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  1. Gotta make up those losses in that 18$/day deluxe package somehow.
  2. Why not just bring on your own diet coke or club soda in your allotted 12 cans per stateroom?
  3. Thanks folks! I think this is for sure a better deal than purchasing individually as 60$ worth of rum and cokes would be 4 on the ship and I can get at least double that out of this bottle. Unless theres an 18% gratuity buying this bottle as well......
  4. Following. Sailing on the 9/29 sailing. Can you keep an eye out for when and cost of a bucket of beer shows up? Thanks!
  5. Currently there is a 375ml bottle of rum +coke package for purchase at $43 usd. Would it be cheaper to purchase this bottle (for 1 person) vs purchasing a rum and coke on ship? I will be bringing my own soda on board also. Basically, how many drinks can one get out of one of these bottles? Trying to see if a 60$ (Canadian funds) is cheaper than buying individual drinks.
  6. Has anyone used this agency for travel insurance? I am getting an awesome quote and the site showed up when I researched best canadian travel insurance providers. It seems they are affiliated with AIG. Has anyone heard of this company and can provide some insight? Thanks
  7. Are you able to recall if the 10 drink card showed up on this ship?
  8. I placed my bid and there are now 30 days until sailing. Currently, there are no rooms of the bid category left however that doesnt necessarily mean my bid is automatically not approved? Has anyone placed a bid, saw the ship was sold out, and then their bid had been accepted before sail?
  9. Solo female traveler. Would you Uber ($50/45 min ride) to hotel or Shuttle to port ($20/55) and Uber to hotel (25$/15 minutes)? I heard I can Uberpool? How does that option work? And would it be likely option going to Merritt Island (I guess I would share with Cocoa Beach travelers?)
  10. 35 days until Harmony! First solo and I am getting anxious but excited
  11. Thinking of purchasing a band for my upcoming cruise on Harmony. Question: is this concept essentially paying 5$ to not wear a lanyard? Because I want one anyways but when my mom asked what they were for an I told her its basically a magic band, she mentioned that logic.
  12. Keep her warm for us. Sailing on my first solo 9/29. First time on Harmony and I CANT wait.
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