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  1. I assume you’re referring to me. The photo is from a review on Cruise Critic. I don’t cross dress so no, those are not my feet. During 25 Azamara cruises I’ve sailed in every single cabin category from Inside to Club World Owners, not “always” in Club World Owners as you mistakenly claim. I sailed Azamara or Celebrity 5x out of my past 10 cruises and Seabourn the other 5x. I didn’t realise that in order to voice an opinion on here you needed to sail Azamara exclusively or only have positive things to say? Lastly, I’m also not sure what “changing tune” means. I have lots of positive things to say about Azamara (and will sail them again and again) and also lots of not so positive things. I’m sorry if the latter isn’t appreciated on this forum. Best, Floris
  2. To answer the question “is it worth it”, in my opinion (just my opinion), it depends on the uniqueness of the itinerary and the price per day. If you can get roughly the same itinerary for the same price on Silversea or Seabourn, no, then it’s not worth it. If it’s about 20% cheaper or if the ports or port times are very unique, then yes it’s worth it. Floris
  3. I’ve always considered the pianists in Seabourn’s bars background music. We’re always engaged in conversation over our drinks. I don’t remember any of their names, skills or looks, sorry. It’s like elevator music to me; it’s there but that’s about it.
  4. I understand that Odyssey had been scheduled to sail Cuba cruises November 2020 - March 2021 and that all those itineraries now need redoing. Floris
  5. Perhaps that’s just me but it does. If I read on here that people tip their stewardess for excellent service, I feel obliged to consider the same next time.
  6. We have never tipped extra on Seabourn but always make a donation to the crew fund instead. Seabourn’s no tipping environment was a wonderful concept in theory but it was never going to work as some people simply can’t help themselves. As soon as the first person tips and talks about it, others start feeling bad, awkward or cheap for not tipping and then it all goes downhill from there. Floris
  7. Hmm. We must just have been unlucky. It was never opened on our 3 Caribbean cruises (and also not during caviar in the surf / the beach BBQ), not on our Amazon cruise and not on our 2 Greek Island cruises. Maybe next time then 🙂
  8. You are correct about the rule, or law actually. So unless Venture takes no more than 100 pax there’s no way they can land everyone at once in Antarctica. Everywhere else however...
  9. I’m US ports you will have to leave the ship on turn around day but you can leave all your luggage etc. on the ship.
  10. 1. If your travel agent offers any perks / incentives, then it’s better than Seabourn. 2. In all my cruises I’ve never seen it used. 3. A jacket is required in the main dining room on the two “formal optional” nights. We never pack jackets and dine elsewhere on those nights.
  11. We had an excellent stay at the Ritz Carlton. Spent two days exploring the city and made a day trip (private tour) to 3 wineries. We also spent a night in Valparaiso which I would also recommend (charming town) but Quest doesn’t sail from there any more these days.
  12. So we booked the full 140 night Miami to Barcelona 2021 World Cruise today 🙂 Still can’t believe it. Looking forward to meeting many of you ion board! It sure is an awesome itinerary.
  13. It might perhaps also depend on the preferences of others in the restaurant. I book TKG for the full Keller experience, which includes the lively ambience and music - just as at Ad Hoc in Yountville and Surf Club in Miami. If the music would be turned down because of one table complaining, I would complain louder as there are plenty other venues on the ship where you can dine without music. I appreciate however that I’m a minority vs. Seaboiurn’s average passenger. Floris
  14. Got some information on Encore. Its current schedule ends in Malta. Unsurprisingly the new itineraries are Malta to Athens, Athens to Dubai, Dubai to Singapore, Singapore to Sydney, Sydney to Auckland followed by a season of Australia / New Zealand cruises. No surprise there!
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