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  1. Don’t sail on anything older than Odyssey.
  2. Your SetSail pass should update soon, if not already, and the barcode trick should work.
  3. Wait till 45 days out,check in and you’ll probably find out your cabin assignment (via the SetSail pass barcode trick). Then decide if the Royal Up is worth it - unlikely the RU wins will be handed out before then. Your cabin assignment status makes no diff for RU eligibility.
  4. The algorithm that governs the cabin selling strategy and RCI IT may not have common sense.
  5. Not one that's pointed directly to the terminal - there are some general Baltimore webcams.
  6. I'm suggesting they change to MTD and try it one night.
  7. Probably the misunderstanding of a macerator.
  8. That is not the norm. Most cars from the previous sailing are long gone by 9AM.
  9. Pick the menu that appeals to you and try MTD that night - the other few nights, WJ.
  10. Unless they can dry dock in the Americas, Icon will likely be in the Med in 5 years.
  11. Yes, but make it easier for others to open it you need to save it as some sort pic/photo file (like .jpg).
  12. No, it can only accommodate one ship at a time.
  13. At the bottom of the main screen there should be a link to browse other ships - all sailings within final payment should be there.
  14. I should have specified to choose the closest in sailing, not yours.
  15. That's subjective - the big screen faking a balcony is mostly a gimmick.
  16. The app may list that - look at close in sailings. You can bring your own skates, but very unlikely it's worth the effort.
  17. The Northstar is not highest point on Q class and very unlikely RCI would consider that one any other ship.
  18. TAs and other special guests were on a special sailing on 7/16. The naming ceremony was the day before that sailing.
  19. As mentioned above, some ships limit check in to app only.
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