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  1. Koz1, When we had our Vow Renewal ceremony in August there was also no official cruise photographer. The assistant cruise director offered to take pictures of the entire ceremony. She used my iPhone and the pictures came out great. It would be pretty difficult to take a bad picture on Motu Mahana. :-) Linda
  2. Oleta, Not to try to "one up" your comment of cold temperatures, but we actually had a SNOW shower today. Oh, for the white sandy beaches of FP. Are you already planning to go back? I'm jealous. :-) Linda
  3. Trend, Another really special offering for an Anniversary is the Marina Dinner. It is done while the PG is moored in Bora Bora, ( and maybe Moorea, depending on the itinerary). If you are interested, you need to book it well in advance. You can see some pictures and a short video of ours on the last page of the PG Roll Call, August 14th sailing. It was a magical evening! Linda :-)
  4. Here are a few of the pictures from the Vow Renewal ceremony. It really was a beautiful day! Linda :-)
  5. Since I started this thread, I wanted to report back to say that the Vow Renewal Ceremony for our 50th Anniversary on the August 14th cruise was lovely. It took place at Noon. It was a perfect South Pacific day. Captain Tony, Cruise Director Carlos, Assistant Cruise Director Cathia, and Les Gauguins and Les Gauguines all participated. After the ceremony, we had lunch and then returned to the ship. Even more memorable was the Marina Dinner that we had while moored in Bora Bora. It took place on our actual anniversary. A Zodiak was waiting at the marina to take us into the lagoon to view the sunset. We sipped champagne and ate canapes provided by the driver of the craft. Retuning to the ship, our table was prepared with flowers, LED candles, chilled champagne, and Les Gauguins and Les Gauguines singing and playing instruments. The menu was from La Veranda and was served beautifully. By the end of our meal we were lit only by the candles and the stars. It was magical! Our previous three cruises on the PG have all been wonderful, but this cruise was a fabulous 50th Anniversary celebration.
  6. Miriam, One of the special days of my life was my 70th birthday celebration that you arranged for me on the PG. It was beyond magical. I will never forget it and your thoughtfulness. A bed picture will follow... Linda
  7. Miriam, As much as Cobby and I are looking forward to our August 14th cruise this year, we will miss seeing you, Colin, and Chiara. The reunion cruises are special. We will not be able to do the 2021 Reunion Cruise. We have been spending more and more time in Puerto Vallarta during our very long winters, so we will not be available for the cruise. Today was the first day to sign up for excursions for our August cruise, and we were surprised that some are already full. However, we did manage to book the ones that we really wanted. We are also doing the Vow Renewal on Motu Mahana and the Marina Dinner on our actual 50th Anniversary. I have implored the weather gods of Bora Bora to cooperate with calm seas and a beautiful sunset. Best, Linda
  8. Number8, Sorry that I didn't answer your question about booking the dinner. I think that there are only two dinners a sailing. We booked our dinner when we booked the cruise over a year ago. Linda :-)
  9. We have reserved the dinner for two this August, weather permitting, on our actual 50th Anniversary. I would also love to hear from someone who has done this. It sounds very romantic. :-) Linda
  10. Magroo, Happy 30th Anniversary! The PG is such a wonderful way to celebrate any special milestone. We have booked that dinner for two on the dive platform. It will be on our actual 50th Anniversary, so if the weather cooperates, it will be a lovely memory. We love the PG and FP. It's hard not to be "blown away" by the natural beauty that surrounds you. Linda :-)
  11. I will post after our "ceremony". Three cruises ago, we did the Anniversary Celebration on the ship. It was fun and a great photo opportunity. For our 50th, we thought that weather permitting, the Motu Ceremony would be a great idea. We are also just looking forward to getting back on the PG. When you get the FP "flu", the only way to get rid of it is to go back. :-) I think that you will love your cruise. Linda
  12. My husband and I are on the August 14, 2019 cruise, ( please join us on the Roll Call if you will be sailing with us.) We will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary and have booked the Vow Renewal Ceremony on Motu Mahana. Does anyone know what time of day these ceremonies take place? We still would like to enjoy the motu activities, but would like to have time to get back to the ship to dress in our "wedding attire". On our actual anniversary, we will be in Bora Bora. We couldn't have found a more perfect setting for this milestone. This will be our fourth time on the PG, ( we were on the last Reunion Cruise), and our seventh time to FP. Thanks. Linda
  13. Has anyone taken a tour with “Mr. Tahiti” and his tour company “Ia Ora Na Tahiti Expeditions?” “Mr. Tahiti’s” name is Olivier Teuai Lenoir. He was one of the Les Gauguins when my wife and I were on the PG in 2014. We will be at the IC in August 2019 prior to a PG cruise. We are thinking of doing one of Teuai’s tours. Any comments/suggestions?
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