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  1. Love all of the photos! Do you know if access to the hot stone loungers are available to anyone on a walk-in or do you need a spa appointment (massage, etc)? Thank you.
  2. We did some scuba diving and snorkeling recently in the BVI and we have a dry bag with cash and a credit card we keep on the boat while we are in the water. We usually tuck it under the seating area or if there’s a cubby for dryitems, we place it there. We’d tip our dive master/captain in cash.
  3. We’ve personally used the Trawick Safe Travelers Voyager plan (noted in the article) twice this year to fly to the BVI as recently as last week. Great price and covers quarantine under trip delay.
  4. We’re sailing Aug 2022 (rebooked from Aug 2021) and planned to do the Hilton Moorea OTWB for a few nights afterwards. The flight schedule made it more do-able for a post-cruise stay. Going all of that way and not sure when we will get to return, we figured we may as well do it up and extend the time on land.
  5. This is good info yet a bummer to hear as we planned to debark early in Moorea instead of going back to Papeete to sit at the dock overnight. Maybe things will change by Aug 2022 when we finally set sail.
  6. Been seeing the same on the BVI chat boards. A workaround is to use the Spanish speaking link (they’ll speak English) and reported wait times have been less. We plan to do ours either at the crack of dawn AST or very late at night.
  7. We bought ours in august and they’re good until January. Just be sure to buy the proctored tests from eMED not the home tests from CVS, etc. You will not get a lab report with those drugstore versions.
  8. We’re using them as well to return to the US from the BVI next month. Advice I got was just be sure to download the app while you’re still in the states. Heard they work very well!
  9. @wesport Do you have a pic of the refreshed "old" suite they moved you to? The one with the bed by the bathroom. Curious to see what has been done with those other than the bathroom. Thank you!
  10. Yes, the safe travels voyager policy from Trawick. You can purchase from Insubuy. When we flew to the BVI in March this was a requirement for entry. We had $3000 for 14 days of Q for two people covered under trip delay.
  11. You’d need to comply with the Covid 19 protocols of the country you are in (e.g. quarantine, etc). Likely at your cost unless you have travel insurance to specifically cover quarantine.
  12. @themutis there was another official govt announcement after the July 5 link. See attached thar aligns with the Mooring link. Things have escalated and one set of restrictions were imposed right after another. I would agree that the week of 7/17 will likely be modified and evaluated on a week to week basis. Per a govt briefing last night, cases are now at 1100.
  13. MNGardens we’re booked to go back early Sept for two weeks which is 50/50 now but the situation is so fluid. We went in March and did the whole 5-day quarantine thing when restrictions were at their most restrictive. Praying for everyone there!
  14. Have a great cruise! Have they notified you of any itinerary changes for the BVI? Not saying they should, just asking. They've gone from 2 to 900+ COVID cases in a week and new restrictions were imposed yesterday. Curfew from 7pm-5am and all restaurants take out only.
  15. Have they provided any info yet on your refund for the "free" cruise?
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