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  1. We were in 12030 and had no issues with fogged windows. This was in 2016. The nice thing about this cabin is the window cut out a bit so you actually have a bit of a forward facing view also.
  2. Did not miss the balcony at all. I think that’s because the cabin is so large and you have a wall of floor to ceiling windows. if the decision is between a regular balcony or club balcony cabin vs family suite. My vote would be for the family suite for sure. When we booked the family suite on the Star the decision we had to make was family suite or aft penthouse suite (which has a balcony but room is much smaller). We had never sailed without a balcony but because the 9 day cruise only had 2 sea days we decided the larger space and $$ saved by going with a family suite
  3. Here’s another one .... we cancelled on April 21st (by phone) for a Sept cruise (final payment was due at the end of May). We were told it could take up to 90 days. Got the cruise next certificates back in our account within 3 days and the remainder $1000 credited to our credit card on April 29th - 8 days! Nice surprise.
  4. I just hope no one in the group is also on cruise critic otherwise your caught 😁 I have no advice, just wishing you luck on this endeavor!
  5. We were on the Jewel in an aft suite on deck 10 in March 2018 - back then NCL did not charge more for these aft suites. Here are a couple of photos of the balcony - you can see it easily accommodates forward facing loungers! Enjoy your travels!
  6. We were in Halong Bay in March 2018....I’ve attached a link to the review I did of the whole cruise. If you scroll through you will find a post dedicated to Halong Bay. If you have any questions feel free to ask but maybe on the other thread bc technically we are “off topic” on this thread😁 Hopefully the link works...it’s a bit of a challenge on an iPad (for me)!
  7. For me it’s all about the ports.... bc the Star would give me 2 extra areas of the world to explore, that would be my choice.
  8. On our first (and so far only) cruise through the Panama Canal we wanted to go through the original locks....which means the smaller ships. So therefore in your scenario we would have picked the Sun. We too were in an aft cabin on the Star...loved it.
  9. Just clarifying......this gets you to the front of the line (same as in a suite/haven), not just join the line anytime (platinum/platinum plus perk). When we were in Halong Bay Vietnam, by being on one of the first tenders (bc we were in a suite) we were off & on our junk by 930am, bc NCL was using their life boats, some people did not get off the ship until 11am. For exotic cruises with tender ports I would absolutely pay for this perk.....having said that we are not eligible as we are platinum+ !?!
  10. If you have cruised (and gambled) on NCL in the past - I would phone CAS directly and see what offers they can give you. We will not be picking up our offers from Foxwoods as we have yet to have lower than a comped balcony when booking directly with CAS.
  11. My husband has a “mid” on Dec 6th ....it’s for an inside cabin. I have a “high/premium” on Dec 7th....it’s for an oceanview cabin. Not sure if yours will be different.....but that’s what our offers are.
  12. We also had a fantastic 2 day tour with SPB in 2016. Sounds like your guide may have been the problem. On a private tour you should have seen exactly what you wanted. I would encourage you let SPB know of your experience so they can address any issues. Doesn’t help you out but the next group who gets this guide may have a better experience. Glad you made the best of it.
  13. Sometimes there is a promotion where you get an EXTRA $50 shore excursion per cabin. This is what we had on our Panama Canal cruise and this is what the the OP can get in lieu of taking the “free air” perk. So her math is correct.
  14. On our Panama Canal cruise in March of this year we got the discount applied first, then the $100 credit was applied.
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