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  1. In most cases you can't leave the port area on foot, you must take the provided shuttle to the cruise terminal. From there to La Spezia Centrale on foot is 1.9 km/one and a quarter miles. Cinque Terre is the easiest option, Lucca or Lucca and Pisa are certainly possible.
  2. The 5-zone BIRG is still just 12 euro, one of the best bargains in Italy. I personally would use the BIRG and the regional train because you get more time in Rome that way (and there's no such thing as too much time in Rome, as far as I'm concerned). It's a plus that it's a better value. However, I see the value of the Civitavecchia Express for those who are uncomfortable with the regional trains.
  3. The metro instructions are correct but should note that the Garibaldi station is the second stop on the line. While it's difficult to get a seat on the Circumvesuviana train at the starting point, Porta Nolana, it's impossible at Garibaldi. If you want to get the train at Porta Nolana the metro isn't the best choice, the #151 bus (which you can get right in front of the cruise port) takes you right to the front door of the station. Also, please note that your ticket back from Pompei is only good on the Naples metro if you purchase the Integrato ticket (3,50 euro). If you get the Aziendale ticket (2,80 euro) it is only good for the train ride. You need to specify which ticket you need at the ticket booth, although I suspect that if you don't specify they automatically sell you the higher priced one.
  4. Are you absolutely dying to see Tivoli? If so, it's probably worth it but if this is just one of several things you are interested in I'd consider something else. Tivoli is in the opposite direction so you have to double back around Rome to get to the port, it's a lot of your day wasted sitting in a car.
  5. Yes, the Civitavecchia Express is a seasonal service. You shouldn't have a problem making the train, it leaves pretty late. You may wind up cooling your heels waiting for it, depending on the time of your ship arrival. Which station to use in Rome depends on what you're going to see. For the Vatican area, the first stop (San Pietro) is best. For the Colosseum and Roman Forum area the second stop (Ostiense) is better.
  6. There is a shuttle that goes from the port directly to Pompei, mentioned in post #4. That may be worth the cost to make life easier with a group this size. That said, I wonder whether Pompei is a good choice for those with difficulty walking. There is nothing easy about walking around in the ruins.
  7. There is no shuttle from the cruise port in Naples to either train station. There is a public bus (#151) that you can get from a stop on the main street in front of the port (either the Acton-Beverello stop in front of Molo Beverello or the Colombo-Beverello stop just past the cruise port). If you walk it's 2 km/1.2 miles to Porta Nolana, the Naples depot for the Circumvesuviana local rail line, which has a train to Pompei Scavi (a stop on the Naples-Sorrento line or the far more comfortable Campania Express train). To walk you simply walk eastbound along the waterfront until Corso Garibaldi, where you turn left. The train station will be on the right a couple of blocks after turning onto Corso Garibaldi. Several different ferry companies run fast ferries from Molo Beverello, adjacent to the cruise port, to Capri. There is no need to purchase tickets in advance, you can just buy them for the next departing ferry when you arrive. It is a good idea, however, to either purchase your return ticket in the morning or to buy it as soon as you arrive on Capri to avoid a long line or getting shut out of the return ferry you need to make your sailing.
  8. Are you looking for both a guide and a driver? In Italy these are two distinct professions and no one person can (legally, anyway) do both jobs at the same time.
  9. There are several different trains, including the regular regional commuter train, the Civitavecchia Express train, and the Frecce trains. There is also the public bus.
  10. I have a PacSafe bag that I have used as cruisemom describes, but I don't always take it, depending on what I want to carry with me and the time of year. In the fall, winter and early spring when I'm wearing a coat I use hidden inner zipper pockets in my coats to carry money, passport, credit & ATM cards. If I want to bring anything else I'm more likely to use a small backpack to carry things like tissues, guide books, etc., stuff I'd be okay losing if someone got after it. I do tend to use the PacSafe bag for warm weather travel when I have fewer options inside my clothing.
  11. The cruise port in Bari is in/alongside old town, you exit the port area and cross the street and you're there. There is plenty to fill a few hours between the basilica, the castle and just wandering the streets of the old town.
  12. May 1st, Labor Day, is celebrated in every country of Europe (as well as parts of Asia and Africa), so that day is difficult wherever you happen to stop on a Med cruise. Pretty much every public institution will be closed as it's a day to celebrate workers. You could still take a ferry over to Capri, or to Ischia or Procida. You could hire a car service to do an Amalfi Coast tour but I would expect that these will sell out and be priced higher on such a day. I would also expect the traffic along the coast road to be especially bad on that day.
  13. There are two ferry companies on the route between Amalfi and Positano. TravelMar runs the majority of the sailings. You can see the old schedule here, the new schedule will be posted closer to the opening of the season in April: https://www.travelmar.it/it/orari Alilauro also has a couple of sailings each day, again seasonally. Also, I don't remember if they will sell you a ticket between just Amalfi and Positano, they may only sell you Amalfi - Sorrento, with a stop in Positano. You could simply get off in Positano but that would be an expensive way to get there. http://www.alilauro.it/orari-e-tariffe
  14. For the amount it would cost you for a car service from the port to the train station at Civitavecchia (assuming you can find one that will take this fare) you might as well pay a little more and have them take you to Rome for the train (you'd have to change trains there anyway, there are no direct trains from Civitavecchia to Florence).
  15. The Vatican Museums will be open that day but tickets are only available on the museums's web site two months in advance. http://www.museivaticani.va/content/dam/museivaticani/pdf/utilities/calendario_musei.pdf
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