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  1. Thanks Ann, we would always book select, so no problems there. We were also thinking our 26th June Iona cruise may yet be cancelled, though obviously not with the next group that have been taken off sale, so could use an FCC from that to upgrade. We have paid £500 on that as changed from a longer cruise to Iona. Just hope they keep the same procedure to price upgrades. Barbara
  2. We started cruising in inside cabins on Swan Hellenic, P&O or Fred because of price, but have had a lot of outside cabins in more recent years on Fred and some P&O. We have had the occasional balcony on various cruise lines though, if well priced. We have occasionally travelled in Fred's terrace balcony cabins on Boudicca as smoking was not allowed on them, but we would not travel on any of Fred's current balconies, even if the price was madly reduced, as smoking is still allowed as far as I know. In future we are more likely to book balconies (though not always), partly
  3. True, we had a reminder from our agent for our end of June cruise a couple of weeks back. I rang and was told they were aware of the P&O change so was given a new bal pay date of two weeks before the P&O date, so they can pay them. That is fine with me, though the excuse was the system generates the reminders automatically. I thought computers can be told what they should be doing though....... Agents are obviously trying it on and I can appreciate that some can be in a bad way themselves. It is necessary to keep aware of the cruise line stance though and question if n
  4. Carnival Corporation are actually borrowing money at rates like 10%. Not going to get good borrowing rates with the condition the cruise industry is in at present.
  5. That webcam sounds very useful. After last summer's lock down DH was told there would be over an hour's wait, but would be much quicker at another one in our local authority area, which he was able to get to by an easy (~7 mile) motorway journey, so he moved on. They were closing the tip queue later in the day as they would not have had enough time to get everyone through, not that we would usually go then, as it is always a busy time of course after a day collecting stuff together. I think they always collect what bins they can, even the recyclable stuff. Last summer we were pu
  6. We got emails from Biobank this morning, asking if we would be prepared to take part in a study regarding antibodies which it is relevant to all whether vaccinated or not, so we have both registered. They say they are asking all their participants, but have limited tests at present so will need to limit numbers when when they reach a certain level. Great this sort of thing is being done and they have a lot of information for their participants already which can just be linked if required. We did quite a wide range of health checks on a couple of occasions, along with regular onli
  7. Moss is a nuisance and does not rot in the compost heap, apart from bits of it at a time.
  8. The bin collections depend on the number of staff off ill, and our last green collection was last week so hopefully the next will be next week as normal. In our area they are adding on extra collections before next payment, so we will pay later at a reduced rate compared to normal payment for green collection in the spring. Seems a lot more straightforward than refunding then charging in full for next year. They did the same last year. I think the tips have been busy because a lot of people are doing clear outs and work at home.
  9. Hopefully by the time we get into the summer the bins will be emptied as per normal and tips open as they used to be. I do not see social distancing being a problem as there is always space between parked cars at our tips. We had to book slots to take things to the local charity shops as they are leaving bags for a couple of days in a garage or similar before they are unpacked.
  10. Booking a slot sounds an excellent idea to us. A trip to the tip here means waiting in a queue for up to an hour. Was longer than that for the tip nearest to us last summer when they first re opened, so needed to travel further. The garden waste bins had not been emptied at all over the first lock down, but at least getting them done once a month now, instead of the normal two weekly interval.
  11. Thanks a lot for the reply. Just been looking at the deck plans and we are booked in a cabin above the rear section of "Take 5", which is in a similar part of the ship, but up 3 decks. Do you know if there is any transfer of the smell of smoke to cabins via the A/C system on that class of ship? I admit it sounds like a neurotic question, but even the slightest smell of smoke wakes me up and stops me getting back to sleep and sometimes certain smells/fumes do transmit through the A/C.
  12. We have recently booked our first Princess cruise on Sky Princess. The smoke indoors, (an earlier poster also mentioned casinos), concerns me a lot as I am asthmatic and very smoke sensitive. I remember from our earlier cruises that smoke did tend to spread out from smoking areas to other areas around and even to areas that are used as walkways, so how big a problem will Princess be for someone like me?
  13. No, I had seen mention of the 3 month lead in time previously in other places. Admittedly would be an approximation, but even if a set date were given, it would always be subject to last minute change as would be any holidays for some months to come. I do not see cruise lines rushing to get their crew here.
  14. Yes, you did make a bit of a blunder there, not that I had noticed. I can see your point about greetings, but in other ways a different thread would be a bit remote. Personally, I tend to just add a like to other people's good wishes etc. unless I am looking at a thread when a certain comment is made which I feel requires a friendly or supportive comment. Your thread being posted so late in the day will be why there are a lack of comments - not many of us are still around at this time.
  15. I have had a bit of a sniffle and have sneezed occasionally over the last few days. We fill in the symptom checker app and I was asked to get a covid test, which they do for research purposes even if you do not have the classic symptoms, though you do not have to do so. I went for one though as did DH (they also say household members can be tested as well - again no compulsion). Mine came back negative and DH had a "could not read results", so has been re tested today. He is highly unlikely to be positive though as no symptoms of anything. I would not really call it a cold as
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