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  1. Thanks for bringing us along. We’ve been looking at booking a cruise for years. Think this afternoon we’ll meander ourselves down to our travel agent and book a cruise.
  2. Any night now depending on availability. Just have to pay the up charge. 13 more days until Lady Harmony. 😀
  3. 15 more days until @maureencruiser and I make our big splash on Lady Harmony!! Whoop Whoop!!
  4. Hey it taste good. I had a couple on the cruise. Lived on the edge. Figured the booze from the deluxe beverage package would cure any issues. 😜
  5. Haha. So true. Here is the “Ice Cream” they serve. Vanilla about to be loaded into the magic machine. 😀
  6. When I was on a couple weeks ago the only thing I saw staff serving for folks that was self serve was the soft serve ice cream at the ice cream stations by the pools on deck 15. Was actually really glad to see this. 😃
  7. Chair on deck 5 has your name on it, I can see it from here. 😃
  8. It’s going to be an amazing cruise on Lady Harmony and cruising with Maureen again. 😀 Lots of fun laughs for sure.
  9. Indeed. 7 days is never enough on these beautiful Oasis class ships. Glad you had an amazing cruise on Lady Harmony!
  10. Here they are in the garage collecting luggage on my last two cruises. 12/1/19 & 2/16/20
  11. Definitely will!! Central Park balcony was nice. Was cool later at night if you wanted to be away from people you could go out on your balcony and listen to the live music in Central Park. Will say if one wants to go to bed early, not that I did, but stopped by my room early with door closed and you can hear the sounds from CP with door closed. It was a nice change though. Cant really beat an ocean view balcony though. My next cruise on Harmony is an interior room. Thought of doing a royale up for that cruise too but thinking I’m going to stick with my interior this trip. My November cruise on Harmony I’ll be back to an ocean view balcony.
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