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  1. Well if I did. Sorry to upset you and I will not reply to your posts again.
  2. So did you it is your second with exactly the same information. So whos counting anyhow?
  3. Enter on Google. Princess medallion holders. There are 12 listed on ebay. The most expensive is $19.95 and as low as $9.95
  4. I said that. The taxes and fees do NOT change for the same cruise on the same ship on different dates where the cruise cost might me higher or lower. I said. depending on how far the ship must cruise and how manty ports and different ports govern the Tax and Port charges. However, they remain the same for the same cruise but different dates. The only price change will be the cruise itself and the perks. Not the tax and port charges for the same cruise. So it is NOT inaccurate at all. If I desided to go on a Panama canal cruise on the same ship that will visit the same ports and leave and return to the same port. The only price difference will be for different times of the year and that will ONLY be the cruise cost itself. The tax and port charges will NOT change, it remains constant, only the cruise cost itself. So picking a cruise going by the cruise cost itself is the best way to govern your cruise cost. No matter what the tax and port charges are. Everyone will pay the same for that cruise and they do not change during the year. Only the cruise cost itself.
  5. Cruise only cost per person per day is all that matters. The tax and port charges for a certain cruise usually never changes so that is a constant. Usually is governed by the distance the ship bus sail and the ports it goes to. The only other variable are any perks. They are either a good deal or they are not. Many now offer you the option to opt out of any additional perks and get a lower price for the cruise.
  6. I already replied to this topic. Just wanted to add. We do at least 4 cruises minimum each year, except for this year. Pandemic. We live in Port Saint Lucie Florida. Almost between Port Canaveral and Ft. Lauderdale's, Port Everglades. Gas cost is about $10.00 round trip for our small car. Parking off site is usually around $8.00 a day with the vets discount they offer. We usually do very good with OBC for every cruise but still end up with a bill on the card. We do the slots and never more than $100.00 a day. On most cruises we break even or maybe a little ahead. We do every bingo and that is where we just have some fun and a few drinks. I always buy the soda package before the cruise to get the discount. Special coffee for the wife maybe twice during a cruise. She is not a soda drinker but maybe a glass of wine or two. She loves her tea. If I want a rum and coke. I have the paid coke so I just pay for the rum usually at a special price. If it is a ship we have never been on before we always get the ships magnet. We have cruised the Eastern and Western Caribbean, all the Bahamas the deep south and the canal. So excursions we basically no loner go on unless it happens to be a port we never were at. Wife will no fly so no transatlantic cruises. On Carnival for sure because there steak house is the best on land or sea. We always do that the first night to get the free bottle of wine. never ever been disappointed. Wish I could say the same for their pizza. So, as I have said before. Never over $100.00 per night, per person. We do the Ocean View now. No longer the balcony. 4 booked for 2021 $59, $78, $90, $95 pp pd the $95 is the Mardi Gras for Halloween. 3 so far for 2022, $52, $64, and $83. $83 is the Mardi Gras for Halloween. We always do Halloween with Carnival every year but this one. So yes, not only are we so happy were we live because it is Florida, but needless to say. To do the cruises at a far lower cost.
  7. My mistake. I thought you had a problem with them. I read you post wrong.
  8. Why are you condemning where you lived? You picked the place to live and received HOA rules before you did your final purchase. if not. You should have asked for the rules before buying in there. There is no reason at all to live in a community that has a home owners association if you choose not to. Other than it being YOUR choice to do so. I moved to Florida from Buffalo in 1972 and NEVER have ever paid any home owners association fees for my residence. I did however have a few condos that I rented that did have it and it was excellent. Low cost, kept the place in great shape and we had a party every year. I read the rules before I purchased and they sounded very fair and they were.
  9. Not for cruising and only if the local governing bodies let it open. he removed fines for not wearing a mask. But the local cities govern.
  10. 99% of the time, anything over $100 per day per person included so called FREE perks. You are paying for them. Many cruise lines now offer with or with out so you have a choice. If yo can use the perks sometimes it is worth it. In our chase, They are not.
  11. Under $100 pp pd cruise only. Most all of our cruises are below $85 pp pd. Only exception are new ships that are usually higher. That is for ocean View cabins. We are booked on the Crown Princess for 4/2/2022 a 14 night cruise that will stop at 7 ports. That cruise for our OV Ocean View cabin Empress deck is $64.00 pp pd. In addition I will receive $250.00 Stock OBC $250.00 Military OBC and $60.00 from my TA for additional OBC. An unbelievable low $330.00 for the Port and Tax for 7 ports. Now that is a super price.
  12. Some have and some went up. As for perks. depends on the cruise and the cruise line. Most of the time you are paying extra for the perks. Some cruise lines offer you a choice in price. With or with out the perks.
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