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  1. We are now embarking a Spanish Med cruise today, (Fred). He has another ship currently in Spain and they are being allowed ashore independently until Thursday when Spain make their weekly decision on whether they will allow passengers ashore independently, so we are hoping the Spanish decision this Thursday also allows us ashore independently, at least until the following Thursday. Even some very small Spanish ports seem to be open now as we have a couple of ports I had never heard of and they are to go ahead, e.g. Castellon La Plana. All can change until the minute your ship docks though, as we have been told by our cruise line, though seems to be Thursday is the review date for Spain at present. I have seen some French and Portuguese ports cancelled altogether during the last week for cruises due to leave very soon though, but Le Verdon and Madeira have been added to those itineraries, as replacements. Santander not on any itineraries I have seen.
  2. Thanks, do you know if that means cruise itineraries published mid October, or was that the expected on sale dates.
  3. BBC news was reporting earlier that the tourist board over there are hoping to.get more people visiting to view the volcanic activity (at a safe distance), hence increase their revenue from tourism. So not just tourists visiting. The area around the volcanic area is mostly pretty desolate, so is already just covered with rocky lava flows of. Yes, there are some villages around and I not suggesting that it is ok for that to happen, but buying a property in what is an active volcano area will always have risks, along with the good views enjoyed from the property whilst still habitable. A bit like people buying properties in Britain which are with flood risk areas or near to coasts which are eroding. Properties in those locations are relatively cheap, but that is because of the risks taken. All swings and roundabouts really. Expressing a wish to visit will not make any difference to what nature does. Also the volcanic area is a tourist venue itself, and was before there
  4. La Palma is beautiful. The Caldera you walk around on the trip will be the large, older caldera which was blown out long ago. The active volcanic area is a string of volcanos following a fairly central line going towards the southern point if the island from there, so will be one of those. Not at home at present, so not easy to see exactly which one is erupting at present, but that whole area is volcanic.
  5. We moved a cruise this morning and asked our agent (a very well used one here), if they knew about the new releases. I was told they do not know and had not been told, but that they were expecting details out at the end of this month, with the on sale dates probably being in early Oct. So hopefully not long now.
  6. I not aware of current travel rules for non UK passengers, but I suggest you email Fred Olsen directly. They have been very responsive to emails in recent months, so you would probably get a reply within 24hrs, perhaps quicker than that. There is a change to our travel rules due very soon (news is saying later today). I am not sure if that will affect others traveling to the UK though.
  7. If, as I suspect your cruise is more than 2 weeks away you need do nothing at present. As requirements are constantly changing, it would not be practical for the cruise lines to publish those details for all cruises. Hence details of protocols for your cruise will likely be sent out about two weeks before departure date. Any tests and forms which are needed on the ship will be done then with advice from the cruise line and I do not think there is any online requirements for most, (possibly all), European countries, so no worries for you there. The two day test may not be needed for your cruise, but if it does all you need to do is order a test and obtain a reference number, maybe a relative or friend could help if you do not use the internet or perhaps you could telephone a company suggested by your cruise line, though that may not be the cheapest option. As I mentioned in #12, CLIA are trying to get the UK government to replace the online requirement for the passenger locator form for cruises, because of reduce internet capacity at sea, so that may not be needed either. If the current form is needed you can use a visa company, (£12.95 cost for the one suggested by our cruise line Fred, who have already operated an international cruise), by submitting all details to them pre cruise and they will submit your form at the appropriate time. There is a phone option to do that if you find it difficult to fill in an online form, possibly at a slightly higher cost or perhaps a relative can help you with the online request. If I was traveling alone, I would pay the visa company to have it all set up to have an easy time at the end of the cruise, as that does not to me seem much cost at all to have it all done pre cruise. The confusion which is arising is because people want to know up front what will be required for their cruise, but truth is without a crystal ball, no one can predict that, even the cruise line or the Government. Myself and others have mentioned what is required at present to give people who want to know, an idea of what requirements may be, but for later cruises it is really no more than speculation, so you would be far better just scrolling by. There has been so much uncertainty regards travel over the pandemic, that I can quite see things like this can seem overwhelming now, but will be a lot better when you are faced with the certainty of what is, or is not, required for your cruise. I very much hope you enjoy your cruise, Barbara
  8. You can register for the PLF and input your personal details (name, address, passport, NHS number etc) any time as you say, but you do not need a day two test reference to do that. You then fill in the details for the specific journey before arrival back into the UK. Cruise lines will give details nearer cruise date, but not until about a couple of weeks before as things can easily change, so not worth doing anything else until details have been sent out for the individual cruise.
  9. Why not search P&O's website if you want confirmation. I found that information fairly easily 2 or 3 days ago after seeing it reported on these threads. Would not know now exactly were. It said the same thing, but you would not believe me either presumably.
  10. Does that say specifically that cruise passengers would be able to go ashore independently though? I have just seen a post elsewhere which says that passengers on a Celebrity ship which sails from Barcelona on the 10th October have just been told by Celebrity they will have to take ship's excursions if they wish to go ashore in any Spanish port and that no independent exploration would be allowed in Spain from that cruise. There may even be different decisions for each cruise line, or it may depend on size of ship/no of pax on board. What happens remains to be seen for us though next week and also for the Princess cruise in October as I see it.
  11. There may well be a difference if arriving by cruise ship. Also Spain is reviewing it's decision every Thursday about whether cruise passengers can go ashore independently, or be restricted to ships excursions, so a test may be considered relevant in that decision. Two weeks ago passengers would have been able to go ashore independently in some Spanish ports, then last week it was allowed in all Spanish ports which were on our cruise itinerary, as well as ports for another ship which is currently sailing to Spain from the UK. This Thursday onwards, or any week after that, well who knows........
  12. OK, but may possibly be different if arriving by ship, or perhaps a test makes a difference to Spanish ports allowing us to go ashore independently vs excursions only. A couple of weeks ago some ports were allowing independent exploration and others not. Whatever the situation is though, I must admit I am more interested in whether we can go ashore independently at the ports, but all a matter of wait and see for the final decisions on that.
  13. Thanks a lot, I would appreciate that, we sail on 21st. It seems Spain review their decision every Thursday, regards whether they will allow passengers to go ashore independently. There is another Fred ship heading to Spain at present, due to arrive in Malaga on Wednesday. Apparently they have been told they will be able to go ashore independently in Malaga, but will be updated after that as going ashore in the other Spanish ports depend on what is decided on Thursday. I will to to find out what they are told later in the week.
  14. Aurora will not be sailing this October - if you are thinking about October 2022, everything will likely be totally different as things are changing week by week. If you have made a mistake about your ship, I have made a comment about Spain in my comment above, but could easily change, even by October this year.
  15. I do not know about Portugal, but it appears there is for Spain. However, we have been told that our Pre-Cruise LFT will be accepted by Spain for entry on our cruise next week. Our first port will be Cadiz (the same as for Princess) and we will not be calling anywhere else prior to that. Cruise requirements may well differ from fly holidays though.
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