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  1. It baffles me that Seabourn (and others) are still selling cruises to Australia and New Zealand starting November despite the fact that both governments have clearly stated their international borders won’t reopen until well into 2021 earliest. Taking deposits for cruises that will never sail is a really poor business practice, even more so given that it takes Seabourn 4+ months currently to process a refund.
  2. Indeed. And really strange to post this now in the middle of a global pandemic.
  3. I fully agree. Same for cruise lines still selling Australia & New Zealand sailings for November 2020 - April 2021 with both countries very unlikely to re-open their international border before mid 2021 and Qantas already having cancelled all international flights until June 2021...
  4. Australia’s Prime Minister has said repeatedly not to expect Australia’s borders to re-open before 2021 yet many cruise lines are still selling AU/NZ cruises this side of Christmas and taking deposits. Just one example. I would be highly surprised if any ships sail anywhere this year. Just assembling a crew is all but impossible with border restrictions and a total lack of international flights.
  5. Amsterdam: The Dylan and The Waldorf Astoria.
  6. Seabourn just cancelled all cruises into November.
  7. “Time to start fresh.” I’ll be happy to do so once my $160,000 refund is in my bank account. Floris
  8. “ Patient zero for coronavirus on board the Ruby Princess may have been a crew member serving meals to hundreds of passengers on the cruise ship. In Australia, at least 18 deaths and more than 700 cases of COVID-19 have been linked to the cruise ship, including two people who died in NSW overnight. “
  9. Thank you Phil. Yes it is. They’ve had a wonderful cruise until passengers started getting sick. Uruguay is refusing to let them disembark; they’ve been floating offshore Montevideo for about 10 days now with everyone confined to their cabins. Apparently the Staff Captain, Chief Engineer and First Officer are all sick so it’s getting pretty dire on board.
  10. Let me start by saying that Captain Carl is absolutely amazing and that every Azamara crew I’ve sailed with has been outstanding. The onboard teams are what sets Azamara apart and why we keep returning. That said, when South American countries suddenly closed their ports, many ships got “trapped” and ended up making the long journey to either California or Florida. Some, like Pursuit, fortunate that nobody on board got sick but others less lucky. Zaandam’s horror journey comes to mind. And as I type this I still have friends trapped on a ship floating near Montevideo, confined to their cabins for the 11th day and counting, desperate for help and desperate to get home. My point is - now is not the time to use a story like this for marketing purposes. Pursuit could easily have been Zaandam.
  11. I would strongly recommend that everyone who is waiting for a refund from Seabourn speaks to their credit card company and requests a chargeback, before Carnival files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. When Seabourn told us getting our 6-digit down payment on next year’s World Cruise refunded would take them 12 weeks, we got Amex to sort it within 24 hours.
  12. The article is correct. Seabourn Sojourn prematurely wrapped up its World Cruise in Perth and everyone flew home from there. Two guests asked and received permission to stay on board until San Francisco, which was the original end of the World Cruise. They apparently had to sign all sorts of waivers as there’s likely only tech stops (no getting off the ship anywhere) and all ship’s services are closed except the crew mess. I heard on another ship that it’s because one of the guests can’t travel on airplanes - but that might be gossip. It must be a totally surreal experience...
  13. We were told by Seabourn on Friday that the current backlog for processing refunds to credit cards is 60 to 90 days. I don’t know if that is because they have to process so many or because they are out of cash. Or both.
  14. Just a troublemaker. However the fact they are not processing refunds timely (or not at all for that matter) plus are still selling cruises that clearly will never sail (and taking deposits) is a very concerning sign.
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