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  1. Just on Rhapsody. A standard bottle of beer plus service charge is USD8.40 and a bottle of wine USD36. Is it just me or have their prices rocketed in the past couple of years?
  2. My point was more are RC trying to save money on port charges for the late Pireus arrival (either port charges or fuel costs)? Athens is the highlight of the trip for many and a noon arrival limits the options to get to Athens which is often at least an hour by coach.
  3. We are also on that cruise and of course looking forward to it. We have been to Kotor before but even so what is the point of them arranging that you arrive at 5pm and leave at 9pm. It's on a Sunday so hardly anything will be open anyway. Also once we had booked we saw that the stay in Pireus for Athens arrives at 12 noon (leaving at 8pm) which again means it is hardly worth a trip to Athens especially with traffic to get there and shops closing after lunch. Is that late arrival something to do with RC trying to save port charges?
  4. We are on Rhapsody in October Venice to Venice and arranging our own flights. We’re getting ther a day in advance so no timing issues then but does anyone know if RC do transfers that you can book via RC on the way back to the airport?
  5. We are going on Aurora for a 5 day cruise on Wednesday. First stop on Thursday is Zeebrugger and we want to go into Bruges. I should have checked the excursions earlier but having now tried to book the tour into Bruges (7 hours on your own once there) we have an e mail saying we are on the "waitlist" and the tour is not guaranteed. That is probably because we are less than 3 days from the cruise. Does anyone know what are the chances we will get on the tour? I know we can make our own way via taxi or a shuttle bus but we are always just a bit nervous about missing any ship on the way back if it's a new place. We have been on many other cruise lines but thought we'd give P&O a go!
  6. Hi, a related question. We have booked Aurora for a 5 night cruise in October, our first P&O cruise. When do you get told the embarkation time and the time the ship leaves Southampton? So far we have the booking confirmation and "cruise booklet" but it does't give any timings. Is there another communication nearer the time?
  7. steveso


    Hi Can I ask a couple of questions. 1. For the formal nights, if you are eating in Horizons then is smart casual ok for the rest of the ship and the lounges for those evenings rather than having to dress up? 2. What is the cost of wifi? Thanks
  8. Hi We have mainly cruised RC so far on ships like Jewel and Serenade. We are looking at an option for a cruise on Aurora for a week. If anyone can help 1. How does the Horizons Buffet compare to a Windjammer Buffet? ( We are vegetarian so prefer the variety of a buffet) 2. How does the theatre entertainment compare? 3. Are the quizzes similar (allowing I guess for more British content. Any other thoughts welcome
  9. I started a thread on this before. We were on the 14 night Mediterranean Beaches Cruise from 15th June. We had been on Indy twice before. There were times when it was very crowded. On the sunny sea days there were literally no sun loungers on decks 11 and 12 from about 9 to 4 even with the staff enforcing removal of towels. We managed to find outside seats on decks 4 but of course there are no bar staff or other related facilities down there. The Schooner bar was far too busy for the 5pm and 8pm quizzes with standing room only and even then not places to lean on. It was noticeably more difficult to get bar staff service at peak times and so far more people were going to the bars to collect drinks and so that placed more pressure on the staff. At the Schooner bar on 2 occasions I gave up waiting after 15 minutes at 8pm On two occasions we went to every bar on the ship to try and find somewhere to sit at 9.30pm and both times ended up in the library (even the Star Loungue - previously the Pyramid room was full) The Windjammer was much busier than previously but I think that is partly down to more people chosing not to eat in the MDR and less formality. We always found a table but often had to clear it as there were no waiters to do it. So yes at full capacity the ship was more crowded. Would we sail on it again? Well yes but not for a few years but that is more to do with the shows still being the same (other than Grease) as they were before. It's a lovely ship and RCL is a great cruise line but Indy is not so much fun as it was beforehand. That's our view
  10. Crowded was the Indy before refit designed as intended. Overcrowded is Indy post refit with extra passengers for profit but no extra spare public space or staff. Of course it’s subjective but it’s how I perceive things
  11. Totally agree and it’s what I said in my review. They have overcrowded the ship and it just doesn’t feel an experience I want to repeat soon! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. The point is that they have increased guest by about 7 per cent but not increased facilities or staff. I agree smaller ships are the way to go without family although not many youngsters on this cruise as it’s outside school holidays. I have had my toes run over twice by elderly mobility scooter passengers! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I’m on the “upgraded Indy” at present. We’ve been on about 10 European RCI cruises and on the Indy twice before, last time about 5 years ago So what has changed. Well from my perspective 3 main things after the re fit. First if you add 100 new cabins but don’t add extra seating or staff then everything is more crowded, service levels drop and queues are longer. So for example the former pyramid lounge now called the Star Lounge (all they did as repaint it and left the Egyptian carved pillars!) is packed out for events with people standing. The Schooner bar is now far too small for quizzes and so on. Second the Windjammer is much nicer as long as you don’t mind the last occupants plates on the table (not enough staff) Third the new large Playmaker bar is great for watching sports! Everything else is very cosmetic although from the back the ship now looks like a funfair rather than an elegant ship with the tubes and balloons. The cruise is still good and the staff do their best. Grease is a fantastic show. So are the ice shows even if they are still the same as 5 years ago Some of the comedians aren’t great and seem to use the same joke book. I really don’t want to hear the Brexit condom joke again! Oh and by the way of 4200 guests, 3400 are brits so it’s a very British affair. Lots of World Cup games on offer! Any other questions let me know Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. What were the cheapest blackjack and roulette stakes on the Indy?
  15. I'm on Indy sailing 16th June from Southampton and that one has also gone from the UK web site. Again I presume sold out
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