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  1. I post all of mine direct. The only issue is video. CC doesnt like really big files. Under 4 MB is fine
  2. I get the empty ship concept, but a sea day has so much more activities, dining choices, breeze, etc..
  3. I'd go to Izumi Its off the beaten path, it's the most exclusive as far as capacity, and it's also the best one in my opinion. I honestly feel you have a better shot grabbing a reservation if you are standing in front of them
  4. Staying on the ship in Cozumel and a true sea day on a TA are very different in my opinion😉
  5. I'm thinking it's 14 days to end here on a Sunday. Great solo cabin rates
  6. She's a big fan. To bad you are skipping it, this is an updated version. 90 minutes with no intermission
  7. It might be the best "included" specialty venue😉
  8. Seems like the westbound cruises book quicker, especially when they are coming back from being Amped
  9. In 2018, 2 events were in the evening, 1 was in the morning for sail in to St Thomas, and 1 was on the beach in Labadee
  10. Last night's haul. A friend here on the boards calls it pink koolaid. It's one of the few wines Laura can stomach anymore. She used to drink Pinot Noir, and will have Bell Glos on occasion.
  11. Do you have any idea how much sugar is in our tea down here. Around a 1/4 cup for every cup of water. 🥤 This aint WJ tea. It's worth $2.50 per glass, and you get free refills😉
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