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  1. Great, thanks a lot for those replies. Want to keep the luggage down as much as possible, since we are heading to Barcelona for Thursday and Friday nights and we may end up having to walk all or part way to the cruise terminal if roads are blocked by demonstrations. Friday looks like a big day with demonstrations and a general strike planned, but at least we can hole up in the hotel that day, if need be. Will hopefully be ok the next day when we embark. All ready to set off for an airport hotel tomorrow, so thanks again for all the advice I have received on all things Azamara.
  2. Just finished the packing to head off tomorrow. We will be on Pursuit for a week from Saturday, with an itinerary that goes along the French/Italian coast to Civitavecchia and wondering if we will need warm clothes for white night, which I understand is held on deck, often when late in port. The late nights are in Monte Carlo, followed immediately with two nights in Livorno (the first of which is the Azamazing evening). We do have white/pale beige jumpers, but do not want to increase our luggage if they are not needed. Otherwise we both have white, short sleeved T shirts/polo shirt for DH so will not be too skimpily dressed. I always think it best to have something a bit warmer for evenings in the Med during the Autumn.
  3. Is the early June Oceana one partly in the Bank Holiday week? Or there may be some sort of event (perhaps at one of the ports) which could make that cruise, more expensive/popular. As you say though some things just do not make sense though. Once fluid pricing kicks in the prices will find their own level.
  4. Do people think peninsula club cruises are good value? I have always had the feeling that the prices are higher to begin with so the extra 5% discount is just putting the price more where it should have been in the first place. Would be interested in the opinion of others though.
  5. If you have only pre registered, I would have thought you could cancel and re pre register with the agent with their £140 extra discount. We will not have money taken and booking confirmation until the cruises go on sale. Not entirely sure you can cancel if have pre booked with P&O, but worth asking. Are you looking at a Peninsula club cruise? that would be 10% less than showing on line as they have an extra 5% discount. I have just checked and the same prices are still showing on line.
  6. I am not sure they have released another public brochure, but most people on their list seem to have got either a large brochure or a 36 page 'booklet' just listing the cruises and the list of ports with no dates or prices of the new cruises from spring 2021. It has been somewhat upscaled now as all those cruises have been available to search on the website since 8am this morning. The booklet and brochure had said Peninsula club members get 10% discount (and others 5% discount), but if you look at another thread which I started this morning (re choice of grade when pre register), it appears that the prices showing on the P&O website have already been discounted by 5%. So effectively a Peninsula club member will get 5% discount off those prices. Cruises not on sale yet of course so still plenty of time to pre reg if you wish to do so. Dates cruises go on sale are on P&O website.
  7. Our agent said she was filling in a P&O spreadsheet with our details/requirements, so sounded like the deatils go straight to P&O so it is actioned as soon as the said cruise goes on sale. She said the system comes up with an allocated cabin from those requested, so all she needs to do when the cruise goes on sale is click to save that cabin. Unlike previous pre reg's of ours (a few years back) our card details have already been taken, which is great as we will be in Livorno when the cruise goes on general sale and we did not want to read out the card details in a public environment. So all told we are very happy bunnies. Would have been a lot better if they had either shown the full prices or, better still, just said 5% reduction for Peninsula members for most cruises and others pay the correct price, being that shown on their website. I still rely on websites for the price of a cruise before we book it. It is not feasible to be ringing an agent to check prices for every cruise you look at when browsing through a brochure. Anyway need to get the rest of that packing done......
  8. Just spoken to my agent who was very helpful. It seems the full price for our chosen cabin grade as per her system is £5749, so with our -10 % that makes it £5174.10 and the price given to us was within pence of that (obviously adjusted to whole £'s). She originally thought that price included their discount, but it now looks like that will be sorted at a later stage (fair enough as we have not booked it yet). So as far as the P&O site goes it appears to be quoting prices after a five percent discount, as our chosen cabin for the cruise in question is priced as £5461. Hence the price we have been quoted is another 5% off the full price of £5749. I was looking at 5% off £5461 as seen on the P&O website, which gave me £5188, which is incorrect as it should not be 5% of 5%. Hence I though the price was £13 more. So the point is the prices showing already have 5% discount, which makes the prices confusing given they have already published the discounts as 5% and 10% respectively.
  9. I am using desktop. I know the booking system and you have to keep clicking "change cabin" when it comes up with options of saver vs select. Subsequently it gives options to change cabin to different locations (fore, aft etc.) as well as change deck an even after you have selected a change, you still have to go down to the bottom of the page and click the red button marked continue. The system is an abomination. Looking again the second to top price of standard balcony is what we want as it is the 5th of 6 prices (which would align with the number of cabin grades within standard balcony range. It is also marked as mid/aft mid or mid/fore and that is were those cabins are. In fact we have looked through the other cabin prices and they all give the price of the expected grade (within the range of 6 prices for 6 cabin grades) as being present in the sections of the ship as seen in the brochure for those cabin grades. I have logged in and not logged in and am getting the same prices. My agent has quoted a price £13 less than what shows on the P&O website and says it is with the P&O discount (peninsula numbers checked) and also an extra discount of theirs and I would expect that to be a lot more than £13 for that cruise, even without any P&O discount from the website prices.
  10. That is what I was experiencing, but I am wondering if they automatically knew who I was because of cookies or something. Let us know if you get a response. I will leave it for now as packing to go away very soon, but will ring P&O later or tomorrow morning and report back. We are looking at a long cruise so 10% is a lot, but it is a substantial % on any price.
  11. I had put in mid aft using their online pre reg system this morning, but as some of our cabin grade cabins are midships, that must be the price our cruise is based on. As you say the cheapest mid ship cabin grade, makes mid aft on deck C. I am just trying to be too clever rather than just leaving it for our agent to sort out. We have used the same agent many times and have a decent loyalty level with them which gives a good extra discount and they have also been good in other ways e.g. get our choice of cabin. Using the midship price it looks right and with a good agent discount as well. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Thanks, yes I think thew whole lot is very confusing, not least of which because P&O are not actually quoting for a specific grade, so I was just making assumptions. I had not logged in before checking either, so assumed price was before discounts, but have logged in now and prices coming up the same, so the system may well have automatically recognised me. You cannot do anything on the computer without being tagged nowadays - very disconcerting! Thanks for the replies Harry.
  13. To be honest that is what we have done, but the price, including their extra discount came up higher than I was expecting, given prices on the P&O website and our eligible discounts. P&O site does not seem to be giving cabin grades though, which is very confusing, so perhaps they only give a price from for a mid ship cabin. I think P&O prices, have probably already discounted the 5% that everyone gets, but I was assuming we would get another 5% discount as Peninsula members.
  14. Been looking at the P&O site regards the new cruises and it seems there is only an option to choose the location on the ship (e.g. mid, fore, mid/aft) and not the actual grade or a specific deck. I am looking at mid/aft on Aurora, but on deck C, so that is a higher grade than mid/aft on deck A (under pool deck). Does that mean they will charge a bit more for deck C, if I choose mid/aft? It seems very confusing and was thinking of ringing, but I suspect they will be very busy.
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