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  1. It's only a key part of it because I've never been there and "Miami" has as much impact on my curiosity as "New York" or "London". But we want a relaxed vibe so I'm now erring towards FL and just a day trip to Miami, as you have suggested. We won't be able to book flights until Feb/March next year so perfectly happy to fly into wherever suits the whole itinarary the best. A quick search for this time next year suggests flights to FL are actually slightly cheaper so now that will also weigh into the decision. Everyone has given such great advice and recommendation in this thread, it's exactly what I was hoping for. Helping me make an informed decision. I do worry I'm not thinking enough about the actual cruise though!
  2. Wow! Amazed to see someone else planning so far in advance as well! Thanks for all of the information and suggestions everyone, I really appreciate it! One more question, if we end up staying in FL, if there a different option other than taxi to spend the day in Miami? I know it may sound strange to the Americans reding this but I can't be in Florida for the first time ever (and possibly only time) without saying "I've been to Miami".
  3. Hmm, now this may change things. Can you give me more details on the spirits you took on? Or point me in the right direction of P&Os policy? We are both gin lovers so a bottle of gin would be great to take onboard! But... Are we allowed it in our cabin? Can we bring mixers? If so, how much? Anything else you think could be of benefit of me knowing? Thanks in advance!
  4. What a strange thread to read! I have recently booked a Celebrity cruise and one of the factors of that decision was how hugely good the value for money was in comparison to every single other company I researched. I'm doing a Caribbean cruise but flying from the UK, therefore I wanted something longer than 7nts. 2x back-to-back cruises were extortionate in cost. 2x 5nts and a 4nt was doable but just visited the same ports all the time. Didn't fancy sailing out of NY, NO or Gal. After many months of research I landed on the Equinox 12nt sailing for FL. Even a month after booking and carrying on research I haven't looked back. So surprised to see that some people may be jumping ship (excuse the pun) to look elsewhere. I guess for every guest they lose they will gain one in replacement.
  5. Same here, speciality coffee and bottled water actually make the difference.
  6. Depends on the person. Me personally; I would drink a beer or 2 and a cocktail at lunch time. Couple of beers before dinner, glass of wine or 2 during dinner and a couple of guns after dinner. I wouldn't say that's excessive. Plus throw in speciality coffee and bottled water and that would cost another £6/7. Even the Mrs, who drinks drastically less than me would make the most of the non alcoholic mocktails. And the coffee and water. Even if it ends up costing a little bit more, I would actually accept that just for the piece of mind that I know what my bill is going to be at the end. I don't want to be thinking during my holiday that I can or can't have another beer coz I'm over budget.
  7. You're an absolute star! Thank you so much for this. Enjoy your holiday!!
  8. So for absolute clarity on this... Drinks packages can only be booked onboard on day 1. I've spoken to my travel agent and they can't book it. And I've down to the people on the end of the phone number advertised in the Little Luxuries section. They have both said the same thing. I find it really strange that they aren't capturing the people who have made a decision before they sail but I guess it's brand new to them so they are still ironing out the teething problems.
  9. Maybe travel agents have the ability to book it in advance (and therefore possibly offer discount). But you def can't book it through the cruise personaliser. I'll phone my travel agent tomorrow and let you know what the outcome is.
  10. We are sailing from Fort Lauderdale. So in that respect do you think the journey from Miami to FL wouldn't be worth it the morning we sail? However we do it, the main thing we will want to get out of our stay before we sail is to say we have experienced Miami. So if we stay in FL we will have multiple travel costs and time Vs staying in Miami and one travel cost the morning we sail. But looking for a more laid back approach than party town. I'm still lost!!
  11. I was thinking this as I think I'm decided to buy it. Even if it costs a bit more it's worth it to have piece of mind that the value of our bill is know and there are no surprises. P&Os website doesn't allow you to book in advance, it says you can only purchase it onboard.
  12. People's lives change. And pricing is different between cruise companies. We for example have a 2.5 year old boy but will be taking full advantage of the child care facilities, including night nursery (NN is theaim reason we sail with P&O). But that add another variable into the mix! I'm a fairly heavy drinker (couple of beers by the pool at lunch, maybe a cocktail, couple of beers before dinner, glass or 2 of wine with dinner, and then a G&T or 2 after.) Spread out it's not too much I guess but the Mrs won't drink as much as me. But it's a longer cruise, I couldn't keep that up for 14nts. Plus we would never want to be "drunk" in case we have to collect the lil one at short notice.
  13. I'm onboard the Britannia for 14nts in 20 days and I'm currently debating if we should get the drinks package or not. Can anyone give me up to date prices of; Pt lager (Peroni?) Bottled beer Average wine by the glass G&T Average cocktail price Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks both! Yes, couldn't agree more about letting her know. My idea was to drop "hints" on the monthly date for 6 months after her 39th birthday and then give her the full details 6 months beforehand. I am a firm believer that half of the fun of a holiday is the excitement and anticipation. And we are both big "planners" so she will like the ability to make decisions herself. So would you suggest Fort Lauderdale would be a better place to stay? We aren't looking for a huge nightlife, relaxing is definately a better course for us. But we would absolutely have to spend a day or 2 in Miami just because we can. Would a taxi be a realistic approach to that? Don't want to change hotels as carrying 50 odd kilos of luggage would be a logistical nightmare! So definately just looking for a 3nt base. What are the current best premium dining areas on the Equinox? Some of the best experiences we had with RCI were in the speciality restaurants so would happily indulge in that again. Does anyone know what is planned to change during her refit?
  15. Hmm, interesting. I'm nearly 2 years away from my Equinox experience but I may use this to get a better cabin by then. How full do ships in the Caribbean tend to be in Feb?
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