone else for our cruises. AOTS does add a fee on and it varies from ship to ship, length of cruise and other factors. The AOTS staff are volunteers. Basically our fee covers their cabins. I feel the fee is reasonable. The staff is made up of people who have extensive knowledge in the world of special education. They are remarkable. Their main goal is to insure the family has a great time. Vacations with people with special needs can be challenging, stressful and filled with anxiety. For many families this is their first family vacation ever. If you read the reviews of AOTS you will see what joy it brings to all involved.
  3. July 25, 2004 252 posts Report post #1320 Posted 7 hours ago @CTKaren -- how long was the tour you did with Quinton? I realize you had been before but curious. ******************************************** We booked Quinton for four hours. However, we did go over by 30 minutes. Back in 2016 we did another private tour with a different person and that was for 5 hours. If this is your first time in Bermuda I would plan on 5 hours. If it has to be shorter then research the area and have 3-5 things you really want to see. On either tour we never made it to St George. And that is because I believe it is about a one hour ride from the dock to there. So right there that is 2 hours. For me a must see would be a couple of their beautiful beaches.
  4. For picture opportunity all the beaches are beautiful. Horseshoe Bay and Johnson Cove are the just beautiful. I would go to Hamilton for some shopping, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, there is a small Zoo, aquarium, the Crystal Caves are nice. Bailey's Ice Cream is right near it for a nice treat. I would go on Trip Advisor and search Bermuda and things to do. Then see what might interest you. Quinton will have some suggestions for you do. I think he probably has a tour plan he follows too. But I would mention a couple of things to him in advance.
  5. On April 15th we did a private tour with Quinton Bean. We highly recommend him. He is very informative, loves Bermuda and eager to talk all about it and answering questions. We have been to Bermuda many times but sent him a email with pretty much detailed the things we wanted to see. He also brought to a restaurant for lunch called The Flame. It was wonderful with beautiful views. I would not hesitate booking him. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer.
  6. Leaving on the Anthem on Saturday. From what I have read there is no chat feature on this ship. What is the best way to be able to text to others on the ship? I don't want to purchase internet. Is there any other options?
  7. Great map! Very helpful! But what are the train stops? I have been to Bermuda many times. I am pretty sure I have never seen a train there!
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