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  1. I was able to book a mini suite w/ large balcony - sleeps 4 - online & had picked 2 passengers. A few cabins came up that slept either 3 or 4 even though we were 2. Have also in the past booked online a cabin that sleeps 4 & we were only 3 passengers. Seems weird that you can't do that online.
  2. Two Wheels Only replied showed up after I hit send - now it makes sense. Yeah, they're not changing anything, less free deck space
  3. weird that after August 2020 it doesn't show any Vibe... and what's happening in August that this will change? Strange that they put that on there
  4. When did she book the cruise? The beverage package has been an offer for the first 2 passengers for what feels like forever. Did she book thru a travel agent? Is it a sail away cabin? I've not seen them go on sale, just offered as a free perk (you pay the 20% gratuity on package price). If she booked a sail away maybe she can upgrade & get the packages, may still save money.
  5. I read that also but after being on the Escape 2x I can assure you there is no smoking allowed on the waterfront
  6. There is no smoking on the Waterfront on the Escape. The only outdoor smoking areas are Spice H2O & the bar above the pool area. Both are on upper decks so you should be fine. Have a great cruise, the Escape is my favorite ship
  7. I too was going to start a post about this lol I called the other day, was on hold maybe a couple of minutes past your 3 but my questions were answered quickly & the rep was very nice. I'm glad you shared this, sometimes people only share the bad & it gets tiring when there is no good 😉
  8. Thank you so much Steff79 for the great pictures!!!! Tough to see on the webcam, really enjoying your view of it all
  9. awesome pics of a great ship! wish I was on sailing away with her 🙂
  10. yeah realized that after doing a little digging... I guess I could take a nap during the day & stay up late lol
  11. thank you so much for that! I would really like to watch that, have never seen a float out before. And thank you theDougout, FreestyleNovice and all who have made this so interesting & informative. It has been fun "watching" the ship being built & learning all about the process. Makes me even more excited for May 2020
  12. Is this the link we can use to see the float out? I clicked on it but don't read German lol I would really like to see it online if able
  13. Weird, mine still says $15.00 pp hope it didn't go up
  14. In general, are the biggest balconies (not including the Haven) the M6 mini suite w/ large balcony, balcony w/ large balcony or the forward/aft balcony? I've tried looking & it seems no one has a definitive answer. I will be sailing on the Encore if that helps, not sure if it changes according to the ship. I know there are plenty of people on here that seem to know all the little things about cabins. I only recently started sailing in balcony & now would like to have the 'biggest" one maybe once 😉 I appreciate all your help.
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