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  1. Sorbillo is quite famous in Naples: https://www.sorbillo.it/ I've never eaten there because there is always a line outside, which I guess says something.
  2. Oplontis is certainly easier to get to than either Stabiae or Baiae. Neither of them are particularly difficult but especially Stabiae can be confusing to find, even though it's less than a mile from two Circumvesuviana stations. Would a little signage kill them? There is great food all over, I wouldn't go out of my way for any one particular restaurant. The food at Il Paolanto was great on its own but the experience was enhanced by the owner/waiter who helped us (we were the only customers in the place for the first half hour or so, it was February after all, and a little rainy as I recall). A wonderful memory.
  3. The restaurant is Il Paolanto: http://ristoranteilpaolanto.it/ We had a great lunch there.
  4. "They" don't store anything, you do. Even in first class. There is room behind each seat and in racks overhead, but likely not enough for four large bags. There are also luggage racks at the end of the car. You might consider spending a little more for Trenitalia's luggage service and only carrying your must-have items yourself: https://www.trenitalia.com/en/services/luggage_transportservices.html
  5. It's much faster, easier and cheaper to take the high speed train. You can go from city center to city center in three hours, with no security lines, no transfer from town to the airport and the reverse.
  6. They do not provide wheelchairs but if you have your own they have a lift to get her from one track to another. You need to reserve this service in advance. Trenitalia assistance program: https://www.trenitalia.com/en/purchase/info_contacts/disabled_passengers.html You might consider getting a transport chair, it changed travel for our entire family because it allowed my mother to go with us without wearing her out or slowing the rest of us down. They are lightweight, fold up to take less space when not in use, and don't cost much. Here is an example: https://www.1800wheelchair.com/category/transport-chairs/
  7. The great news about this is that you know yourself, what works for you, and you have the ability to pay for it. It sounds like it was a perfect fit for you, just as striking out on my own is a perfect fit for me. A little self knowledge can go a long way toward happiness!
  8. Either way you order your day, assuming you do try to see both, the closest train stations happen to be those used by the Civitavecchia Express. It's no help in the morning but that may come in handy for the return.
  9. It is an easy walk in (only a mile and a quarter to either the Archaeology museum or the Duomo, the two furthest points most head to) but as it's uphill, many choose to take the metro from the beautiful and relatively new Municipio station across from the cruise port. (At some point in the future there will be an entrance to this station quite close to the cruise port, that's part of the ongoing work in the area.) You can take the metro three stops to Museo if you're going to the museum, or two stops to Dante if you're going to Spaccanapoli and the rest of the historic center, and easily walk back from there, downhill. The cautions about pickpockets are warranted, not just in Naples but throughout Italy (and the rest of Europe, for that matter) in urban areas and any crowded situation.
  10. It looks lovely, and the ability to use all of the Hassler's facilities is a nice benefit. It's a little out of the way so you'll probably spend a little bit of the savings on taxis (at least heading back to the hotel, uphill) but that seems like a small inconvenience.
  11. You absolutely must get your Vatican tickets in advance, it is wall-to-wall crowded every day of the year, there is no "down" season for the museums. The Colosseum is similarly crowded throughout the year, although less so in the winter months. I would still buy these tickets in advance as well, from the approved site: https://www.coopculture.it/colosseo-e-shop.cfm
  12. If you hotel has a dock, or is near one, you can take a water taxi right to the cruise port. A lot less expensively, if your hotel is near a stop on the Alilaguna blue line you can take that right to the port: https://www.alilaguna.it/en/lines/linea-blu
  13. Probably, with pre-purchased tickets for both sites. If you are using public transit, and if you are really lucky, you might make the 7:44 train from Civitavecchia (arrives Rome S. Pietro at 8:25). I don't think you can count on that, however, so I would plan on the next train (departs 7:58, arrives 8:54). It takes most people nearly a half hour to walk from the train station to the entrance of the museums (one and a quarter miles), so 9:30 is probably the earliest ticket you can go for. You probably can't get a guided tour in English because the times are at 9 AM or 10:30, the first is too early and the next one is too late. You're going to have to do it on your own, with the audioguide if you wish. So, if you depart the Vatican Museums around noon and head right over to the Colosseum, allowing for "issues" and crowds you could book tickets for 2 PM. That would give you up to two hours to see the Colosseum before heading to Ostiense to get the train back to Civitavecchia. There is a regional train at 4:23 PM (arrives 5:13) or the Civitavecchia Express at 4:30, arriving at 5:20. It's a rushed day, but it works.
  14. Even if you drove without stops at maximum allowable speed you won't get there on google's timetable, it grossly underestimates travel time because their algorithm is too simple, it does not take into account traffic lights, much less traffic.
  15. You're probably thinking of the City Sightseeing shuttle: https://www.city-sightseeing.it/en/shuttle-bus-naples-pompeii/ It's more expensive than public transit and much less flexible, but it is easy.
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