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  1. The big question is are there other passengers that booked the airfare on United through PG directly or through a TA on the same flight? Planes have been known to come in late and the PG waited for them but then again I think your in better hands if the flights were booked through PG. Just my take ..... You might want to ask PG directly or have your TA ask PG what is the policy in your individual situation 😉
  2. If you want the very best weather yes .... Remember there are only a few cruise ships year round in FP so on the larger vessels there may be some limitations on when you can go. Feel free to contact me and I can give greater details plus a few ways to save some money: tahitianbigkahuna@gmail.com
  3. I've cruised on The Pacific Princess in FP. "I've done larger ships in FP long ago and then had the opportunity to try PG and it was apples to oranges, you can not compare. If you really want to experience FP the way it is meant to be seen do it on a small ship 😉" Yes it was the Pacific Princess and the Tahitian Princess we took first in FP. A better fit than larger vessels for sure but still lack the intimacy of the smaller ships. I've always stated the the largest ships I recommend for FP are the R4 class ships as the Pacific Princess is part of. So it's a good compromise IMO ....
  4. Best weather (but highest price) will June - September. Paul Gauguin and Windstar both offer intimate cruises in FP. Yes there are less expensive alternatives but no others offer the same experience. Smalls Islands are best seen on small ships IMO. I've done larger ships in FP long ago and then had the opportunity to try PG and it was apples to oranges, you can not compare. If you really want to experience FP the way it is meant to be seen do it on a small ship 😉 FYI, I've done FP November - March numerous (at least a dozen) times and only once did we have prolong rough weather. November - March is cheaper but yes it's a bit more humid and more clouds but the price is great.
  5. Both are amazing, have done both, I'm talking about the scooter trip and Patrick's. Pure Snorkeling will take you to 3 great places to snorkel. So .... the question is do you want the traditional dreamy lagoon excursion with a beach BBQ feast or to have a scooter tour that does take you to a different location and the guides really are entertaining and it's educational. There is no right or wrong answer.
  6. So here is the straight skinny .... Patrick still does the ships' lagoon tour with feast .... If your on-board the PG you must book through the ship. My guess is somehow Patrick doesn't think your on-board. Once he knows he will inform you to book through the ship. That is the current arrangement ....
  7. Irene ... Things may have changed but for years you could not book Patrick directly if you were on the PG. Don't need to go into details but let me contact someone who will know the correct answer. For no let your booking stand but I'll post the answer once I know.
  8. You will find plenty of options here: https://tahititourisme.com/en-us/?s=fishing
  9. Most consider Fakarava and Rangiroa incredible. The diving and snorkeling are world class. Both Atolls so it's flat ..... the scenery is in the lagoon not land based for the most part. The image with all the fish was taken on the ship's 'Aquarium' excursion on Rangiroa. You can see the Paul Gauguin in the background. The other picture is close to the Blue Lagoon on Fakarava, again the ship's excursion. Large files so you can click on and enlarge 😉 As far as Aitutaki we've gone 4 times on the PG to is fantastic island. 4 times ..... 4 times we were able to tender in, not one problem though the swells can be large the PG crew is a well oiled machine and you knew you were in good hands. The lagoon is incredibly beautiful, only second to Bora Bora IMO.
  10. The Cooks a further south meaning April - October the weather will be cooler in the Cooks verses the Atolls of Rangiroa and Fakarava. June - August you might want to bring a light jacket on the 11 night. You can't go wrong with either choice ....
  11. From my understanding you can not book an actual 'day room' at the IC directly. You can book one through PG but unless something has changed recently you can not book a day room directly. Maybe someone else will chime in with thoughts if there is something new that I'm unaware of.
  12. Typo .... 'O' is right next to 'I' I was referring to the IC Moorea You probably can get a taxi to the Coco Beach transfer spot. Remember they have transfers at Les Tipaniers also 😉
  13. Marc's and Pure Snorkeling are private vendors
  14. Another one you might want to peek at for Moorea This one is highly recommended corallinatours.com
  15. I meant this post for you 😉 I've always given straight information. Sometimes I may post something that someone doesn't like but never less it's the truth. If I don't know the answer I simply email the appropriate person to get the bottom line. I'm not a TA, just a well traveled tourist to French Polynesia and considerable knowledge about the PG in particular. Thank you for the kinds words ...
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