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  1. It may not to you, but it does to RCI. They could have cancelled the October cruises a month ago instead of yesterday. All the folks on one months worth of sailings had to make final payment. Some portion of that crowd will do nothing (and get the FCC), L&S or opt for the FCC. All that full payment money stays in RCI coffers, instead of just deposits had they cancelled a month earlier. That difference between deposit and full payment is probably quite sizable and is one of the reasons RCI doesn't want to cancel before final payment.
  2. Like last time, BPCL is not going with the CLIA crowd and still plans to sail after the expiration of current CDC no sail order on 10/1.
  3. ^ Interesting that he didn't answer to profitability at 70% capacity.
  4. I would not make plans for any sailing at this time.
  5. Because your final payment date is later and this can force folks to make final payment without giving choice for a refund till afterwards.
  6. That's because they have no choice most of the time. If they could, they'd cancel as late as possible; RCI was still selling the 8/19 sailings (just two weeks away) out of China up till yesterday.
  7. Any TA for the foreseeable future will be without paying passengers.
  8. A couple of Disney ships are keeping Anthem company.
  9. Northstar taken off for maintenance.
  10. The most recent availability of space is to watch the videos of the beaching of the 4 ships. There didn't seem to be a lot of room left when I saw those videos. They squeeze them in there real tight. https://youtu.be/Do6rswWX218 That's Sovereign on the left and Fantasy on the right with Inspiration in the middle.
  11. You may have missed the fact that RCI usually only cancels sailings after final payment (do the math on Aussie final payment dates) - they are not clueless at all, just a bit greedy. Unless and until they have outsiders tell them to cancel further out, they won't on their own.
  12. At any time before the default FCC kicks in when RCI cancels.
  13. Some have reported being able to talk to RCI directly on refund issues - try to go around your TA and ask for a supervisor when you talk to RCI. Insurance can be moved to another sailing - again, ask about this when you talk to RCI. The TA may not be giving you all the info.
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