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  1. Hi Renda! Tell Jennifer hi from us. Hope you are both well.
  2. Please have her try a ReliefBand. Works wonders for me. It gives you an electrical impulse & the charge can be regulated. I was very sick for 2 hours on a small boat, a friend gave me her band to try and within 5 minutes I was fine and starving! I had thrown up everything I had eaten that day. You can find them on Amazon or at their own website which currently has a 20% off promotion (at least they did yesterday). Also ask her doctor to give her some anti-nausea medication - I took that after a concussion & after a severe reaction to a food that made me very sick.
  3. We were on Reflection and also in the photo gallery. There was space for maybe 8-10 people to sit on some bench type thing. I can’t stand for long periods & so I was leaning backwards against a pedestal. The guy behind me was leaning forward on the pedestal. We got there early but it was already packed. The kicker was the guy with a sweater over his shoulders who decided to take it off & then flip it back over his shoulders - in a fully (by then) packed space. He hit me in the face with it! I was already in pain & that just set me off. Thought I was going to get thrown off the ship.
  4. DrKoob (Jim - my husband) did not notice you are in the UK so you may not have the same sale going on as we do. Since there are 4 of you going, you will be required to have 2 cabins. Not sure why this is but only 2 people are allowed in each cabin. I’m guessing it’s to keep the number of passengers down. I agree with Jim that you should read the thread he mentioned regarding the Flora. Also read all of the reviews. This is a cruise that you really need to do your homework for. It is not like other cruises.
  5. You are worried about your anniversary & hundreds of people no longer have a home?
  6. When we got off the Ovation a few days ago a crew member was sitting outside the ship with all of the forbidden items. Two were full size irons!🙄
  7. We usually sail Celebrity and have always requested one for our cruise. Only once have we not gotten it & asked for it as soon as we realized it had not been put on the bed. When we came back after dinner, it was there. We forgot to ask on Ovation of the Seas and I will be making sure we ask before our next cruise on Allure.
  8. Just saw this on KOMO news this evening. My husband & other agents did a visitation this morning but no mention of any issues. Said she was on her way back to Seattle.
  9. The TA was probably trying to change it on the website which automatically gave them a single rate. Issues like this need to be handled over the phone to make sure they are handled correctly. Hopefully, this was a good lesson for the TA. If something doesn’t look right, call! We’ve run into issues and always called to get them straightened out.
  10. Well dang! That’s not what their brochure says. Maybe they are eliminating it?
  11. On our Summit cruise last October, we actually saw someone vaping INSIDE the ship. They were sitting just outside the Reflection bar area in one of the short hallways. He was taking tiny little drags off it so it didn’t show much vapor but we caught him several times. One of our group went to get Security but they didn’t show up in time. This guy was in a wheelchair & looked like death warmed over but he was still vaping. We saw him the next day outside just vaping it up like there was no tomorrow. Viking is totally non-smoking. We got their latest Ocean brochure the other day & saw that in their list of what Viking is not. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for them as their cruises seem to constantly be sold out.
  12. We got off Reflection last Friday. Loved our cruise. We were very disappointed in our previous Celebrity cruise in October but we were very happy with this one. We were in Aqua & loved eating in Blu every night but one (ate at the Lawn Club Grille). We had the best wait staff we’ve ever had. If you go to the World Class Bar, say hi to Oleksii from Kathleen & the rest of the crazy Bellomo family group that spent most every night from 5:00 - 6:00 with him. He was the best bartender we’ve ever had. He liked to try new drinks on my husband. He keeps a little piece of paper in his wallet & seems to riff drinks off his notes.
  13. We did an Alaska cruise with Paula Dean - my husband has a picture of her butt while on a tender. She came onboard in what looked like pajamas & a fur coat. Hmmmm
  14. We actually know someone who is related to that family & cruises on Celebrity.
  15. Besides checking the Northern European boards, please check in with your roll call. We have a roll call for Ireland/Iceland and a lot of people have connected there to set up private tours. We have a group of 10 so did not need to connect with anyone else but it’s the way to go. It really cuts the cost of the tours if you hook up with others. ToursByLocals and Saga Tours seem to be popular. I am so excited to be going to Iceland. Can’t wait!!
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