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  1. Your initial comment is understandable now. Not all cruises go through the Straight of Hormuz though when passing through Suez. They could still call at Salalah or Muscat and there is always the Red Sea ports of Aqaba, Sharm or the other Egyptian Red Sea ports. If they get security sorted, perhaps cruises will go ahead as a lot do pooter around that area now in the winter. I am sure P&O will be in regular touch with ABTA and the FOC regards that, as I have known that happens when areas are potentially a problem. So the decision may not be entirely in P&O's hands as we tend to assume. Carnival may pull rank as well of course.
  2. You will not starve with Fred's afternoon tea (sandwiches, savory rolls + cakes galore), if you do not get lunch on embarkation. So no probs once on the ship, but perhaps a bit of a snack with you in case it looks like you can be in for a long wait at the terminal, or if you have had a light, early breakfast. The only prob would be if you do not arrive until near to 3.30pm, which will be the latest arrival time, as they close the buffets half an hour before the safety drill, which usually happens round about the time they sail, or just before then. Make sure you ditch your bags in your cabin and go straight to the buffet though on embarkation - standard practice with us now 🙂
  3. Fred only used to have afternoon tea, but more recently they have started providing lunch (up to a certain time so could end before you board). They do embark later than some other cruise lines and, as said by others, they will prioritise certain cabin grades/decks when boarding first starts. They used to have Anchor fare passengers as the last priority, but not sure if that still happens - embarkation seems to be more streamlined now. They used to prioritise Gold members but that is no more, so only the very top loyalty levels get priority and there are not many of those. Arriving earlier will put you higher up in your priority level though, so perhaps worth arriving by 2pm or a bit earlier, unless you are on the upper decks, but may have to wait. You can arrive soon after 1pm, but would likely have to wait then, even to check in.
  4. Thank you again for that very informative post. We docked in the same location early December a number of years ago, but did not realise we could actually go into the Opera House. It was incredibly colds when we were there and I bought a hat which covers my ears, then did little more than a quick stroll round and have a hot drink in a local cafe. There were Philipino staff from our ship trying to play snow balls in the flat area by the Opera House, but they did not realise you have to squeeze the snow together to be able to throw them properly, so we stopped to advise. They were very taken by the snow as at least some had never seen it previously.
  5. I think you may have confused The Gulf with Suez Jeanlyon. Clearly they cannot run cruises out of Dubai if the Straghit of Hormuz is out of bounds and would also put paid to most if not all cruise ports from there, so has to be a major change. If they leave it too long though they may not find another venue easy to sell if people booked at present just ask for a refund. I do not see them sailing out of India for all ports because of the need for visas. The Indian Ocean islands, although possible, would mean long, expensive flights. Maybe just the Eastern Med - perhaps with a bit of the northern Red Sea for a couple of cruises. Or would they just do the predictable sending another ship to The Caribbean, perhaps with a couple of other ports, which is about as exotic that P&O get on a regular run. I wonder though...... I agree it is looking a bit iffy at present, but things could change.
  6. Not had this problems, but not sailed with P&O for about 3 years. Want to say though that if we have had any problems on board this or another cruise line we use regularly, we just go straight to the hotel Manager, make sure he is well aware of the problem and, if necessary, a formal complaint to P&O after we return home. Tend to get a good response from that, including when on Adonia the first season when they advertised there would be a self service in the evenings, but ship had decided to only open it on a few nights out of 17. Got £400 OBC on our next cruise after that, but must admit would still have preferred access to a self service as being stuck with set dining time or the Italian (which was taking about 2.5 hours to feed us a very small amount - I do not eat steaks), was a big bind for us on that cruise.
  7. Thanks. The reports about how busy the Viking Museum gets did affect our decision to skip it if the weather is good, We will almost certainly visit Oslo again on a cruise as we love Norway, but it would not be in the height of summer (we only booked this cruise to replace one we had to cancel and this was the only one that fitted in with our availability and the cruise company's rules for changing cruises without loss of deposit). Have found a post on Trip Advisor forums which says there are toilets at the beach area at the end of the bus route - so that is our good weather plans cinched 🙂
  8. Been looking closer at the peninsular were the 30 bus goes, both on the net and on Google Earth. If the weather is good we may just do the folk museum which looks more interesting than the Viking Museum, then perhaps take the bus on to Huk at the western side of the peninsular, as it looks very pleasant and scenic there. I have a concern though as it is obviously a residential area and I cannot see any cafes and assume there will be no toilets either. Am I correct about that, as we were thinking we may like to spend quite a bit of time near the coast there? If not, will anywhere else nearby have facilities and still be easily reachable from the bus (I have done a print out of the list of bus stops in that direction)?
  9. Thanks for those extra comments. The Oslo pass probably not worth it for us in the summer, unless we hit the monsoon season 🙂 as we will want to be outdoors, but may consider for another day. Have found the details of the bus, so will use that, which is better as we dock at the Rivierkaia termimal.
  10. Thank you. We would have checked just what was included, but an easy mistake as these things do change at times.
  11. Yes I was thinking we probably will probably get maps in all the Baltic countries. We normally go to much more unusual destinations, so tend to make sure we have something as a back up but have found some of our past ports are not even easy to get info for on trip advisor. Thanks for the comment though, I am looking at quite a bit as the only port we have done previously is Fredericia.
  12. Hezu, We will be docking at Hernesaari on Sat 10th August. How far is that to where the Suomenlinna ferry leaves and is it easy to get there? Also how long would we need to visit the island?
  13. That sounds a good price. Two days intensive will likely be more than that with P&O, especially when you consider a $ is only 80p and that they will have entrance costs to cover, but it depends how much the tour actually covers. Depends what you want and if you are likely to return though IMO. People from the US want to do all sorts and I can possibly understand that having travelled so far, but most Brits are happy to just wander about and perhaps one big or two smaller museums/churches in other ports, but somehow the US hype seems to spread to other people in SPB, even if they will likely return (but that is just my opinion). SPB guides all have to be trained as SPB guides, so they tend to follow the same sort of thing and they also tend to talk very quickly and move about fairly swiftly , so can be exhausting to the mind as well as physically. The out of hours Hermitage works out very expensive - but depend what time of year you are going as you may not need it. e.g. P&O's tour :- An Evening at the Hermitage, 3.5 hours, to include a short classical concert and a glass of Russian "champagne" is £134 pp, but that is a premium one. Is that TJ tour bookable by just two people, or would they need a group of people for that price. I do not know if you can book on a group tour with other people you do not know on the private tours - I assume that price would not be for two people as they were quoting more than that for us on a very simple itinerary for one day.
  14. Brilliant, DH just trying to get that. Thank you very much.
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