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  1. You can see the sad look on our two Great Pyrenees when we start packing for a trip.. lol.. They're like seriously You're leaving us with grandma again lol
  2. Sounds like my Catholic upbringing except I tend to cuss a lot lol
  3. RCCL has an excursion for both of these in one tour for $28.99 .. Im wondering if it would be Cheaper to take a cab to both places so we don't feel rushed.. Any opinions are welcome
  4. I wear Khakis and a polo.. Formal nights.. Suit and tie..
  5. just have safe search on.. lol.. the images are well.. umm lol
  6. IM glad I found out what a BBC is.. Google showed me a whole different BBC lol
  7. IM with you on this one Ty.. Sailaway party at the wipeout bar after muster
  8. An announcement will be made once RCCL can finalize marketing and glacier slides for the new "Perfect Day at Glacier Bay".. lol
  9. I have a Titanium plate in my neck.. never had a problem with security on the ship, nor the TSA..
  10. I saw a beer tap in one of the videos.. so I would say yes there is.. Didn't see what kind..
  11. LETS GO BLUES!!! Lol.. good luck with your quest for the cup..
  12. Since you said a financial issue, I’d say $25 a day should be sufficient.. I took 400 with me to Alaska and came home with 150 for a 7 day trip.. sorry that your your issue put you in a bind
  13. Thanks for the pics..I wasn’t wild about going.. now I can’t wait!
  14. We are renting a car one way from MCO to PC for two days to see KSC and sights in Cocoa Beach. dropping off at the port the morning of our cruise.. With a half a million options for transportation we decided this works best for us..
  15. Derek Conlon was on Explorer in 2016, Had to be the best piano player I've ever seen.. Perfect mix of guest interaction and tunes everyone knew
  16. I hope this program gets extended.. I got gouged in MIA by the rental company for tolls
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