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  1. Some of this may depend on when you plan to cruise - there'll be changes after her dry dock in Nov. Read some Quantum reviews for info on current state of sailings.
  2. Because the latency would suck (and lead to poor real world performance for most), just like on the ship - and would likely be more expensive.
  3. A few ships have that but the bottle is much smaller.
  4. Quantum class (including Ovation) has some unique shows which may be difficult to attend without reservations - Pixels just became available for booking in the planner, you may want to reserve some others as well. You may want to take advantage of the Royal IQ app on the ship.
  5. The Adventure and Ovation repos have decent prices, along with early Alaska sailings.
  6. No, availablity is just as unpredictable as before.
  7. It might be too early to book dining - keep checking the planner.
  8. No, you need to be connected to the ship's WiFi for set up. You won't need phone numbers but the other info. It might be easier/faster to do this at the VOOM kiosk on the ship.
  9. While that might be true now, the fact that the OP is sailing AFTER Quantum's dry dock and move out of the China market may change things.
  10. Do a Google Image search with a combination of all three ships names and that cabin number. You can also ask this in some of the roll call threads before your sailing.
  11. When you get to the host desk at MTD, ask for a table for 4 - nothing to worry about.
  12. The denial e-mail seems to come about 6PM on the day before sailing - the acceptance e-mail is anytime before that.
  13. Check deckplan here https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/deckbydeck.php?ship=Ovation-of-the-Seas&deck=14
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