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  1. You will all get the refund. It just takes time. Mine took 83 days and it was all correct. They said in the beginning, 60 -90 days. If you received yours before 60 days consider yourself lucky. 100s of thousands of refunds takes a lot of time to do and get it correct! Under normal circumstances it would pobably take a week or two maybe even less. These are not normal circumstances.
  2. Does not mean they are for real does it? Anyone can set up an account with proper documents and information that is required. Storylines shows nothing as a business anywhere. Try to find any leagal information on them, you will not. If you invest. It is your money for sure. So far everything they have said was bogus and nothing but lies. The will never answer any questions via email. They want you to call so you then you have nothing in writing, just words which are meaningless. I can tell you anything and then say I never said that. Right!
  3. Anyone can sue for anything. Has no part of winning one. Carnival had no contyrol over this. Sueing is just nonsense.
  4. They also purchase a ton of land at Freeport to put their own port in.
  5. It looks like they are getting caught up. Mine was cancelled March 12 and I just got it today.
  6. I have used the infirmary and it is just as good as any medical center I ever ever used. Plus, by the time we cruise again. I am sure they will be ready for anyone to come down with it. Still. The FLU no one cares about anymore.
  7. How true. I can not waite for the next Carnival cruise. Halloween for us. Then December, then January for our 50th on Carnival and then one more on Carnival for February.
  8. Agree, I will continue to cruise as before. 4-6 every year. Even with all our cancellations, we still might be able to complete 4 for this year. People want to vacation on land. I see no difference. You are in a hotel or on a big ship. Where is the difference? I do not see it. Those that love to stay on land, that is great. Those that love cruising is also great. Bon Voyage!!!
  9. I find this agravating. What about those with the FLU, sneezing, coughing, etc. So many just use there hand to cover there mouth, if that. Nothing is done and no one makes much of it. !! Thousands upon thousands die from the flu each and every year. No protection from that is there? Should there be? The virus should be treated the same way. They do nothing about the FLU, why all this about the virus. Just because it is easier to catch! Each person on their own just needs to be cautious of the people around them. This has taken our USA from fabulous to a major loss in only a short few months. Running scared is totally ridiculous and not the answer at all.
  10. Just hecked and all is good. Shows first Cruise to Freeport July 25 and first cruise to Nassau Oct 2nd.
  11. So many forget about what you just said. The common cold and the flu have been around for how long? Many do not even get the vaccine each year. 100s of thousands die from it every year. I really do not expect it to be any different. However, I have heard that RCCL has contacted a mask company for a purchase. Have no idea if that is true or not. I have also heard they will require you wearing one in certain areas. I would think. The cassino, the shows maybe bingo. I want the buffey to continue. We just visited our local Golden Corral buffet and it went according to plan. Distancing was adhered to. The buffet lines were roped off for single file and no cutting in. I liked that. Hand sanitizer was required when entering any of the buffet lines and gloves were available, if you wanted to use one. Condiments were brought to your table when asked for. As soon as you were finished and left the table. The went and sanitized all. Ships can easily do the same.
  12. Well it took 83 days and today I have my full refund plus I previously booked another cruise using the FCC they also gave me. 7 days cost me at total of $295.00
  13. 83 days and I finally received it and it is correct also. 😎
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