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  1. Was that the original Thomson Discovery @ 30,000 ton though, or was it the new bigger one. Even so I am pretty sure both the Crystal and certainly Braemar are smaller and shallower draft than the old Discovery. I was thinking they may not be able to take bigger ships on the other side of the pier. Just a thought, though you could call it a hope 🙂 We were docked there about a year before you and as I said that was done for the whole winter season in Havana. I think the main advantage with Fred sailing out of Havana is that you could arrange your own flights and stay for a while. Port visits are usually too short to do/see much.
  2. If you used a CC that is were you should be claiming. Go to the ABTA link to get the wording you need to use for the claim. Good luck
  3. ABTA are backed by insurance policy,. Do not know if it is limited in any way.
  4. When we were docked on Havana with a MSC ship for a full day we were on the Celestial Crystal and that is about the same size as Braemar, so perhaps Cuba can take one big ship and a small one, so no probs for Braemar You do not seem to believe me, but we were definitely docked on the other side of the pier to the MSC Opera and both ships were doing round Cuba itineraries that winter with a couple of nights in Havana, so were docked at the same time every week. Both ships kept to their itineraries as I was looking at reports about both of them.
  5. I am sure the whole process is stressful, but perhaps we should also consider the difficulties of staff dealing with the claims as it must be a nightmare for them and mistakes could also be made. This is why I launched in here with an attemp to help. We got our notification letter from ABTA which (by a click through system with about 4 stages) brought me to the following link on the ABTA website for bookings with CMV:- https://www.abta.com/south-quay-travel-leisure-limited-trading-cruise-maritime-voyages That is where the details of how to claim are set out. It mentions that they sold "a small number of flight-inclusive packages which are protected by the CAA’s ATOL scheme", so if you booked one of those with an inclusive flight, your claim is with ATOL (and you should have had an ATOL certificate from CMV when you booked) rather than ABTA and the CAA website is the place to look for instructions and a link is given. Otherwise further details are given there which said that "If you paid South Quay Travel & Leisure Limited – trading as Cruise & Maritime Voyages – directly using a debit or credit card you will need to submit your claim for a refund to your card issuer". It also gives examples of letters to send to banks regards credit or credit card claims. If you did not pay by credit or debit card, then I can see there is a link to claim direct from ABTA. I hope all is sorted now, though you are still mentioning both ABTA and also ATOL in your most recent post, so hopefully you have applied to the correct organisation, depending on what you booked. ABTA will not take claims that are covered by ATOL. For future reference, if you had paid your deposit by credit card, you could have claimed the whole amount back from a credit card company under section 75. That does not work with debit cards though, as you can only claim back the money which you paid with the debit card. CMV were ABTA covered, so you will get your money back if booked in the UK, it is just a matter of following the process and overcoming hiccups. We have been in this situation with a couple of previous cruise bookings when the cruise line went bust, so is getting a bit tiresome for us. The only line left which has any real interest to us now is Fred and we are just hoping he manages to keep going for a few years yet as we still have some travelling to do before we get too old. We are resigned though to expecting prices to be higher, but for us it seems better than finding ourselves loose a fourth cruise in these circumstances. We have used P&O occasionally and will likely do so in the future for the odd cruise. Their prices are low, (with their economy of scale and onboard spending opportunities they can make cash with), so are OK to us if we are in port a lot (e.g. a fly cruise), though the onboard experience is not what we would choose. I hope your refund is sorted in the not too distant future, Barbara
  6. We did not spend long there, but would have been, though what is used in Liverpool must be different as that does not get hot.
  7. I refer you to my previous answer in #92 above.
  8. Not an easy thing to do, but work has been done towards trying to get a vaccine, including in a research institute I once worked in. I am well aware of what malaria is, I am a micro biologist. My project was not the malaria one. The link you gave mentions ongoing work towards various vaccines. Perhap worth reading it. Yes may still not be possible and same being said for covid, though there are hopes for that.
  9. Glad you have sorted the matter. I see you are new to the boards, so welcome and I hope you find them of use in the future. There has been a bit of fun on this thread and I think we have all enjoyed the laugh after all the stress that has been our way of late. We are a very friendly, helpful lot though, so I hope you continue to find the boards useful as a method of exchanging information.
  10. We have embarked a small ship from a tented structure in that location previously - is that what they are replacing?
  11. That is what Chris Whitty and Patrick Valance were saying all along, we either need a vaccine or a good treatment/avoidance of it. There is no vaccine for malaria, although many attemps have been made over the years, but there are methods of dealing with it as we all know. The fear of malaria is not something that stops us travelling.
  12. I suggest you read the information given by ABTA:- If you booked through an agent, you need to claim though the agent. If you paid tours direct to CMV, with a credit or debit card, you need to claim that from the relevant bank. FCC may not be covered if they are "vouchers", but if they are refund credits as explained by ABTA, they may be paid out by them. Vouchers never were never considered to be worth anything and have not been paid out previously, but perhaps worth trying.
  13. Did you read my previous reply to one of your posts, which gives a fair bit of detail. You have mentioned ATOL previously, but ABTA now, so need to clarify if it is ABTA (for non fly cruises) or ATOL you should be talking to. If you paid by some money by faster track payment (as you said previously), you need to make clear to ABTA/ATOL that you did that and did not pay by debit/credit card as that part of claim should be paid by ABTA/ATOL. You would need to claim your deposit from your bank (depending on how long ago the deposit was paid) - see the link I posted before. From what I have seen some people say, (particularly on social media rather than here), it seems many are not giving full details of their claim, so you do also need to check what you did. If you did not use the correct wording, the correct form, or if you did not give fill information, that could explain why a claim is rejected. If the claim has been made correctly to a bank, then the financial ombudsman is the way to go. Looking at your previous posts, you have said that the bank agreed they could refund your deposit, and you are now saying they would not, so perhaps you need to clarify in your own mind what has happened/been said. All that I have mentioned here is if you booked directly with CMV, if you booked with an agent, you need to claim through that agent. There are ways to go about the claim and you need to go with the system as you would with any other process. The way you need to claim is clearly explained on the notification letter/ABTA website. It is not an easy process to go though, especially if you have changed the booking to another cruise before CMV went down, but it is just a case of slogging through it.
  14. Glad you are sorted, they are the sort of arrival times I would have expected. Fred will not be late as some tour departures can be scheduled to start within half an hour of that, but times can always change of course. Likely you will already have been in Iceland so formalities will not take long. Boat trips or other short tours are likely all that any cruise line would do in those ports, so half day is fine, though with an early pm arrival, they often stay a bit longer that evening so you may well have time to pop ashore for a walk round the local area as well, either before or after dinner. We often use room service for our evening meal in cases like that which makes it easier to get ashore again. Fred does not offer hot food on room service, but you can order a soup and small sweet to make a cold meal more substantial, though of course you will never starve on a cruise ship 🙂 I did not mean to sound like I was trying to teach you to "suck eggs" in my previous post, but some people do find that sort of information useful. I gather you are an experienced cruiser though - enjoy your cruise.
  15. I think both those ports only have trips to the local places. We have done a coach tour from Isafjordur with SWan who included excursions and visited local villages, a church a small coastal area set up to display the historic Whaling "industry" (basically a hut and a boat with a man who explained how it was then). Seydisfjordur is less commonly visited so possibly not a lot more than a walking tour available, but I have not been there. I love going north on cruise ships and had some good times in Iceland.
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