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  1. In general, are the biggest balconies (not including the Haven) the M6 mini suite w/ large balcony, balcony w/ large balcony or the forward/aft balcony? I've tried looking & it seems no one has a definitive answer. I will be sailing on the Encore if that helps, not sure if it changes according to the ship. I know there are plenty of people on here that seem to know all the little things about cabins. I only recently started sailing in balcony & now would like to have the 'biggest" one maybe once 😉 I appreciate all your help.
  2. You're going to love the Escape, she's a great ship!!! I'll try to answer best I can... you will not be charged per drink, the gratuities you pay on the package cover that, the only thing you will be charge is tax while in US waters. the daily service charge is separate - that covers waiters, housekeepers, etc. and others behind the scenes you never even see. Hope this helps, have a great cruise!
  3. Weather in NY at that time is cold, yes. And good chance you will miss GSC & go to Nassau a day early or have another at sea day. But I think if you prepare yourself for that, you'll fine. If going on a cruise is what you want to do, I say go for it. I've not been on the Bliss but have done the Breakaway & Escape 2x & leave from NY all the time. I love being on the ship so I'm happy no matter what else happens. The Waterfront is a great place to hangout as is the District bar, they have floor to ceiling windows so you can always hang out by the window & watch the ocean go by. Have fun!!! And congratulations on your wedding 🙂
  4. just to jump in here... not sure what they smoke but when we went with my MIL in 2017 Pall Mall were the cheapest. At that time they were $20 a carton (I'm sure they're more now but), just something for them to consider if they don't mind what they smoke. She usually smoked Marlboro lights but at that price was willing to get the cheaper ones & she said they were fine. Happy cruising!
  5. it does cost extra but I can't remember the price right now. The drinks are included with the fee to get in (if I recall correctly) I think you get 2 with admission but as I said, I don't remember exactly.
  6. I've never done it personally but read about it lots on here, from what I understand they need a latitudes # for you to transfer from your account to theirs, so in this case, I'm thinking yes, they would need to book first & get a number. I'm sure there are others on here with more experience though who will give you a better informed answer.
  7. Curious if this will replace La Cucina as a platinum member dining perk.
  8. We sail 3 in a balcony when taking my MIL along (she speaks no english so won't travel alone.) It's tight but we get by, having a balcony helps. We try to take turns getting ready, I'll go get a drink while they get ready & vice versa. We also designate shelves for each other for our clothes & everyone respects the others space. I think you'll be fine, just remember you're on a cruise so who cares about the room lol. Have fun!
  9. Your post is making me feel better about booking this cruise! It definitely has me calming down also, we don't spend time near the pools & were looking for a cruise from NYC at that time of year & this is it. You make good points & I am looking forward to this cruise now more than before 😉 As another poster said, we just need to wait & see what happens. Either way, I'm on vacation, on a cruise, in Bermuda, with no worries for a week. I will have a great time regardless & if not my favorite, I know not to book it again. Thanks for the post
  10. I also vote for the waterfront. Sign up for your roll call & plan on attending the meet & greet, it's a nice way to meet other cruisers & the officers. Take the reviews with a grain of salt (especially the food reviews) remember everybody has different opinions & something someone else did not like may not bother you. Try not to let things get to you, if it's something really bad or serious, bring it to the attention of the HD on the ship, don't wait until you get home to email NCL, but if it's not, let it go. Have a great cruise & remember this is what you waited for all year - enjoy every second of it.
  11. I'm following this thread because we too are booked on the Encore next year & looking to spoil ourselves this one time. I went with the mini suite w/ large balcony because I really love having the balcony, but am curious to see what others have to say about the choices you gave. Hoping others have some great responses here.
  12. We sailed the Escape in May & also went to Bayamo, I thought the food was very good & the service great. I've read mixed reviews about this restaurant but I think that's to be expected, food is very subjective. If you like seafood I think you'll really enjoy it. My husband had the steak & lobster tail & loved them both. I had the fisherman's platter (I think that's what is was called) and also enjoyed it very much. You never know until you try so may as well try it 😉 Enjoy your cruise, the Escape is a great ship. If you like beer definitely go to the District, it's a great place to hang out & they have floor to ceiling windows so even nice to sit there during the day & watch the world go by.
  13. Thanks KeithJenner, that's a good size also but after seeing the M6 size I'd rather do that one. This is more money we usually spend on a cruise but always wanted the big balcony & have the chance to do it now so why not? I'm really grateful for you guys helping me out because I seriously would have made a big mistake without your info & would have been sad - though still would have had a great cruise 😉
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