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  1. World of Cruising | Spain Extends Cruise Ship Ban With No End Date… I believe this article is from Jan 2021 which is when I originally posted in one of my roll calls.
  2. Slim to none that this ship will sail from Rome in May. Some port cities in the EU have already stated that they will NOT be allowing cruise ships into their ports during the 2021 sailing season. Barcelona for 1. The EU is going to be very cautious about opening up for tourism. They will slowly open for Intra EU first, and then slowly open for the rest of the rest of the international community. While the CDC is a respected authority around the world. They are not the final end all and be all. Every other country has their own CDC like entity.
  3. My experience only. Do not buy insurance from your travel agent. My travel agent sells insurance also. She hasn't a clue what it covers or how to help if I need it. The insurance limits that she provides is way too low. She does take the commission though. GREAT person in all other aspects, just won't buy the insurance she sells.
  4. You accepted the FCC. Under the terms and conditions of that decision, the cruiseline is under no obligation to now provide you with a refund
  5. What would I do? Currently, many airports offer Covid testing on site with rapid turn around times. Therefore, I would research which airports I might fly to first to stay over night. Then I would look to see what their hours of operation are. I would look to see what their turn around time is. There is a price $$$ associated with this fast service though. Then I would go from there.
  6. If true, I still gotta say,,,, Cry me a river.... 1st world problems and Diamond level ain't that special to begin with to begin with.
  7. Are you asking for true legal advice for free? Or, are you looking for a knuckleheads (like me) opinion?
  8. Question 1. Maybe/Maybe not Question 2. The "best" policy is the policy that covers what concerns you most at the price you're willing to pay. Sometimes self insure is the way to. Sometimes some coverage along with some self insure is the way to go Sometimes, a full blown policy is the way to go. And then, they may not cover what you need.
  9. Finally, a new, refreshing topic to discuss on CruiseCritic. Thank you 🙂
  10. Fear would fall under the "CFAR or Cancel For Any Reason" clause of your purchased travel insurance. This would result in a 75% future cruise credit. I cant answer regarding Carnival refund of insurance premium. Most 3rd party insurance companies issue a voucher to be used on future travel.
  11. I'm flying to an AI in Cancun in April. The resort is providing a PCR test at no additional charge 48 hrs prior to return flight back to the States. Should 1 of us become +, we can stay an additional 14 days at no additional cost. I'm very comfortable with this because in my experience in Mexico (Cabo in Nov) the people of Mexico are much more rigid in the wearing mask, social distancing, washing hands, and monitoring temps than anywhere I've been to here in the States. Couldn't even enter Costco or Walmart without being tested and assured of hand washing/hand disinfectant. Th
  12. As somebody who flew a lot and worked in Alaska, I can tell you that very few people in Alaska depends on the cruise industry for income. Almost all the store fronts are shut down and boarded up during the non cruising season. When the cruise season did open up, the stores and excursion vendors would hire people from the lower 48 to come up to work the cruise season.
  13. In this case, the refund would still go back to the financial institution that issued the credit card. The consumer would then have to get their money back from the financial institution.
  14. Curious, what's this "new route to the airport" you speak of?
  15. MY BCBS covers me out of country also. However, I asked some very specific questions No, they don't pay upfront. Yes, they will reimburse but at "Out of Network" costs Will they pay for "evacuation"? Yes, but only to the nearest medical facility. (Follow-up) Will they pay to get me back home after the emergency but to a facility nearer to home for necessary continued care? No Will they pay to bring my body back home should I pass away while on vacation? No Let's say the facility requires cash payment up front, will BCBS fax some upfront credit or provide a
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