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  1. I apologize if I came off as flippant the other day. Have you stopped by the Bella thread? Good times.
  2. Confused, from what I read, most folks don't think cruising will resume in November
  3. I'd say a very good chance its sailing in Sept '21
  4. Yogi is discussing the repatriation to Royal cruises
  5. Casino Royale is promoting lots of comped cruises now. Contact your casino host and see if you qualify
  6. No, there, refers to their home country. Once they clear that, they enter the cruise bubble for a second quarantine on their way to destinations
  7. Correct, but it's off the full price, not the typical cruise planner price. For us it nets out around $40 plus tip
  8. CruiseCritic is hosted on a website. They have optimized it to work on cell phones, ie. MOBILEWEB. Tapatalk is an app, that mimics the website. Really unnecessary in my opinion. Just my opinion
  9. Nice, but might be to much for Royal to absorb. Plus it doesn't solve the 'I just go to socialize' dilemma Maybe do HH at an outdoor venue like Aqua Theater
  10. #Whereweretheelephantsgoing BTW, the plague here doesn't happen until 2035.😉 If it was 2020 I would have crapped myself
  11. But are you certain those 9 elephants all saw the same 3 monkeys😉
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