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  1. The article is correct. Seabourn Sojourn prematurely wrapped up its World Cruise in Perth and everyone flew home from there. Two guests asked and received permission to stay on board until San Francisco, which was the original end of the World Cruise. They apparently had to sign all sorts of waivers as there’s likely only tech stops (no getting off the ship anywhere) and all ship’s services are closed except the crew mess. I heard on another ship that it’s because one of the guests can’t travel on airplanes - but that might be gossip. It must be a totally surreal experience...
  2. We were told by Seabourn on Friday that the current backlog for processing refunds to credit cards is 60 to 90 days. I don’t know if that is because they have to process so many or because they are out of cash. Or both.
  3. Just a troublemaker. However the fact they are not processing refunds timely (or not at all for that matter) plus are still selling cruises that clearly will never sail (and taking deposits) is a very concerning sign.
  4. Confusing as this cruise is open for bookings on seabourn.com.
  5. Sojourn has now left Perth for Sydney. Ovation has left Salalah for the Suez Canal.
  6. Sojourn is docked in Perth, Australia Encore is en route from Adelaide to Perth (no pax) Ovation is en route from Colombo to Salalah, Oman (no pax) Quest is en route from Buenos Aires to Bridgetown, Barbados (no pax) Odyssey is docked in Bridgetown Floris
  7. For completeness, it was either... - a 100% refund for 6 out of 14 days plus a future cruise certificate of 50% of that amount - a 175% future cruise certificate for 6 out of 14 days Floris
  8. It was a domestic cruise so we all disembarked without issue. Floris
  9. We disembarked with luggage, cleared customs (weird for a domestic cruise) and re-boarded to wait on Encore until our pick up at 1:15 pm. The Captain just announced to the crew that the ship is departing to Perth - without guests - at 4 pm. Floris
  10. Encore docked in Adelaide this morning where the current sailing was then abruptly terminated. I expect the same will happen when Sojourn arrives in Perth.
  11. Was told on Encore just now that upon arrival and disembarkation in Sydney March 22, she will depart straight for Athens, 22 sea days, where she will then go into dry dock, to make the most of this period of unexpected downtime.
  12. Encore is now out of service from March 22 (arrival in Sydney) to May 23 (departure from Athens).
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