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  1. We did this cruise in the fall, and a hurricane in the Atlantic, though distant, messed up our itinerary. Due to swells, captain had to run the itinerary backwards, and we missed out on the offshore islands (e.g., Martha's Vineyard). But we had a great time anyway. Not to be missed: Owl's Head Transportation Museum in Rockland, and the lobsterbake. These were on the same day, and because the bus was late, we missed the entertainment that precedes the actual meal. So my advice -- try to do the Owl's Head as early as possible, so as to not interfere with the lobsterbake. This cruise does require use of the launch for some of the ports, but we didn't find this a problem -- the American Constitution has a large launch. Another excellent excursion was the schooner trip out of Gloucester. Another was the lobsterboat excursion from Camden. I would certainly recommend this cruise.
  2. On the upper right of the AQSC main page, there are two live links, LOGIN and REGISTER. Above these links it says TRAVEL AGENTS. Hence, the only accounts you can access here are travel agent accounts.
  3. Changing the detailed itinerary on river cruises (including cruises on European rivers and elsewhere) is standard operating procedure, and you should never take the generic web or brochure itineraries as gospel. The cruise company has to deal with many variables...weather, wind directions, unexpected dock disruptions, to name a few. All their documentation warns you of this, albeit often in small print.
  4. On most of our ACL cruises, most of the tables were for 8 or 6, but there were usually a few for 4. But none for 2. - Dave
  5. On our May 19-May 29 2019 cruise, we had to use the launch at Poulsbo. I don't recall that we had to use the launch at any other port.
  6. Just said "rail station," not Penn Station -- sorry for not being clear. We are planning on taking the MTA Light Raillink from BWI to the Convention Center station on Pratt St, which is just 0.9 miles from Pier 5, a lot closer than Penn Station. This will be at mid-day, so don't see a safety issue. But I see your point. Thanks for the input.
  7. RRF - Regarding your departure from Baltimore: Where exactly was your embarkation point? We will be leaving Baltimore on holiday Chesapeake Bay cruise Dec 23. Got paperwork from ACL saying "Pier 5" -- then came a letter saying "disregard previous instructions, ship will now be leaving from...Pier 5" (?!). OK, guess it's Pier 5. But we will be trudging on foot over a mile from the rail station with carry-on luggage (maybe through the snow!) and Pier 5 looks to be pretty big on google maps. BaumD - Have been thinking about Jacksonville-based cruise for several years. It was only earlier this year that ACL web site changed to that ambiguous "Amelia Island/Jacksonville" phrasing. Glad to find out debarkation is still Jacksonville.
  8. An excursion, I would guess. On our Mainz-to-Budapest cruise, one of our first tours was a day ship from Rudesheim through the Rhine Gorge. We shot a lot of castle photos that morning.
  9. Wouldn't these caveats apply to ANY river cruise line, here or in Europe? I do sympathize with your complaint, however. Several years ago we signed up for a Charleston SC - to Charleston SC cruise specifically because we wanted a cruise that started and ended at the same port, within driving distance of our home. ACL subsequently cancelled that itinerary. More recently, we signed up for the Complete Mississippi River Cruise, specifically on America, because we wanted a reasonably-priced cabin next to the Magnolia Lounge. ACL just cancelled that itinerary too, and we will be put on the Harmony, on a cabin nowhere near the Magnolia Lounge. But unpleasant surprises could occur on any cruise line, I think.
  10. You got me curious, wondering how expensive ACL insurance was versus Seabourn. Did a dummy booking with ACL, roughly equivalent to the cruise you took (AAM level, $1140 insurance, etc.) ACL's insurance came out to about 12.75% of the portion of the cruise cost they reimburse. Then did a dummy Seabourn cruise, Veranda suite, 11-day cruise (couldn't find a cruise as short as your ACL cruise). Seabourn wanted $1350 insurance for that cruise, which came out to just 8.5% of the portion of the cruise cost they reimburse (which is, as you say, 100%). So yes, as with the cruise cost per day itself, ACL insurance is indeed higher than Seabourn.
  11. ACL has an open bar from late afternoon on, no tipping, and all cabins except the very cheapest level are in excess of 300 sq.ft cabins with balconies. I assume you were on Harmony. You didn't mention how long ago you took the Seabourn cruise, or how much you paid for the SeabournShield insurance plan. ACL has already given you your refund, but Seabourn hasn't yet?
  12. Your experience might not be the same, but on all our ACL cruises the transfer to the local airport took place between 8:00am and 8:30am, and we were at the airport shortly before 9:00am.
  13. Fortunately for us, our ACL Grand Puget Sound cruise this past May experienced few of the problems OP encountered. Note to dfb: ACL is not your only choice on the Hudson River. Check out Blount (blountsmallshipadventures.com).
  14. I'm aware of three cruise lines that sail the Great Lakes: The fore-mentioned Blount Small Ship Adventures, Victory Cruise Lines (a recent acquisition of American Queen Steamboat Company), and Pearl Seas (an affiliate of American Queen Steamboat Company). Our only cruise on the Great Lakes was with Blount ten years ago. I concur with rafinmd's assessment; crew was great and on-board historian/naturalists were excellent.
  15. Voyages to Antiquity web site still shows Sept 4 cruise on schedule, although that doesn't necessarily mean much. But MarineTraffic shows the Aegean Odyssey has finally left its repair location and is currently moored near Athens -- that's a good sign. For the first September cruise, the ship has to be near Rome by September 7th, and that should certainly be doable.
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