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  1. Sometimes there is a good photographer on-board who can snap a few romantic photos ... I'm on the December 4, 2021 cruise, March 5, 2022 cruise and the July 6, 2022 cruise, working on a 3rd cruise in the fall of 2022. I will be teaching a photography class on the March 5, 2022 cruise. If you are on one of my cruises and there isn't a ship photographer just ask, I'll be more than happy to snap a few if I'm not busy 😉
  2. There are no window cabins on deck 6 .... I think you meant to say deck 4
  3. Some solid hiking trails start from the Belvedere on Moorea .... Verandah has a larger balcony plus the cabin is wider which makes it easier to move around the room.
  4. Covid will likely not be an issue in 2022 Mid ships is always a bit less rocky .... Think lagoon on Aitutaki and land/Muri Beach on Rarotonga Bora Bora think lagoon ... Moorea think land based such as ATV tour Huahine is superb for cultural stuff. On Tahaa/Motu Mahana do the drift snorkel 25 trips to FP ... 6 times to the Cook's ... rear admiral on the PG 😉
  5. More good news .... it is an indisputable reality: the number of people hospitalized has been falling steadily over the past few days ... 367 patients (excluding sheaves) on August 30, 351 on September 1, 330 on September 2 and “only” 291 today. This is one of the encouraging indicators to retain from the last epidemiological square communicated by the health authorities. Finally, 118,757 Polynesians have so far been fully vaccinated against 143,885 who have received a first injection. This is huge ... heading in the right direction
  6. The numbers have gotten better over the last week ... And my original post stated "get loosened over the next few months as the pandemic numbers drop." Notice I said 'months' ... nuff said .... I'm optimistic😉
  7. Over 100 doctors, nurses and support personal arrived in FP yesterday from France ... the media doesn't like saying positive things but there are optimistic things happening .... probably several months out for being somewhat 'normal' but things are moving in the right direction. The local Polynesian population continues to get vaxxed and normal immunity is helping ....
  8. Each day we get a bit closer to 'normal' .... by December things will likely look way different than today. Would love to see private excursions, car rentals and walking into town acceptable without having to test every 3 days which IMO creates stress ... something we don't need. If everyone gets tested every 3 days no foul but to single out those who simply like to be a bit more independent is wrong IMO.
  9. We've done at least a dozen trips to FP during the 'rainy' season. Only once did we have weather problems ... usually the rain comes and goes quickly and the sun comes out in textured skies ... perfect for good photography. Keep in mind that much of the beautiful flora is because of rain ... some fruits and flowers don't bloom when there isn't rain ... and the waterfalls are at their best during the rainy season ... You will be fine, mark my words ... and yes I'll take a bit of rain over the cold of February in your home town 😉
  10. I do know some of the crew was re-called and are on-board. This ship is getting prepared to cruise ... just waiting on the FP to give the go ahead. My guess is that the crew will give it everything they have to make the first cruises going out as good as possible. Sure there are the current protocols and hopefully those will get loosened over the new few months as the pandemic numbers drop. Would really like to see the testing lighten up for those that want to use private vendors and lets say rent a car on an island. IMO there really isn't any need to hold those wanting to take private excursions to a higher testing standard. Frankly this places stress on cruisers who simply want a cruise that can be as normal as possible. Ship excursion vendors and private excursion vendors all know each other, heck many are even related and are close friends ... one vendor group is not less likely to be carrying active covid IMO. Hopefully this changes over the coming months ... Please don't go negative on my thread ... if you have such a need please start your own thread ... I prefer to have a thread that can be a bit more positive 😉
  11. Just a guess but I would think the FP will likely move to extend the lockdown through 9/20. will that affect the cruise still? Don't know but we'll know over the next few days.
  12. I look at the cup half full again ... the new protocols will make it much safer for tourist moving forward ... I know it hard on those that the lockdown will effect but I believe in the long run this is good for tourist. PG appears to be getting the ship ready for cruising .... I'm staying optimistic 😉
  13. I look at the cup half full again ... the new protocols will make it much safer for tourist moving forward ... I know it hard on those that the lockdown will effect but I believe in the long run this is good for tourist. PG appears to be getting the ship ready for cruising .... I'm staying optimistic 😉
  14. The unknown was an adventure ... and you aren't completely correct. Yes the cruise was cut short ... and some did leave and headed for the airport for a early flight back. However, we stayed the whole time on the ship, our floating hotel. We made days trips to Moorea and around Tahiti ... we had a great adventure. Wasn't busy either ... it was enjoyable. And to top it off we received a FCC for another future cruise ... gee, a trip to French Polynesia for only the cost of the airfare with was $760 R/T. Not bad for a cheap adventure 😉 I simply was answering the OP's question ... have a good day
  15. I look at the cup as half full ... I don't see FP closing to tourist ... heck they just made a major change on the entry requirements for those that have had covid but are vaccinated. Yes there could be a 2 week lockdown in the works to nip covid in the bud for the local population but this would be well before your cruise. The big question is the Cooks ... will they open for the Paul Gauguin. Not sure .... but my advise is to look at it as an adventure. In March of 2020 we didn't know the itinerary until we got to the ship as the Cooks had just closed. We knew we were not going to the Cooks but looked at it as an adventure ... sometimes the unknown can be rewarding.
  16. Every cruise line may deal with this differently. You would need to see if a day excursion to the Sofitel was even offered and to see if transportation is included. There are a few 'taxis' on Moorea but when a ship is in one of the bays there is a big demand.
  17. Per your request criteria .... take Raanui Lagoon Tours on Bora Bora. Yes many will head themselves other vendors but I've taken them all and Raanui does a great job at a very fair price.
  18. Can you steer yourself through current .... that is the question you need to answer for yourself 😉
  19. News always makes it sound the worst they can .... 70% of the older population has been vaccinated ... whereas only 30% of the younger population (over 12). Plus they just had Heiva which created large groupings ... Hopefully things stabilize over the coming weeks. This last week the younger population has been actively getting vaccinated 🙂
  20. Actually for future reference you can leave earlier ... people on the AF flight often wake up at 5:00 .... get ready, final pack and then have breakfast by room service early ... then head for the airport via taxi w which the ship can order for you.
  21. Mr Randal "and four days after arrival" No longer required 😉
  22. You are correct .... no PCR test to board the ship under the current protocols if your vaccinated. No need for a PCR to board the plane either, a simple antigen test under the current protocols. I would check the web site daily ...
  23. Wendy and I agree on this ... take a taxi ... probably a bit less and your not waiting around until everyone from the plane makes it through customs 😉
  24. Taxis are at the airport when flights arrive. After dark there is a surcharge ... figure $25 to the ship. I believe the shuttle can only be booked when it's part of a package booked through PG. I've tried to book the shuttle when I've booked air myself and was told no can do ... but do check, things may have changed.
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