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  1. tring


    Having seen the programme I am thinking it was a mistake to book Iona for next June as the ship looked so crowded. DH not phased though and part of the idea was to try what P&O is becoming, to assess if we want to cruise with them in the future. Overall though, the itinerary and the cabin is spot on, especially if COVID restrictions are still in place as we would be happy with a trip in a couple of ports and to stay on board to enjoy the scenery when up the fjords. I really hope the atmosphere on Iona is not quite as hyper as the Aida one though.
  2. I agree and would not risk the P&O website to book, but useful to see what cabins are available, even if it does take a while to negotiate the system. We were transferring, so had to go through our agent anyway, but all done now and had the cabin number we wanted to hand when I rang so quick process. The website seems to be working today.
  3. There is somewhere called the club house which appears to open out onto the rear of deck 8 and we were a bit concerned as a search told me it is a P&O late night venue, but as you say deck 14 is a distance away (just two decks below pool deck). We tend to avoid all entertainments and very rarely go to the shows, with a lot of our time spent in observation lounges with a pianist playing if anything. Hence we will have our own outdoor observation lounge with a bottle of Bacardi and fair bit of diet coke taken on in Southampton and even a fridge to put it in when we want. Wall to wall dayl
  4. Well "bin" and done it today. We are now booked on Iona for the last June sailing next year, rather than 2022 as we do not want to have certain medical details still on our annual insurance policy for the next year (we have to declare anything within 6 months of booking any holiday), though have also been able to get rid of a couple of small medical issues which would have needed to be declared for our N. America cruise since we booked it last year. Have got a rear facing balcony on deck 14 with a slightly bigger balcony than most if the deck plans are accurate, but still the second cheapest
  5. Ridiculous is the only word I would use. We will stay on our own. Not worth the risk at this stage and my brother who normally drives from Wales for the day thinks the same.
  6. tring


    When I saw a picture of the sky dome I thought it was non retractable and it appears to cover two decks as well, with a walkway around the top of pool deck which would be sad from our perspective. The panels look like modern greenhouses, so possibly an automatic ventilation system with some windows adjusting as needed. We were on Arcadia to the Baltic in mid summer in recent years and weather was really warm and sunny, but the pool roof was closed most of the way throughout which we found very oppressive. We normally travel on smaller ships so are used to good access to light and
  7. tring


    Looking at the deck plans for Iona. Is the sky dome retractable or is it fixed in place?
  8. Thanks, looks like it is not just at my end then. Just tried again and all I am getting is a blank page.
  9. Chose a cruise on the website and clicked "Book Now", but all I got was a blank white page and nothing worked other than a tab at the side saying feedback, which gave me chance to have a moan, but no change when I clicked "return to site". I had problems with the P&O site yesterday which I thought may be to do with cookies, so I deleted all cookies, so wondering if that may be why I cannot get the site to work today. Just want to check cabin availability for a cruise we may book so not dire, but a nuisance. Well it is the P&O site.............
  10. Thanks Jean, useful to know it is not across the board.
  11. Thank you very much Selbourne for your detailed and thoughtful reply. TBH it is pretty much along the lines I have been thinking, though panic had set in recently. Perhaps good that we cannot do anything until Monday at the earliest, though as our thoughts are to reduce the amount of cash we are gambling on at present (cost of the cruise), we may well continue with our plan. The alternative would be to sit on it for longer to see if the cruise is cancelled, but the converse of that is we could find ourselves back to the original transfer policy, so we could not reduce the cost of our cruise
  12. Thanks for the reply. The criteria for a replacement cruise really is a good price and destination could be anywhere. We would even consider Iona if the price is right. I think I have seen posts about the prices of the smaller ships having rising quite a bit since the launch a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps not a good idea, but am not sure it that is for all cruises on those ships. DH read the new P&O transfer requirements which he said allow transfer to any cruise, though I am wondering if they really would allow a transfer of our one month cruise @ £5,000pp to a one week one which c
  13. Thinking of changing a cruise for next autumn to summer 2022. I realise we have probably missed the best prices, but are there still some decent prices available for some cruises? We would have preferred a smaller ship, but thinking we may go for a good cabin, (balcony, perhaps rear facing), on one of the bigger ships, if the itinerary is of interest. Any advice would be very welcome.
  14. Probably a good idea, but I have had some medical tests recently so would prefer not to try to get insurance for a cruise booked now, especially as I am due another check in December and if all looks well I hope to be signed off then. We have annual insurance, but they always ask for anything within 6 months of booking a holiday as well as anything in the previous 6 months of renewal, so stuff can need to be declared for a couple of years hence. I would have liked a reply from molecrochip, but perhaps an unfair question for him, if a decision not made yet.
  15. We are booked on Aurora to New York and back in September. If I understand it correctly, the CDC have said cruises of more than 7 days will not be allowed from/to US ports until the 1st November 2021 and HAL + Princess have duly cancelled all cruises of more than 7 nights during that time and are contacting people with back to backs as they can only keep one of those cruises booked. This would appear to put paid to plans for our cruise in September, do you agree and if so, do you expect P&O to cancel soon or sit on it for a while before taking that step?
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