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  1. When I canceled and what the rep told me on the phone. Was I would get 50% refund and the 50% penalty would come back to me as FCC.
  2. I had the same thing happened. I was promised refund and FCC but only got 100% FCC. After being on the phone for 2 hours I was told it was corrected and I would get 50% refund and 50% FCC. But I have not seen the refund yet. I will give it time before I call again. Of course if I could go back in time I would wait for Royal to cancel and get a full refund.
  3. I canceled on the 10th of March and received an email with FCC details on March 19. It was all wrong and it took 2 hours to get it fixed, but hopefully that will not happen and what you receive will be correct.
  4. I don't think this is a nice comment. The poster is posting to because that is what these boards are all about. I both posted and called today.
  5. When did you receive this letter? Is this about the 30 day suspension or is this new?
  6. The source for RCCL just suspended world-wide operations.
  7. I do think they are alienating the people who will cruise after the world opens. They need to keep their die hard fans because it will be hard to convince new cruisers to sail for a while.
  8. Not sure, but there is always a button that says by clicking submit you agree with........
  9. So are they going to help? Do you really want to cancel? Canada has closed their ports until at least July. This cruise won't be sailing. I also can't imagine how they could sail anywhere else in 3 days?
  10. I don't see what is causing Royal's confusion. Is this booking for 2 guests? I looked at the pdf and it's very clear to me. Is it that the have changed the terms after the fact and are trying to hold you to the new terms? On the bright side. It's good that you did not cancel. There will be no cruise sailing on May 17. I would bet the farm on it.
  11. When was your sail date? Also, I agree that there are stiffing guests. When I called I immediately got a rep. However, he had to wait to connect to resolutions. It took 45 minutes before he was able to get resolutions. Then they worked the problem. I am sure they have reduced staff but I think the long wait was due to people who were not willing to roll over and be stiffed calling to get what they were promised. Like I said if they don't make it through it wont be cause of the virus. It will be because they have alienated their customers.
  12. Not yet, but that is supposed to be refunded. Cancelled on the 10th have not seen taxes come back yet.
  13. Yes, I guess a better term would be incorrect information. I think it is resolvedm but I have to see the actual dollars and cents.
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