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  1. Mine was doing that then a got an email Monday, we sail March 9th
  2. We sailed out of NOLA in November with NCL and it was chaos, took ages to get in (traffic) and the same getting out so bear this in mind.
  3. Is that the total price with tax etc, it’s actually gone up slightly here ( maybe because we are nearer) it’s £244 now for an outside
  4. Great review we are going in a couple of weeks, excited now 🙂
  5. On my recent booking for Jewel (Monday) Grats had to be pre paid for MTD. I am unsure why they call them gratuities if they are insisting people pay, as gratuities by definition are discretionary
  6. So if you get onboard and ask to switch to MTD would they let you ?
  7. I am sure I switched once on board when it wasn't available to book online, just went to the booking booth and asked to change ?
  8. Given you don't pay Grats on Internet that's not good 🤔
  9. Arrr of course , I have to pay, good point , the dreaded phone it is 😞
  10. I have just checked and the Grat added to the DP is £105 for two , the Grat added with the Internet & DP for two is £111 ?
  11. I booked Jewel Monday, out of Dubai 9th March. OV £209pp for the week , DP is going to cost more 🙂
  12. Hi, we are going to purchase the DP on our Jewel cruise (even though the price is really high 😳) I would like the Internet however H doesn’t use it. Is there a way to buy just one DP with Internet and another without, I’m sure Ive down it previously but I can’t remember how ? Thanks
  13. Just looked and others were saying they haven’t had it either mustn’t be doing it for this cruise, no issue , we have an ocean view which I’m happy with especially for what we paid 😎
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