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  1. Want to cruise out of Florida. Currently no cruise line can check if you have been vaccinated without receiving a fine. Florida stupid law.
  2. Last cruise was Jan 2020 on the Sky. We did the muster inside. In the cabin the TV showed the muster drill with the Love Boat crew doing it. You could not use the TV till you watched the entire video.
  3. Changes are happing almost daily now. I can not venture to even guess how many more before July.
  4. Between a rock and a hard place. My wife and I would be very happy to show that we have received our vaccination. I would think most would not have a problem with that. DeSantis has told the industry basically what you just said. Don't like it, leave. That is not what I expected from him at all. He must change that and let the cruise industry check for proof of vaccine. The cruise industry was plastered against the wall when the virus broke out on the ships. People started suing the cruise lines. I think precautions that they want to do is in line with cruising in a safe environment.
  5. I give up. Not going to say any more. You just make whatever you want of it.
  6. Reason for the double. The glass is large. Twice the size of a typical mixed drink. Remember, the soda package includes juices also. Like OJ with vodka or gin. That package is a great deal and you got it included. Nice!
  7. None of this has anything to do with the cruise lines. None are Florida businesses.
  8. I will say again. A cruise line is NOT a Florida business!!!
  9. CDC has given the cruise lines the option of the test cruises. Not required any longer. All cruise lines are getting ready. On the local news the other day. They were showing the crew getting vaccinated. I think the problem might be with getting a crew back together from other countries that are still dangerously effected with the covid19. I am sure many of them cannot wait to get back to work either. We have had 3 Mardi Gras cancellations. This October 30th cruise was booked when it was listed. So we are anxiously hoping it sails. Yesterday, I purchased the steak house (Free bottle of w
  10. Just in case we are asked for proof of vaccination. That is the reason you were given them in the first place. Two thin small cards. Takes up no room in her purse.
  11. Did you take steps to get your refund? Did you contact your bank and request to have them get it for you?
  12. You might want to change the "no one". My wife carries both of our laminated vaccination cards all the time in her purse.
  13. Not a major cruise line but the Bahamas Paradise Cruise line that sails a 2 day to Grand Bahamas from Palm Beach. If you go on that in the middle of the week. You feel like you are the only one on the ship other than the crew. At the show, they may have been 60 or 70 people. Went to the show. After the show was bingo. Everyone left but me and my wife and another couple. They said if you want to play the prize will be $50. Sure why not. We won and the other couple said we owe them a drink. That was the our experience with a small amount of people on a cruise.
  14. Just checked the Mardi Gras for November and December. I see no sold outs for any type of cabin.
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