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  1. My TA is really upset. She just found out that when she booked a Carnival cruise and Carnival cancels the cruise they do not receive any commission for booking and taking care of the FCC that their customer will receive. Let's say you had a cruise booked, Carnival cancelled it and you received FCC. Then you book another cruise and Carnival cancels and you receive the FCC. The TA will NOT receive any commission for all the work they did on those past cancelled cruises. She will no longer book a Carnival cruise till they actually start sailing again. What happened to me just now. Carnival cancel
  2. Once you receive both vaccines the first and the second. You will receive a card indicating you received them. Wonder if you will just need that card or would they requirer you still get tested within 5 days of boarding. You may not enter another country for several days. Let's say you get tested on a Tuesday and your cruise starts that Saturday. The next day is then past 5 days. What then? Get tested on the ship?
  3. Green is not all that is needed. So far only Mexico and another place is allowing ships to dock and let off passengers. No where to go is the major problem right now. Not if the ships can sail. That is certainly another question though.
  4. Local news the other day confirms what I have been saying all along about this darn covid 19. It is NOT the major killer in the US. In order. #1 Heart disease, #2 cancer and 3rd covid19. So how about we all relax and just be cautious. BTW Wearing a mask while tanning, why not? A 24/7 mask. . Get a great tan and people will think you have on a funny mask.
  5. Got the email today. All March out of the US. Can you divide up OBC for future cruises. I have way too much to use on one cruise. If not. Guess I will get a gift card with it on the next cruise.
  6. Bet they can use the tax right offs. If they were doing a positive cash flow before. They can do it again.
  7. Just received the email. Carnivals cruises all cancelled in the US for March.
  8. The family that owns the cruise line is super wealthy. Billionaires.
  9. Guess you missed it in my first post. The Friday evening NEWS covering Florida
  10. The CDC guidance had nothing to do with the 6o days. That is what the cruise lines estimated time line to start cruises after approval.
  11. Where did you get your practically bankrupt information from? Or are you just assuming?
  12. Guess you missed the update. (What you are referring to is old news. Trial cruises are required) What I posted is not. As of January 1st 2021, No trial cruises YET from any port in Florida. Once that happens and approved they are saying it will be 60 days later before cruising will resume.
  13. No. The Grand Classica is one of the two ships they have.
  14. Same cruise line. Yes. If you did not use FCC from another cruise already. If it is more than what you owe. You will receive the balance as still FCC.
  15. Just posted this, but not on this topic. Last evening Jan 1st. on the news cruise lines must do trial cruises with voluntary passengers and then get approved after that. Then 60 days later before resuming regular cruises. So far from Florida. No trial cruises have started.
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