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  1. As we always thought and was confirmed by a senior officer responsible for gaining revenue on the ship, "The large ships do not make money on their sale of cruises". She then went on to say the profits are made with the on board spending that can be generated - hence all the "spending opportunities" that are becoming more and more prevalent on the ships. I do agree they will be looking for anything that will increase their revenue and gain future bookings though, especially after this.
  2. This is a valid point. We have a cruise due in July with balance due in two weeks (CMV rather than P&O, but as mentioned above the same principle applies). If we were allowed to delay the payment date, the we would keep the booking for a while and may in a month or two decide on re booking or accepting a FCC if allowed to do so (provided there are changes for ABTA coverage by then if the company were to fold). That could result in a future booking from us, quite possibly for a higher cost than the original one. As it stands we will lose our deposit and would not be looking at them again, as I am sure there will be a lot more holiday booking opportunities after this settles. I agree with another recent poster that holidays in the UK can be very pleasant and something we would like to do as well.
  3. We are thinking that share benefit could be a thing of the past for a while. They were not giving it after the 2008 crash if I remember correctly.
  4. You got this post a bit mixed up and probably thought you were quoting someone else (who booked with a named agent for instance - will not repeat name as likely to get post pulled as naming agents is against the rules here). I was the person who mentioned the pitfalls of accepting FCC and also the lack of full insurance for new bookings on a couple of threads.
  5. You may find this website useful:- https://www.cruisemapper.com/?imo=9226906 You just need to insert the name of the ship and then click the green "position" tab on the screen that comes up and then adjust the +/- to get the correct size of screen to show the position of the ship relative to Africa. AIS is another site that is mentioned, but I have found that wants me to accept cookies recently and I am not prepared to do that. Thanks for the update - I hope your sister continues to enjoy the time on board.
  6. They will not be allowing a refund of the deposit and no cruise line would as cruises are unlikely to be cancelled more then a month ahead. I was hoping we may have been able to move the deposit to another cruise next year, but we already had to change our original booking for this one because we needed to be around for an elderly relative 18 months ago. We have only paid £200 deposit + the £100 admin fee to change the cruise (though that would likely be lost anyway). The balance comes to just over £2,500 for both of us, so really not worth worrying about the deposit. We will keep an eye on what the situation is though, just in case we have another option, but we would not want to pay much more at all for another booking as we would not be fully covered by insurance at present and would be hoping we could insure the new booking at a later date. We could be in a much worse position though, just been looking at what is happening in India on the news. I feel so sorry for those poor peopled. Also many people in the UK could lose their livelihoods as well as the numbers who will not survive. Realising that does make me feel a bit bad getting bothered by a small financial loss. We are just in a vulnerable age group as well, so perhaps we have more to worry about. I hope you and others reading this stay well,
  7. Oh dear, I was thinking about temperatures, but "round the Cape" does sound risky come to think about it. We have not cruised south of the Madagascar/Reunion/Mauritius area, or Cape Verde on the West. Not at this time of year either, so no first hand knowledge. I wonder if the restrictions are more a matter of keeping any infection or problem away as they are highly unlikely to be able to disembark anyone until they get back to the UK. A number of people seasick could be confused with any tummy problem and if people are unsteady could also mean broken bones or other injuries as well as less general hygiene being observed generally. It is worrying that COVID 19 can have no symptoms, so any ship will be very careful now and best take precautions even if nothing apparent, especially a Carnival Corporation one.
  8. I see your point, but if someone on the ship decides to join CC and access it, then they may be able to say how things are that people they know in the UK could access. Not entirely sure if the posts were restricted to the original members of the roll call though, in which case it would not be possible for them to access the roll call at this stage. If they wished to post here though, that would work. I suspect it will not be easy for passengers to access WIFI though so limits on any contact at all. I feel for those of you with relatives/friends on board. Hope all on the ship are well and remain so. At least the weather should be good where they are at present and will be getting better here as they progress north. We all need to focus on the positives for the next few months.
  9. The Grand Princess cruise that had COVID 19 problems recently had the roll call for the original cruise which people who were on the cruise could continue to post on and where using it to communicate with each other. Other CC members could access it to read, but where not allowed to post on it, so it was kept clear for the passengers as well as being first hand information about the ship as it was at the time. Not sure if anyone on Arcadia has thought of posting on their original roll call (assuming there would be one), but could be a good way forward and it also meant that posts were not drowned in the chatter and opinions that over ride much information on social media and which I find very irritating at times.
  10. Thanks. We would not consider booking a cruise at present as no insurance company would give cover for COVID 19. We have a cruise booked for July and balance due mid April, but we are unlikely to pay it. If we could be sure of getting the cash back if the cruise cancelled or CMV collapses, (which we would have done from CMV, CC or ABTA, under existing legislation), then it would have been worth paying to be able to claim the full cost back, including deposit if the cruise does not go ahead. Given the changes requested by ABTA though, we would not want to risk the whole amount being transferred to a FCC and who knows if the gateposts could be moved yet again nearer to the cruise time. CMV seem to be lagging behind other cruise companies regards flexibility at present - I wonder why.
  11. The crew live in much more crowded conditions and crew working in the restaurants and cabin staff will be sharing with 3 other staff in their cabin. Also all eating in the crew mess, rather than relatively up market passenger facilities. I agree it is worrying as they are cooking and serving food/drinks to the passengers, but it is not surprising. That is presumably why confining passengers to cabins will just not work. It is also very worrying that the crew could suffer in this way, though as most are relatively young and healthy they may not suffer the serious illness. Also means many could have the mild or symptom less infection that is talked about in the UK updates, hence infect others without even knowing they have the virus themselves.
  12. Any testing that can be done on the ship would only be taking the samples as I understand it. I worked in biological research and the system used to analyse the samples is only something you would get in a specialist laboratory. I have not heard of anything that can just be done and the result read out from a "nice little gadget". I very much doubt they could do anymore than take the sample on board and even that may need to be done by a trained professional. It seems a doctor was airlifted on to Arcadia recently from the Durban area, but they had to wait for the results, so presumably they would have to have sent the samples ashore, but a country would need to be prepared for samples to be sent ashore and also have the facilities to analyse them. About a month ago I had read that presumptive results were being done locally and then they all had to be sent to one place in the UK, (I think it may have been Porton Down), to confirm the results. UK may have moved on since then, but definitely not something that could be done in a normal medical centre on a cruise ship. I agree we cannot assume the deaths were caused by the virus, but sounds fairly likely if a number of people have become ill.
  13. The point may be more a case of if you have any cruises booked for the following year. So if you keep the annual insurance running they would be fully covered if booked before all this set off. If some one cancels an insurance policy, then re-insures at a later date, then they would only be insured on current terms - so no cover for Coronavirus. That has made us quite happy to keep our policy on, even if we do not go anywhere in the next year.
  14. I think she is more or less mid Atlantic now. Do you have any knowledge of how the crew are, given more of them tested positive than passengers when the news broke? I hope they are OK.
  15. Thanks. Perhaps that explains why they appear to have sailed out to sea and returning. Perhaps hoping for the all clear and hoping to dock or will be able to load by air or sea otherwise. Hope all is well, and will remain so if everyone has to sail back to the UK.
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