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  1. They serve liquor which has had TX taxes paid on it, until they are far enough out.
  2. They do, however, I suspect not on the timeline or the level of detail expected by some.
  3. BTW, it’s not just iMessages that work. Also, while somewhat random, some app inbound notifications also worked. I could get the first two lines of inbound emails to show up in notifications, though you couldn’t do anything else with it.
  4. Yes, all the regular events should be available.
  5. As far as taxes being refundable, you don’t have a choice, they always are and are separate from base fare on a US booking.
  6. True, in late 2019 most reporting suggested that, but I think the new texting function within the RCI app requires them to open the port that lets iMessages to sneak by.
  7. You may need to adjust your expectations - other than the fanfare the AMPs got with the ships that were to receive them, RCI doesn't usually say anything about dry docks. Also, dry dock schedule slippage is almost expected and RCI itself may not know till fairly close in when they'll actually finish (they may find something at the end which needs fixing which may result in further delays). The long TA back to Galveston may provide some time to make up.
  8. The only forthcoming was that ALL amps were being postponed for the foreseeable future.
  9. If you add in the included drink package, grats, VOOM, laundry and prorate the flights, that is about $170-180 of "value" per couple - still not a good deal, but a bit closer.
  10. No. FCC can only gained and applied on the base fare. All other expenses are paid/refunded.
  11. No, her World Cruise covers about 1/2 of the schedule that normally should be announced soon for the 23-24 season (usually up till the end of April).
  12. There's one less ship (Serenade) that we have to worry about figuring out her schedule for 23-24.
  13. Unfortunately, on CC and in life, the negative minority drown out the positive majority.
  14. Sure, but those are compared to pricing on 7 day cruises. If someone tries to "get their money's worth" out of the typical $50+ drink package on this world cruise they'll be joining AA half way through their journey. Biker, who wonders what Royal Up prices will be on such a sailing.
  15. Not sure many would consider $200+pppd for an interior a good value on a Radiance class ship. Biker, who is impressed with RCI marketeers at the innovative ideas they come up with to separate folks from the money.
  16. Inside the RCI app itself. If you have iPhones, iMessages should work without any VOOM package.
  17. Go to the right of the masses of people in the regular line - separate security line as well inside.
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