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  1. The positive test was from the required test 4 days after you enter FP. The ship was notified from the FP medical authorities that a passenger came up positive. The ship was ordered back to PPT where it is at this moment. The positive passenger came through LAX but had verification that they were negative with their required 72 hour test prior to boarding. All required protocols were followed ... I'll update once more factual information comes my way.
  2. Ship has medical team on-board right now. Will update once the 'facts' are known/verified.
  3. You never know but if there are possible upgrades don't look for them at a reduced price until 30 days out. Interestingly my next cruise has very few D & C balcony cabins left. A few higher priced cabins and cabins on deck 3 and 4 but D & C not so much.
  4. Raiatea - best private excursion will be Bruno, about $100 USD for the day and includes lunch Huahine - there is a beach you can get to easily. Take the provided shuttle from the ship to Fare (no charge). As you get of the bus look to your right and you will see the sailing club. walk past it on the beach side and go down about 150 yards. Nice place to hang and you can snorkel 😉
  5. Not sure who you directed your questions to but for me there isn't just one island that is my favorite. Bora Bora is my favorite for photography island as the lagoon colors are multi and stunning plus you get the beautiful mountain in the background. Moorea is an island that is easy to love and the interior is stunning Fakarava is the perfect island for serenity when you venture out into the massive lagoon. Huahine for ancient culture sites
  6. Fly United out of SFO ... from what we've heard you can have the test done at the airport and the results in 2 hours. Again that is what we've heard but I would confirm with United yourself 😉
  7. Some of us are blessed to live on the beautiful Central Coast of California 🙂 Santa Barbara is OK but has gotten to crowded .... the true beauty is north of Santa Barbara 😉
  8. Unless something recently changed only United Polaris/business class customers can access the lounge at FAAA International.
  9. @Petoonya Yes .... already confirmed my group with him again for next year ... Glad you enjoyed the pictures ... fresh catch and coconut cakes
  10. Yes we will be meeting each other ... Already have all our excursions scheduled with the exception of the drift snorkel which we always do the ship's excursion on Tahaa and will book 60 days out.
  11. A few pictures from last March while visiting Fakarava on the Paul Gauguin ... Blue lagoon area. Looking forward to going again to Fakarava next year. So crowded Snorkel stop along the way Swimming/Snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon Just beautiful .... and blue 3rd stop was for a BBQ lunch ... afterwards it was time to veg in the water Plenty of shade to find your special spot
  12. Are you doing the same itinerary in December 2021 as the reunion cruise?
  13. Good to know as I'll be flying United from SFO next spring. Staying the night before at a hotel close to SFO so no problem being there early. Hopefully all this is gone in the next few months and no testing will be required.
  14. Richard is a smart businessman, he will likely have it maintained ... heck, much of it was just recently refurbished.
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