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  1. Hi! I'm looking for a bit more information re: snorkeling at Nachi. Do they take you out on a boat? Or is it just somewhere off the beach? I'm considering taking the kids snorkeling while we are there but the hubs doesn't swim and isn't really interested. Curious how long the snorkeling is? Or, would snorkeling right off the beach area be an option for us if we brought our own equipment?
  2. We will be on the same cruise as well with our two kids. Starting to get excited now!
  3. Hi! We are going on a cruise mid Februrary with stops in Mexico and our kids passports expire mid June. Are we still good to use them? I have gotten mixed info. that if less than 6mo from expiration date we should get new ones. Thanks so much!
  4. We were there in May and they still offer the water, soft drinks, chips, salsa and fruit. Also, snorkel gear! There are some waiters walking around that offer beverage service, but there is also a bar relatively close. We didn't realize we could pick our cabana so there weren't many options when we got to do it. So, check in with the excursion desk to reserve yours quickly. We had cabana #16 and it was close to a bar. There was a little path to the water, but it was rocky. I was recovering from a sprained ankle and I was worried that I was going to twist it again. But, I did like that it was on the farther end of the island closer to the adults only cabanas so it was a little quieter. If you have any other specific questions I'll try to answer since we were just there. We really enjoyed the cabana and thought it was completely worth the $$.
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