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  1. Not necessarily - while bigger, O class has pretty good maneuverability with her pods and thrusters.
  2. As I mentioned, that doesn’t seem to happen any more on RCI. The few really low priced sailings usually happen further out, like 30-60 days.
  3. Search Google pics or YouTube on Oasis, Harmony or Symphony for any cabin in that area- they will be similar.
  4. It varies widely, but generally not too crowded - very easy to get when there’s not an event there. The RCI app may list operating times.
  5. That has not happened in quite some time. There used to be some $99 threads here, but nowadays it’s tough to find much below $199 and that’s usually on shorter sailings.
  6. If you just want the app, you can try that now - get it from the play store. The decoding of the barcode on the SetSail pass doesn’t even need a phone - you can even do that in the browser on a PC - that’s only to potentially find your cabin assignment before officially assigned.
  7. No, any app to decode the SetSail pass barcode will work.
  8. Yes on the app but the texting feature is not available yet.
  9. I think RCI has plenty of history for you not to expect that; heck some people can't even get a cabin with a GTY booking.
  10. Not sure RCI would bother cancelling excursions before they cancel the cruise. That sailing is still on sale and it would be pretty unusual to charter a 9 day sailing, especially this close in.
  11. And yet, like you, they keep on giving RCI their business.
  12. Because most folks don't care and consider any perk a bonus?
  13. I think some have reported that they do get the double points in that case - it's when you already have a balcony and get a free upgrade to a JS (or you Royal Up) that you don't.
  14. On a very short flier this week the Allure and Vision TAs have good pricing along with the a couple of Vision sailings next month.
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