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  1. So RCI lets you bring soda on embarkation day. Are we also allowed to bring soda on board at ports? Theoretically one could buy some soda from the local grocer.
  2. ksmommy5

    Sea Turtle

    Hello! I am wanting to book the Save a Seaturtle excursion through Royal. I am going to be in Cozumel the first week of October. Anyone who has done this, is that too late?
  3. Ahhh! Thank you! I see it now 🙂 Good think I checked because I thought I chose 630 but actually chose 730 lol
  4. I am also booked on the Harmony and when I chose MTD I initially picked a 630 time-slot. However, now on my calendar, for the MTD reservations, it indicated "at your leisure" and no set time. I am taking that as I am able to show up anytime between the MTD hours.....
  5. Ok, I just want to say it is an HONOUR to have you comment on my post. I legit read through your review (22 pages!) of the Allure and you had me in tears. I am debating between BarHop and Nachi Cocum for Cozumel. I am doing Maya Chan in Costa Maya already but I cant grasp spending 60$ on alcohol when I can walk around port of Coz and quad-fist 1$ Coronas lol
  6. The judgement here is unreal. Unfortunately, there is a set amount in the budget for a hotel and this is what I could find for my dates. If anyone wants to pay for my "nicer" hotel, by all means, go for it.
  7. As a Canadian from Ontario (but frequently travel to the East coast), the weather here is unpredictable, however July/Aug is our hottest months at around 28 C or in the low 80s. We are supposed to have an extremely hot summer. I see you are from NY. Our weather is basically the same.
  8. Wow. these are beautiful. thanks for sharing!
  9. Hello fellow Torontonian! I am also set for my first solo cruise, in September. After endless hours on the boards about this topic, I switched from traditional 8pm dining, to Anytime for my Royal cruise. I went on cruise planner and made my reservations based on ports excursions and decided on 730 dining 4/7 nights. I need some me time as well.
  10. You're the best! Thank you!
  11. Yes but I cant even go in and "add to cart" because once i do it again, it just says to modify.
  12. I am in my cruise planner trying to make reservations for my September cruise and for the MTD, it is only allowing me to make a reservation for 1 day and time, instead of making them for the whole week. Am i doing something wrong?
  13. Lol i didn’t dismiss anyone. I said I booked a hotel and said it was non refundable and instead of moving along you felt the need to belittle my decision because I couldn’t afford something else. I appreciate your advice.
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