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  1. Agree with Petoonya .... the best excursion operators are booked up early.
  2. You do know how to do a Google map search ..... right? I always figure I'm doing someone else's foot work when it's so easy to do a search on your own. Bottom line there are several places within 1/4 - 1/2 mile. Probably best to get yourself down to the avenue that fronts the waterfront ..... then head to your right.
  3. You haven't experienced French Polynesia the way it is meant to be if you do on a BIG ship. It is so much a factor that some smaller ships will change there schedules to make sure they are not visiting the same island if a BIG ship is going to be there . You can't tell me that a ship with 3000 people (cruisers and crew) overwhelms a small island like Fakarava or the Marquesas. Raiatea has a actual wharf so a ship can tie off and a population of 12,000. Bora Bora has enough people to handle a BIG ship.. Moorea can handle it but several BIG ships do visit islands with less than 1000 people, that's just wrong IMO. Large ships overwhelm less populated islands .... nuff said
  4. Benni is a great guy ...... just book it as they are usually full well ahead of time 😉 Reasonable, clean, A/C and within walking distance to many things
  5. There are banks close by at both locations. Typically the local smaller vendors will give a better price for local currency as when they convert they always give themselves the benefit of the exchange rate. Polynesians are not into haggling 😉
  6. On the ship no problem At most major resorts .... no problem Go out into the interior on an excursion ... likely a problem so bring something for it. Try the local stuff .... Monoi Anti Moustique a la citronnelle prevents against mosquito bites. Contains Monoi Tiare oil and citronella. It has a great fragrance and keeps the mosquitos away the natural way. or the tried and true Buggspray from Minnesota where the state bird is the mosquito 😉
  7. The ship with crew and many have time off the ship in port holds 3,000 Guess you haven't been on an island with lets say around 500 inhabitants ..... it is a problem IMO I mean you did say, "We are open to all your thoughts and comments." I gave you mine 😉
  8. IMO .... the Norwegian Jewel is way to big to visit many of the smaller islands in the South Pacific. With 3,000 people on-board it's a whale in a small lagoon. The ship has more people on her much of the population of the smaller islands which means they don't have the infrastructure to handle such a large ship.
  9. I've been on the PG several times November - December and only once was there rain for more than an hour. Been in July and the weather was fine but some flowers/fruit were not available because it was to dry. Been in October ad it was fine. As world weather seems to be in a bit of un-decision it's anyone's guess. Personally I prefer a bit of rain here and there as the skies are more textured and the sunrise/sunsets more magnificent. As a photographer I live for that kind of light 😉
  10. Typically the tenders will run until around 10 pm on the night the ship is in Bora Bora
  11. Different enough that you would enjoy both days 😉
  12. Though Opunohu Bay is typically the primary the ship may go to Cook's Bay .... been to both several times, no way to know other than asking the Captain the night before. It often depends on if there are other ships scheduled to be visiting Moorea. It's a good 15 - 20 minutes from Cook's Bay tender location to Opunohu Bay dock. Most excursion vendors are very accommodating ...... find another vendor 😉
  13. Big difference between Akorora and a small island in French Polynesia. Akorora isn't an isolated area, your close to several other smaller communities and within a short drive of the urban city of Christchurch ..... major difference. I think the point being made is you can go on a huge ship and miss the opportunity of enjoying French Polynesia the way it is meant to be enjoyed .... Heck, some of the smaller ships will change their routing when they know a huge ship is visiting and the reason is to make sure their passengers enjoy it the way it is suppose to be enjoyed. If you go on a huge ship and leave your assumptions on the way French Polynesia is will be incorrect.
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