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  1. It seems that one simple change would solve 90% of all issues... Make sure that each tour delivers what’s in the description, nothing more, nothing less. No surprises. Surely that can’t be too hard to make happen...
  2. I don’t follow your logic, sorry. If everything on the ship was “properly cooked local cuisine“ than why bother getting off the ship? If you want a local experience, have lunch and/or dinner on shore as we do (and support the local people and economies who need it).
  3. I don’t understand this complaint. The terms and conditions clearly state that the Best Price Guarantee doesn’t apply after final payment. Educate yourself if you book direct or get a good travel agent. Regardless, the opp has no case.
  4. We did this last year. I was in shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers as it was 35 degrees. Others covered up because they were afraid of sunburn. I didn’t get wet.
  5. Can someone who’s on Journey’s current September 21 sailing post some photos please? 😝
  6. They only just released spring 2021 3 weeks ago...
  7. We can agree to disagree. I’m not calling them and therefore don’t randomly get one of 100+ RCI call center agents. They are calling me and have probably assigned 2 people to this outbound sales effort. They can afford to properly train these people and they should.
  8. Although I totally agree with you and Phil that this is a non issue for me, I don’t think it’s necessary to flame the opp for having a different opinion. I do agree that if they call me to sell shore excisions they better have the knowledge ready to answer questions.
  9. That changed months ago and has been reported here multiple times.
  10. It’s totally different. TFL is Michelin-starred French fine dining (degustation menus). The Grill is an American steakhouse. The Grill is best compared to Thomas Keller’s The Surf Club in Miami - many overlapping menu items.
  11. Have a fabulous trip! Captain Carl sailing backwards through the Seville bridge is one of my fondest cruise memories. And the journey up and down the river is lovely too.
  12. I’m not sure I understand why. Itineraries change a lot, for various reasons. I agree that a more detailed explanation would have been nice but that’s hardly a reason to provide 700 people a free tour. Read your cruise contract. And as for communication, it takes time to inform everyone, especially via travel agents, yet the first person who learns the news will post it online, so the majority is always going to read about it online before hearing from the cruise line.
  13. Perhaps this topic should be locked. The Opp’s question has been answered and we’re now going down the same road as always where people start lecturing “consider another cruise line”, “dress nicely” or even “sit on your verandah” 🙄
  14. From Seabourn’s website. Make of it what you will, unfortunately (and as debated here a gazillion times before) it isn’t very clear on other dining venues after 6 pm - and Seabourn needs to fix that. Jeans are welcome in all dining venues during the day, but not appropriate in The Restaurant after 6pm.
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