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  1. On the news last night there was info on when they will start sailing. I missed it.
  2. The first notification came on March 5 offering $200 in additional OBC if we go on our March 16 cruise. I accepted. One week later on the 12th. The cruise was cancelled by Princess and given options. We took #2. #1 was the best in money as FCC but we wanted our money back in our account and we will have $1,904.00 in FCC also. Of which we already booked another cruise but gave no deposit. I am wondering how long it will stay on the web site waiting for payment. It has been two weeks so far. It is for May 16 on the Caribbean Princess it will be it's first sailing if it happens at all. So it has only been 3 weeks so far and already seems like 2 months. TA said the soonest might be 30-45 days for everything to be received. According to Princess. They will send an email when it is completed. Even though. Every day I check our Bank account and Princes website for the refund and the FCC.
  3. 30 days is super short. My Princess cruise was cancelled and was told 90 days. Nor did they send any confirmation of the offer request I accepted for the cancellation. I do not think I would be worried. I have the Grand Classica booked for Jun13 and cannot wait to go. I have not been contacted.
  4. Please see this Coronavirus cancellation changes? I posted the email I received which gives all the info.
  5. Cruise Schedule Update Due to the current COVID-19 situation we have extended the suspension of all future sailings on the Grand Celebration to Grand Bahama Island from April 10th to May 6th. We will return to our scheduled services, starting Friday May 8th. 2020, Mother’s Day weekend. We know this news will be tremendously disappointing for your clients. This decision was not taken lightly but given the current situation we felt we had to make further schedule changes to protect the health and safety of all our guests and crew. Future Cruise Credit As a result of this, we are providing guests affected by these further cruise suspensions, with an automatic Future Cruise Credit of 125% of the cruise ticket price paid. This can be used for any future sailing until December 31st, 2021. Furthermore, any promotional offer, pre-purchased amenity or package will be automatically price- protected and can be used alongside their future sailing. The Future Cruise Credit will be automatically updated in our system so there is nothing more for you to do other than plan their next cruise when ready. Just call us to transfer the booking. Remember, our completely flexible "Sail with Ease" policy will still apply for any future bookings made using the Future Cruise Credit. Namely, if clients wish to change the booking, right up to the day before departure, they may do so and transfer it to another cruise date. Cruise and Stay guests For guests affected that are booked on a Cruise and Stay package, they will be entitled to a Future Cruise & Stay Credit of 125% of the package price paid, excluding any taxes, fees and charges. This can be used for any future cruise only sailing or Cruise & Stay package, until December 31st, 2021. The Future Cruise & Stay Credit will be automatically updated in our system so there is nothing more for you to do other than plan their next cruise or Cruise & Stay package when they are ready. Just call us to transfer the booking. Cancel Cruise or Cruise & Stay Refund Option Due to the fluidity of the current situation we are encouraging guests to take their time and use the extra credit to come back and sail with us on a future date. If they opt to take a refund, they will only be entitled to 100% of the cruise or cruise and stay fare paid, plus taxes, fees and charges and any amenity or package which may have pre- paid. We will of course be happy to process that for you. Please call our Customer Service Team on (800) 374-4363. They can expect to receive a refund 45 days after advising us of their desire to cancel. All of us here at Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line would like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times and we look forward to welcoming you and your clients back onboard very soon. Sincerely, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Team Customer Service (800) 374-4363
  6. Well now I have 500 shares. Just bought this 100 @ $7.95
  7. That is correct. I might me mistaken but did he not say those ships are not allowed to dock in Florida. That is inhuman.
  8. I listened to just about all of it and did not hear Admiral Burke speak. Can you give me the time stamp to be able to find it. The 7thy Coast Guard District Commander gave the port order not to let the ships into US watters. Also now the sheriff's office has authority.
  9. Retired Admiral Burke NAVY ? I am also confused on this.
  10. Agree. I personally don't think any cruise line will knowingly would jeopardize anyone's health , lie or mislead anyone. They are in the business of having people enjoy life and happiness. I would think they are doing everything possible that they can in accordance with all laws. Whether they are maritime or any government.
  11. The TA giving OBC is some cases is from their commission including as an example a bottle of wine in your cabin. Depending who she is working for and how many cruises you have booked with that company will also govern on any extra OBC. Some companies have offerings for there customer continuing support. Otherwise the cruise line has the offerings as stated the promos etc.. Now many are asking if you want the perks and you are charged more for the cruise. The additional charge is far lower than if you paid for the perks separate giving you the option. You may not want the drink package, paid gratuities, specialty dining etc. so you are charged less for the cruise. Nice to have that as an option. Not all cruise lines are doing that. I hope soon they all will.
  12. If the cruise is paid yes they keep it.
  13. Our Allure cruise was our option to cancel due to a hurricane situation. We chose to cancel and received the FCC. We then booked two cruises instead of the one. RCL screwed up when giving the FCC to the first one and over paid it. Instead of doing it over they sent the overage as a refund back to my charge card. Now my TA put in for the balance of the FCC to go towards the second cruise. They denied it till the first cruise is completed. The second one is a year later. The TA now will need to reapply for the FCC to the second cruise after completion of the first one. Considering yours are back to back you may not be able to use it on the second one because final payment must be made long before your cruise on the second one. As the suggestion was. See if they will let you use it on the btb. They just might. I hope you are using a good TA. The cruise line right now hates being on the phone. Good luck. Let us know what the results are.
  14. Just an update on my post. The FCC leftover will be applied to the second one when my TA requests the FCC to be used on the second cruise.
  15. That is exactly what has happened to me. I must complete the first cruise before I can use the remainder of the FCC for the next booked cruise.
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