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  1. I stand by my statement Your reviews of what was provided to you speak for themselves. Howevet Your statement in post 15 indicates the food is so unremarkable you wont go back. I have already mentioned the staff is flexible. Others have concurred. Your reply seems to indicate generous tipping is why you got custom meals. I think it was just trying to make you happy Good for them
  2. The poster above neglects to mention that they cater to his every whim and make them custom food almost every night. 😥 Like I said, they are flexible, yet some find that to be unremarkable 😉🍺
  3. No doubt a popular but highly unlikely preference
  4. All new ships have flow ridrs. the big ones have two
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    multiple images from desktop
  6. Well, you have not had the poached eggs with toasted farro. Divine. I eat it at least 4 times a week. Rest of week is probably an egg white omelet BTW, Royals french toast has carmelized bananas standard. Personally, I prefer maple syrup.
  7. This is why you can't trust that voyages and categories are sold out. 😉 Look at my A1 on Allure
  8. There is/was an option to extend. 🤣
  9. I think there were $349 insides available on that one last year
  10. I read they had lobster on Independence out of Southampton in May
  11. Chorizo Flatbread used to be on the menu, as well as baja eggs, and frittatas. This was Oasis. I guess they weren't popular
  12. I'm guessing you'll be disappointed 🐱
  13. I dont need reservations, but if I did, i would definitely get one for CATS to be able to get an aisle seat down low. As far as Aqua Theater. You can skip the check in by watching from the rock wall balcony, or taking those stairs to the Aqua Theater. You get there via deck 7 hallway all the way aft. 😉
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