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  1. And do Neptune Suites go ahead of four and five stars?
  2. Location. Location on the ship, what deck you are on and distance to amenities you are interested in, like the Neptune lounge, etc.
  3. @Cruiser Sean I think you have the solution, as you stated in a previous post! Since you have “ Never had a problem” with Carnival, it seems much better suited to meet your needs as those of your family. Stick with them for your cruising vacations. Personally I have never cruised with Carnival, and am unlikely to, but I have tried many other lines and continue to return to HAL.
  4. @Host Kat Wow thank you so much for the clear explanation. You saved me a considerable amount of frustration.
  5. I guess I am not too bright since I thought the drop down menu was in the upper right corner with all the horizontal lines but it must be something else. I do appreciate your thoughts, I am sure it is my lack of skills
  6. @0106 trying this, thanks for the tip but it didn’t work….
  7. Just curious about your previous cruises and how they were so very different from HAL cruise. Can you compare HAL to other cruises in your past and when they were, and on what line that was so much more satisfying?
  8. Not Maine lobster, warm water lobster and a whole different kettle of fish! ( or lobster).
  9. So I agree with you and I guess your daughter just doesn’t know what “cool” is😏. I always like having it on a lanyard since I know I could put it down and leave it just about anywhere.
  10. Since it seems important to always have your room key card with you for tenders, HIA etc. is it still possible to get a hole punched in the card and carry it on a lanyard?
  11. I love Indonesian spicy and always ask for Sombal with dinner for the rice!
  12. Still wondering if there are any other advantages to booking on board….
  13. I understand that if you book another cruise while on board, there is a reduced deposit. Other than that are there other benefits to doing this? I really appreciate my PCC and would want to work with him once booked, could I still do that?
  14. I love my PCC, but admittedly I got him after getting rid of my newly assigned PCC due to my long term PCC had left.
  15. I wish OP would return and tell us how it is going…..
  16. So does this mean people in suites are first off then Presidents club and so on, or all of the aforementioned go as one group and then everyone else?
  17. You are a good son! Thanks for posting. I am drooling over the PEI mussels, always a favorite.
  18. Followed you round the world and will continue to follow on this journey. I cant believe you are back on so soon. How much could you have gotten done in the last month?… watered the plants, gifted numerous knitted items, bought more yarn and cleaned the house! Anyway, wishing you safe and especially exciting times.
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