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  1. We like to do a variety of things. We enjoy sailing, seeing wild life… we’re open. no limitations. Don’t really have a budget, also dont want to spend a fortune. Reasonable priced excursions. Guess it’s not real specific. Thanks for suggestions
  2. We've gone on many cruises, but first time to NZ. We'll be cruising out Feb 9th. We have friends that live in Auckland, so we'll spend 3 days there first, fly to Sydney and spend a few more nights before cruising back to NZ. We usually do excursions on our own instead of with the ship. I usually have things figured out by now as well. Anything that are must do's in each port? Any places you reccommend booking excursions thru? Thank you!
  3. It’s very easy! Once u exit the airport, they’ll be a place right in front of the buses to buy your ticket. Pretty easy to figure out. It’s by the curb and u can’t miss it. Just know where u want to get off at. We took ours straight to the Plaza Catalunya. Our hotel was very close to where the bus stopped. Going back to Barcelona in August and spend time just there!
  4. Before our cruise, we had a balcony room that had views of the plaza. It was noisy at night. After the cruise, our airline canceled our flight and didn’t see that til we were on our way to the airport! Had our driver take us back to the h10. Luckily they had a room!! We got a different location that was so much better! Very nice staff!!! Found a wonderful place to eat dinner in their recommendation. Are there each night for dinner… haha
  5. We stayed at the h10 Plaza Catalunya. Loved the location! Walk to so much around you. Taxis are also out front if u want to grab one. We took the bus from the airport. Cheap and easy!
  6. We actually would like to visit Sydney a few days prior to the cruise since we’ve never been. No, we visit the Sounds and the other visits the Bay of islands. We don’t visit Auckland and Christchurch as well.
  7. Both are on the Ovation of the Seas. We are booked on it currently and it’s out of Sydney.
  8. We currently have a cruise booked to NZ Feb, 2025. We usually escape the cold every winter. First NZ cruise. I found another itinerary for March. Wondering which one to choose now. Ours currently goes to Picton, Wellington, Napier, Dunedin and the Sounds.... The other one goes to Bay of islands, Auckland, Napier, Wellington and Littleton (Christchurch). The Sounds look beautiful, but maybe the other itinerary maybe better?? Love to hear others' opinions.
  9. I used the same train station. Just a stupid move on my part. yes, not for me. Plus we were exhausted and hot. Too much packed in the week
  10. We just returned from our cruise. Barcelona cruise port was the easiest of all ports to board. We ended up at the port around 11:30. We showed our doc's, they showed us where to go inside and went straight up to the counter. We just wanted to get onboard finally and enjoy it! All that planning you do and you're finally onboard!
  11. Well, we just returned from our cruise. Wanted to post in a few of my posts where I had questions. We originally booked with a tour guide and they had to cancel on us since not many signed up thru the ship. It was very unfortunate since we didn't get to use them on one of our tours. It was amazing, organized and small! Much less than the ship as well. Anyways, we took the train to see the Colosseum. We booked a tour once we knew our other canceled. This one just met us there. Got off the ship later than I wanted. Didn't do advance tickets. Got there at 9:05, but next one was 9:53. Not knowing how long this would all take, I was a tad nervous. Then had to take the metro which is a block away. Ended up getting to our meeting point with 5 minutes to spare! Make sure when you return, take B back, NOT A. Ugh....I remember there were two stops, but we went in the wrong direction. Hubby warned me to check and I didn't listen. Someone finally was able to tell us once we got off that we needed to go on the other side to B. Very confusing to figure out at the time. Found some police and they told us. In my mind, I kept thinking when we got off the train, the metro was down below where we were. You have to exit out of the building, walk left to down the street to get the metro. Also, when we bought our tickets, she gave me to duplicates and hubby got the other two duplicates. I had both coming back and he had both going. A gal that worked there told me to put one in the machine to validate it. It validated the wrong one. We finally figured out what happened, didn't do anything more, and thankfully they didn't check them. They really should have someone there that can help direct you. Also, the train showed up 20 minutes prior to us leaving. We weren't sure to get on or not. No one speaks English either that didn't help. Next time if we had to do it, would be much easier. But next time, we'll be sure to have a tour guide that picks us up and drives us to all our spots.
  12. ok...just returned from our cruise! I ended up at the airport with only 23.00 in euro's. I went to a store and easily bought chocolate for us and some as a gift. I really didn't want to have some left. During the trip, I used it up as needed to avoid a lot at the end.
  13. Assuming there's lots of ATM's at the Barcelona airport if I decide to just grab some euro's from there instead of ordering them from online. My bank doesn't order them anymore. I need to order online today in the next few hours to get them tmro. We fly out Thursday. Thinking exchange rate will be better at the atm and don't have to pay a shipping fee. Thanks
  14. Will be boarding Sunday in Barcelona for our cruise. Stuck with 1:00-1:30 boarding time. We always arrive around 10:30. I've read some don't bother looking and some places may be more strict about boarding times. Anyone recently board in Barcelona? Thank you...
  15. Thank you! Yes, this has been confusing, but the more I read posts, its starting to sink in. I'm just going to get my tickets when we arrive and when we leave. As long as I know the times they leave. Hoping to see more next time as our tour ended up canceling on us since we didn't have enough people. So we're only doing half on our own. I'm sure it will be amazing anyways. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
  16. Someone else said to take the train to Ostiense and then the blue line to Colleseo....
  17. Symphony out of Barcelona? We want to arrive much earlier than we're scheduled. We usually go at 10:30. I was late to set up a boarding time and stuck with 1:00. Hoping to just show up and get on. Many said they don't check boarding times.
  18. All makes sense now : ) I was confused as some said to get off Ostiensa and others said Termini...doesn't matter and both have two more stops to get to the Colosseum via blue line. You're full of information which I appreciate for a first timer. Hopefully we'll want to come back and will be much easier next time! Thank you!
  19. Thank you....looks like you really have to plan out your day to make sure you get back to the station at a certain time. Never have been there, don't know what we'll want to do after the Colosseum tour. The Caribbean is so much easier to plan! haha....probably because we've been there like 17 times.
  20. We have reservations for a tour for the Colosseum/Forum/Hill...We planned to skip the Vatican this time. I'm not pushing to do too much and the heat I know will take a lot out of us. Our tour is for 11:15 meeting at the metro when we get off. Not sure if we'll want to grab a taxi to the Trevi fountain or not. This is our first time. Don't want to regret not going though. If we do, I'll keep that in mind. We do want to grab the train about 4.
  21. Trying to figure out how much in euro's to bring. I've read you can buy onboard as well if needed. When I've gone to Belgium, there was a place at the airport to turn it in for American currency. Can we do that onboard or at the airport in Barcelona prior to flying out? Thank you!
  22. Thank you. Got our tickets, but were lucky to get what we did. The tower was sold out. Next time...
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