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  1. Come on now Chief. I respect your knowledge and your ability and willingness to share your experience in the marine world. However, there is no way you can sit back and say that leadership in the cruiseline world has no culpability and no knowledge as to how they may sometimes delve into the grey area when it comes to evading environmental laws and or regulations. As Mike stated, it can be in some instances cheaper to just pay the fines and keep raking in the dough. If that is the direction leadership chooses,,, they cannot then come back during hard times and expect a hand up or hand out.
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/cruise-lines-were-shut-out-of-the-coronavirus-stimulus-heres-why/ar-BB12juok?li=BBnb7Kz What I found interesting was the statement alleging that the cruiselines find it cheaper to just pay environmental fines as a cost of doing business rather than making the financial investment to comply.
  3. This is where your 3rd Party Travel Insurance will kick in. **if you included the costs of your excursions as part of your non-refundable Trip Costs** edit to add that there is probably some credit card protection/recourse for reimbursement.
  4. Interesting. I can see a lot of legal challanges within these recommendations. But I do understand the intent.
  5. It's called savvy business decisions. They didn't feel guilty when the economy was good and pricing was in their favor.
  6. You get your engineering and design information from CNN? 🤔
  7. Nope We all have dreams, we all have aspirations, and people are forgiving. Corporations and Governments have done much much worse and they see their way through bad times.
  8. Then call him back tomorrow and have it removed immediately. otherwise, here's what's going to happen. Final date comes up, hubby asks wife/wife asks hubby to call and authorize final payment. They do, you now paid for insurance you didn't want or need. Or, you have auto pay set up, final day comes and it's paid for. There is NO reason why it should be listed on an "optional" charge sheet if you don't want it on there.
  9. Call the broker you purchased the insurance from and ask for their help. If no broker, then call the insurance company. They should be able to tell you exactly what documentation is needed.
  10. You BEST bet would have been to Uber to your hotel in Miami and then taken the free (or low cost) hotel shuttle to the port. However, Since you're doing it this way, Uber is still going to be less expensive than a taxi or a limo. You could jump on your roll call and see if others are staying near you and maybe share a shuttle.
  11. smart financial decision but extremely short sighted to brag about profiting off pain of others
  12. Absolutely no reason for it to be more efficient. The cruise line has NOTHING to do with the insurance other than they sold it to you. Yes, they went to an insurance company and negotiated a special policy with certain coverages at a certain price point, but that's the end of it other than they made money off you by selling it to you. If something goes TU,,,, the cruise line has nothing to do with helping you file a claim, helping you prove your claim, nothing. Everything to do with your claim is between you and the travel insurance company. There are some good things about the cruise line policies they sell. Such as they almost always include Cancel For Any Reason. These policies also allow you to cancel up to scheduled departure time. (However, when you call the cruise line to cancel,,, nobody automatically says "oh, you're invoking the Cancel For Any Reason? let's process that for you." Nope, they just tell you that you need to file a claim. The HUGE bad thing about cruise line policies,,, low medical coverage. Most only have $10K in coverage. Remember that couple from Atlanta that Tylor Perry bailed out of trouble because they were stuck in Mexico cause they couldn't pay their medical bill in full? The bill was $14K, so even if they had cruise line insurance, it wouldn't have covered the bill. (NOTE: Medical insurance in most cases with travel insurance is based on reimbursement. So, YOU have to pay, then file a claim when you return)
  13. https://www.travelguard.com/o/coronavirus-resource-center found this just by going to travel guards website
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