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  1. I've had it happen twice. Once was after a visit to Detroit and once when there was no travel involved. Both times the credit card company caught the fraudulent activity an alerted me. I also am in charge of reconciling credit cards for our company cards and we get fraud alerts at least 6x or more a year on company cards. Again the credit card companies always catch the fraud going on almost immediately. As an additional warning, last year I received a letter in the mail from a credit card company that I had been approved for a credit card that it said I applied for and that my card was on the way. I never applied for a card from this company. The next day I received a note from the post office that per my request my mail was being temporarily forwarded. I did not request that either. I called the post office immediately and found that someone had put in a request to have my mail temporarily forwarded to an address in Florida. I live in Michigan. I told them I had not done that. Some of my mail had already been sent to that address. I had to go through all sorts of calls and forms to file a case about this with the Post Office. Luckily most of the mail I receive now days is junk mail as almost everything is paperless e-mail. I also had to get a credit report done, alert the credit card company that was supposedly sending me a new card to cancel that card as I did not request it as well as alert the credit reporting agencies about the fraud that was happening to me. I now make sure to watch my credit report regularly.
  2. Since food is subjective you are gong to many different responses. I would eliminate La Cucina. May I suggest reviewing the menu's of all them and seeing which restaurants have meals you would like to try. You know your tastes better than we do.
  3. Don't be surprised though if some of the kids don't like the kids clubs. My kids hated them. I would have them try at least once on our first couple of cruises but it never worked so we stopped trying. But that was okay and cruising still became our favorite type of family vacations. We started cruising with our kids when they were 4 and 7, they are now 22 and 25 and have been on 10 cruises. Instead of the kids clubs we took them to the production and family comedy shows. We ate all our meals together. DD and I would lay out on the Lido while the boys went and played basketball/soccer. We mini golfed and played ping pong together. We did Bingo and trivia games together along with any other activities that interest us. We went on shore and did excursions together. We brought card games like Uno, which is a family favorite, and played on the Lido or on the Promenade deck. Cruises became a wonderful time for us all to reconnect with each other and enjoy each others company which was hard to do at home with our busy sports, work and school schedules. So enjoy your trip. I hope your kids like the clubs but if they don't, take the time to enjoy the cruise with them.
  4. 2 this year. But we also sail other cruise lines and take land vacations so the amount on Carnival can vary from 0-2 right now. That may change in a little over a year when I retire and we have more vacation flexibility and time.
  5. I don’t think a 2nd lounger would fit on the short side of the angled balcony. It just fits on the longer side.
  6. After 19 cruises I have seen dolphins once sailing into San Juan, a sting ray while at port in Cozumel, and jellyfish as far as the eye could see in the Gulf of Mexico. That's it. I keep looking but fail to find more often than not.
  7. Both my iPad and cell phone ‘s lock screen has my e-mail address on it along with a photo background of my cruise luggage tag. That picture is also the first picture in my camera roll.
  8. I put my name, cell phone number and travel insurance information
  9. My son and I are ice tea drinkers. My husband and daughter are coffee/lemonade drinkers.
  10. Carnival Magic has Laundry rooms with washers/dryers and small ironing boards/irons in them. No irons in the rooms.
  11. We have cruised in Sept/Oct 5 times out of our 20 cruises. All of them have been since 2013 when our now adult kids were in their late teens and could stay at home alone. We have our next one booked in 3 weeks. Our anniversary is in October so I imagine we will have many more in that time period in the future. The one thing I have noticed on these cruises is there are fewer families and many more couples in their 40's-50's-60's.
  12. The last time we were in San Juan DD and I made a point to find the street covered with umbrellas. There are also a lot of great forts in the area to check out. In St. Thomas my favorite excursion was Air Force 1 tours with Papa Bear. if you want to stick closer to the pier there is the skyride you can walk to and get some amazing views.
  13. We have our first Getaway Casino Cruise next month. I printed of the Boarding Passes and Luggage Tags and they both say "Priority" on them. Am I correct in assuming this means we get priority boarding and early access to our rooms like FTTF has? TIA
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