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  1. ChristyS

    New to Royal ???about grandeur

    We always eat n MDR on the holland ships we have sailed on embarkation day-Caribbean and Alaska cruises
  2. I never knew what the cups were for on my last cruise. They sat in our cabin the entire week and I use at home for water. What exactly is a free style machine and where are the located? We were on the grandeur of the seas
  3. Just got off the Grandeur today. The concierge was Carlington
  4. Leaving Saturday out of Baltimore. What should I expect as far as effects from Hurricane Chris. Should I start any sea sickness meds prior to boarding?
  5. sailing july 14 on grandeur in grand suite We are driving to port and my papers say to check in after 1100. 1. Will my suite likely be ready? 2. Best bet for a relaxing lunch? 3. Is there a separate breakfast place for suite guests? 4. I seen a lot of talk about reservations for shows but I don’t see any options in my cruise planner. Is that because there aren’t any or not enough interest to need reservations This is only my third cruise so I’m still rather new
  6. ChristyS

    Eurodamn Neptune Suite

    Booked on an Alaska 7 day cruise 3 adults in a cabin right across from the Neptune lounge. I see there is possibly still an corner suite available on deck 6. My first cruise last year I had a corner suite on the westerdam but it was Caribbean. Give m your thoughts-should I stay put or try to switch? Will having that deck space be nice or not likely to be used?
  7. cruising to Alaska may 27. My DH and BIL and myself- no children. Requesting thoughts about a Lido Cabana. We are on the eurodam and booked a Neptune suite.
  8. Does anyone have a list of clothing you wore on an Alaska cruise ? Starting to plan for a May trip. Thanks in advance
  9. My husband would like to take his 82 year old brother with us to Alaska. BIL is fairly active so I'm not worried about excursions. I'm curious about the sofa bed. Is it comfortable ? We are in a NS so I'm sure there is enough room. I'm happy to have him join us because you never know. How many years he will be with us. Any thoughts or experience with 3 adults in NS?
  10. My DH has cruised for many years He really would love to do a 14 day round trip transatlantic on the QE2. I have only cruised onceb 7 days on Caribbean holiday and we have a 7 day Alaska cruise in 2017. What does anyone suggest as a next step? I feel I should work up to more sea days and less ports. He enjoys HAL so that's all I experienced. Give me your thoughts please
  11. ChristyS

    Azamara in Baltimore

    I just saw a ship from azamara docked in Baltimore ? Is this a new port for them?
  12. ChristyS

    Swimming pool

    Will the main swimming pool be open on an Alaska cruise in September ? I know it's covered and heated We will be on the eurodam
  13. ChristyS

    Seattle airport

    We plan to fly in Friday night before our cruise on s Saturday. We won't get in until probably 1am Seattle time. My DH thinks we should just plan to stay in the airport instead of getting a hotel as we hopefully will board around 1100. I think he's crazy and remembering his youthful travels Any thoughts and if hotel any recommendations Thanks
  14. ChristyS

    Cabanas on eurodam

    Anyone have any experience with the cabanas on lido? Is it worth it to have a place of your own? We are cruising sept 2017 to Alaska and hope to have another couple or two go along. Will we be able to swim or is it too cold?
  15. Well this is my first cruise and although I have read a lot on here I was not prepared. This is what I've learned or noticed Embarkation was very smooth Makeup packed in luggage should be well padded Ordering gifts prior doesn't seem to make sense. I ordered champagne and strawberries for my self and DH as it is our honeymoon. Little did I know there would be some sent by someone else. Would have been nice to know or if ships services could have suggested another day First night dinner at n pinnacle was excellent although the wine steward didn't give us the time of day after our first glass. Probably because I asked for one from the beverage package First Galla night dinner was awful. Food was lukewarm meat was tough and no wine. Also I learned that sharing a table with strangers must be a learned art and one I don't have Very uncomfortable the entire evening First port day was today but I didn't know how to get off ship and DH wasn't feeling well. Rough seas and what he felt was a bad sandwich a lido yesterday. I couldn't find my anxiety mess- which I rarely take and he might not have packed them. Thus I have remained ion my cabin. At least it is nice and roomy Missed breakfast and couldn't figure out how to order room service or where to find a menu. Again the anxiety had control of me. Wandered up to lido for quick bite and then back down. Figured out how to buy internet so here I am. I seriously overpacked and may pack up some tomorrow to get a head start.