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  1. I saw this in the Italian news yesterday and thought I'd post it, it's a video of Joan Baez singing a song she used to do in the 60's by Gianni Morandi. She posted it on Instagram and dedicated it to the Italian people.
  2. I've said this before on these boards when the subject comes up, I think that HOHOs only make sense in newer, more spread out cities like New York, Barcelona, etc. but even then, it comes down to how well they are (or are not) managed regarding crowding.
  3. Not really a tour, per se, but we once paid for a two-day HOHO pass in Barcelona in July and only used part of the first day. While appropriate for a big, spread out city like Barcelona, it was wildly oversubscribed and we wasted three quarters of a day waiting for a bus at one site, then waiting again at the junction where the two lines crossed. At that point even my mass transit phobic mother agreed that the subway was the better way to travel.
  4. I do think there is a lot of overreacting, the supermarkets and big box stores around New York City look like there is (or is expected) a zombie apocalypse. That said, I am concerned about those with a cavalier attitude. I had hoped that when the president and Fox news finally came around to admitting that this is serious that the "it's not an issue" stuff would start to fade. Not like a coming apocalypse, but as something serious that we're all in together.
  5. There isn't one specific place and there are many different RC ships. The only relatively sure thing is that the big monster ships use the berths that require a bus as they can't fit in the southern slips.
  6. Even outdoor, fresh air gathering places are shut down. As of this morning all ski facilities are closed: https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2020/03/09/coronavirus-all-ski-facilities-closed-in-italy-govt_ecc954f2-de9b-4852-8bab-b09924b5a285.html
  7. It's not about potential boredom, it's about the fear. I'm not sure that all of the movies, games, books, etc. in the world would make much of a dent in the fear from being locked up and given no or bad information. Consider the folks still floating off the coast of California who only heard about the positive cases on the ship when the Vice President mentioned it at a press conference.
  8. All good reasons to visit Milan but not at all responsive to the OP, who asked about traveling directly from Venice to Rome. Train is the fastest route (four hours) with a plane coming up second once you factor in the time required to get to the airport, enough time "pad" to get through security, the flight, getting through the second airport and then traveling into town from the airport. The slowest public transit option is the bus (between 7 - 9 hours, depending on time of day).
  9. Starting today, March 8, through April 3 all museums in Italy are closed by an emergency decree of the government. All theatres and cinemas, demonstrations or events of any kind, public or private, are also prohibited during this period. This is not limited to indoor museums, Pompei and Herculeneum are also closed. https://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/cronaca/2020/03/08/conte-stop-eventi-cinema-teatro_0814a976-77ac-4fa7-8f54-8439203851ad.html
  10. Several posters said the same thing back on Monday … yet the US government doesn't want the folks in California allowed off the ship because it will screw with their numbers. You can't make this stuff up.
  11. It's quite possible. The train ride from Zurich to Venice takes about seven hours and requires a change of trains at Milan. It's best if you can minimize your luggage, since you'll need to haul it yourself onto and off each train.
  12. It depends on where your ship is berthed. The shuttle buses that pick up at the fort are mostly used by ferry passengers, they may not drop off at cruise ships so you'd need to ask before boarding. If your ship is berthed in the southern section of the port it's certainly walkable, I've done it (although it was a port day so I didn't have luggage but I did have kids with me).
  13. Train is how most people move around, especially between cities, in Italy. There are options for your luggage, including having them deliver it to your hotel in Rome. Pickpockets are an issue throughout Italy, anywhere crowds convene (which means pretty much every place tourists go), but they are easily foiled with some precautions. Here is the luggage info for Trenitalia: https://www.trenitalia.com/en/services/luggage_transportservices.html
  14. There is a separate entrance at the Colosseum for ticket holders. When I was there in October it was the eastern end of the arena.
  15. Yes, it's true that the lines for these two attractions are very, very long. You can purchase tickets directly from each venue and you'll have a choice of possible options, especially with the Vatican museums, which are vast. The museums on your own would take a minimum of 90 minutes, and that's if you only walk to the Sistine Chapel, look around, and leave. The shortest tour is two hours. Most people devote three to four hours here, some the entire day. The Colosseum takes a minimum of an hour. Vatican museums tickets direct from the source: http://www.museivaticani.va/content/museivaticani/en/visita-i-musei/scegli-la-visita.html Colosseum tickets direct from the source: https://www.coopculture.it/en/colosseo-e-shop.cfm
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