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  1. Spice H2O is adults only during the day, usually at night they have parties there, kids welcome. There is a bar at Spice & usually bar waiters walking around. They have loungers out during the day, a hot tub & the grotto - a waterfall you can walk thru to cool off during the heat. There is smoking allowed (I believe) on the bar side (if you smoke ir want to avoid it). But the biggest difference is a BirdTravels noted - $200 Enjoy your cruise!!
  2. @bkrickles1 you have a great attitude & make some good points. Looking forward to hearing what you think about her when you return, we sail in 100+ days. Have a great cruise!!!
  3. Wondering if anyone recently on Encore bought Vibe passes and has any idea if they sold out, how fast. I understand it is bigger on Encore so more passes available. Wondering if this makes it a bit easier to get the passes without having to run to get there.
  4. Thank you! Was confused for a minute, sailing in May first time as platinum also & trying to decide which restaurant to pick. Thanks for cleating that up for me 😉
  5. try to log in to MyNCL after you check in at the port, should be able to get their wi-fi, you can make reservations while you're waiting to board... a tip I got from CC & it worked great for us, also no worries to get them done when we boarded... have a great cruise!!!
  6. I am booked in May, final payment due this week. I booked online direct with NCL using 2 cruise next certificates for payment. Have been making payments monthly. My husband (in error) applied another cruise next when making a payment online, something I thought the system would not allow. I called NCL & the rep saw the payment, also thought you could only use 2 & the system would not allow use of another, but did not know how to fix it. I am nervous about losing this booking if they come back after final payment telling me I owe more money so they cancel reservation. Has anyone ever had this happen or have any thoughts/ideas about what I can do to rectify this so as not to lose my cruise? i appreciate any help you can give me.
  7. if the water is rough they won't go - they use boats (sometimes lifeboats) to get you there so waves can make for a rocky ride... decision not usually made until day of & if missed you usually either have another sea day or if possible, go to Bahamas early... it's a nice relaxing day at the beach & you can eat & drink the same as on the ship... they also have cabanas (cost extra) that look real nice... I've made it there 5 out 6 times & really enjoy that day... have a great cruise!
  8. I remember when I went on the Dawn there was a Mexican restaurant not sure same name, but haven't seen one since. I enjoy it as a change of pace on the ship. Thanks doe the info 😉
  9. that sounds great thanks! Thinking I would enjoy that over Q & your post has me leaning towards Los Lobos.
  10. And I do on every cruise I take. I don't really hang out at the pool (too fair), I usually find a quiet area to hang out, or if I feel like socializing, a not too crowded bar in the shade (or inside) where I can strike a conversation with the bartender or anyone that comes along. That's what I've loved about cruising, meeting people from all over the world, getting to know them, their customs, their country. And I also travel non peak seasons for the less crowded, less children type cruise. In my opinion, cruising is the best vacation, but also, price wise, the best way to spend my money.
  11. has anyone seen a menu from Los Lobos? I've seen Q but not sure interested in it. Going Encore May 2020
  12. I've always loved those ships. I admit I didn't do the "less drinking" part (lmao) but the others, absolutely. It was relaxing, calming and soothing. Being on the water, no tv, no newspapers, no outside world. Really does a lot for recharging yourself from the day to day of life.
  13. That sounds like a perfect vacation to me also. The price you got is awesome & I would also prefer a ship with none of the extras, remind me of the ones we sailed when I first started cruising over 20 years ago. No frills, but the best vacations I've had
  14. I agree, I prepay the DSC & when I get onboard, barely spend any money. I also enjoy the relaxing, doing no cooking, and people watching, ocean viewing, that being on a ship allows me. I'm glad the things are there if I so need/want but don't feel as if I have to purchase anything. But as you said, to each his own.
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