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  1. Dave ... I'm a 5th generation Californian. And I still live in California 😉
  2. My Emu moment ... look at those eyes, scary ....
  3. Come on Dave ... snapping pictures at the Zoo is like me hunting birds in an aviary. Now if you had taken the picture in the wild and it looked like that I'd be impressed 😛
  4. Not cheap anymore .... But very good ... we make our own vanilla from the beans. Usually we buy a half Kilo. The pictured beans are vacuumed sealed so you can take on the plane plus they are from Tahaa ... purchased at the market in PPT.
  5. Early morning light ... in the Mulberry tree in our garden yesterday.
  6. From the garden this morning, Mr. Robin ... Sony RX10IV
  7. One from the garden this morning ... Sony RX10IV
  8. A few from the garden this morning ... Sony RX10IV Heading for the feeder Orioles are a bit hesitant letting me get close Love Tit Mouses
  9. not sure ... with covid you just don't know and as the islands just opened up there is no current info. Last time I checked Tahitian Vanilla was terribly expensive. About $1600 for a kilo
  10. I was addressing the articles first sentence, "The iPhone 12 Pro Max has wowed us with its ability to take stunning photos that can rival what you might see from a professional DSLR." But then one could say there are pros .... and then there are better PROS 😁
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