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  1. Haven't done Symphony, but it was empty every day on Harmony. Cabanas were hit or miss, but I'm pretty sure they dont exist on Symphony. Oasis was empty during day in March. We've never been up there at night
  2. Dont worry, you're fine. Truthfully, the Concierge can even help with comedy Club if need be. No guarantee though.
  3. Sky class only needs reservations for the comedy club. Concierge should reach out to you one week prior for any dining times including CK
  4. Once you pass 340, the solo rate in a JS can make it cheaper to split up. On the ship, that is.
  5. What's a resting lawyer? Should that scare them?
  6. Hotel Director on Oasis said he'd love a couple more Hibachi tables. I will agree that the Adventure Izumi is a ghost town.
  7. True story. Sailed Oasis in February (Sea Class). Went to CK podium around 11:30 boarding day to make reservations for the week. CK manager said no need, he saw our name on the manifest and already had us down for 6pm every night. 😎 Does that make us a NSPP? We were officially in Suite class. 🚤
  8. I heard they eliminated the cabanas due to Hooked below
  9. But I'm not wrong, historically speaking. 😎 Historically definition is - in accordance with or with respect to history. As far as Hairspray, not a fan, and Royal is either cheap or unimaginative. 😉
  10. Midship interior, deck 9. Was going to go Promenade, but almost all of them are connected. No bruno.
  11. Booked the 50th Birthday cruise with Laura's Prime cert. Had to spend $140 to upgrade to CP View. While there I booked the week prior as well. They let me use an FCC that expires end of month. That was appreciated. Also booked the tax day cert for Freedom in September. Did have to spend $23 to get deck 9 midship
  12. There have to be dozens down here. Need to visit thrift shops 🤣
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