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  1. I think you’re comparing apples to oranges. RCI and Celebrity have (had) ships in the region now, sailing back and forth between Singapore and Hong Kong - and even Shanghai. They had to make a decision. Azamara has one ship transiting from Australia to Europe, 8 weeks from now. Maybe they’ll cancel and sail to Europe empty. Maybe they’ll change the route and go via Western Australia to India or even South Africa. Or maybe they’ll go via Singapore after all. They’ll need time to figure this out and that’s understandable. And whether they cancel now or in 3 weeks’ time, you’ll get a full refund in either scenario.
  2. Looks like Ovation’s new / revised cruises from Singapore were all canceled overnight, similar to RCI’s decision.
  3. I hear you and feel your pain but the situation is very fluid. Singapore was fine until a few days ago. Now there are more corona cases as a % of the total population in Singapore than anywhere else in the world. RCI, Celebrity, Azamara all did the same the past 24 hours. Cruise lines are afraid Singapore will get banned soon, and then they have ships at sea again that aren’t allowed to dock anywhere. Celebrity even cancelled its entire Asia season yesterday, stranding thousands and thousands, and is sailing Millennium empty from Singapore to Honolulu... It’s a mess but nobody at Seabourn is deliberately out to screw you.
  4. So this “expert” basically says that the only way you can cancel for the corona virus (if your cruise isn’t directly impacted) is if you have “cancel for any reason” insurance. That seems pretty obvious to me...
  5. The good doctor is joining us on February 21 from Auckland to Sydney. I hope Seabourn stocked up on red wine! 😝
  6. Interesting. So Bateman’s Bay re-opened. That leaves Eden and Kangaroo Island as question marks for our sailings.
  7. I’m unable as of yet to find the Carnival / Seabourn statement, but RCI’s statement covering all its brands specifically says “plus Hong Kong”.
  8. I can’t stand the showers in regular cabins, they are way too small. The upside of that is that we now exclusively sail in suites 🙂 Those showers are absolutely fine.
  9. I know some people don’t want me to mention price, but when we ran all Azamara’s included wines through Vivino in 2012 the average price came out at €14. In 2017 that was €7. I’m hoping to find some good wines on board when we return to Azamara in 2021 because for the price per day we’re paying, we could cruise Seabourn. We’ll probably end up upgrading to the top package though, or buying by the bottle.
  10. And nowhere did I say I “solely” judge on price. I do see it as one of many possibly indicators of quality however. €5 wine doesn’t belong on a cruise line that charges the fares Azamara does. Although, if they can get away with it, good for them (from a business perspective) I guess.
  11. The David Frost Sauvignon Blanc is rated a super low 3.3 on Vivino and it’s average retail price is € 5.34... Not really something you would expect on a deluxe line that charges the prices Azamara does. Happy for you you enjoyed it however!
  12. We do the exact opposite. We go to TKG on formal nights to avoid the formal dress code.
  13. florisdekort


    Ask if you’ve been to Wuhan would be as effective as the airport check in staff asking if you’ve packed any explosives in your suitcase. These measures don’t actually increase safety, they just make the general public feel better.
  14. Ah! I know precisely who you are now 🙂 Nice to reconnect! Please give my regards to Helen. Hopefully we cross paths again someday soon!
  15. florisdekort


    The mass hysteria is truly incomprehensible but I guess it attracts readers/viewers and thus sells advertising space. The airport checks are useless and only there so authorities can make themselves look good in the eyes of the mass public. As mentioned above, the incubation period is up to 16 days and moreover, of every 100 people the screening flags as having a fever, 99.9 will have that fever for other reasons than the coronavirus. All cruise lines can / should do is immediately confine passengers who get sick to their cabins, as they have been doing for the norovirus for a very long time. Floris
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