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  1. Now I’m uncomfortable. Princess offers their Platinum which does offer 100% for their CFAR. Elites are upgraded to the Platinum policy if they purchase the regular policy from Princess.
  2. Let’s see if I can help in some small way. First of all, I recommend you check out the FAQ section of the Trip Insurance Store at https://tripinsurancestore.com/travel-insurance-frequently-asked-questions/ The FAQ section can answer some questions on all sorts of benefits or definitions that pertain to most if not all travel insurance products sold in the US. Now, to your specific questions regarding the travel protection policies that Princess sells. They have a regular policy and they have a Platinum Policy. The Cancel For Any Reason for both policies allow you to cancel anytime before scheduled departure. The difference is that the regular policy reimburses at 75% future cruise credit whereas the Platinum policy reimburses at 100% future cruise credit. Elite status will get you the Platinum policy for the cost of the regular policy. Otherwise the Platinum is an up sell. The pandemic question. As I understand it, insurance companies have taken the same stance with worldwide pandemic as they do with hurricanes and storms. There is a hard cutoff date. Once a hurricane or storm is named, you can no longer purchase insurance to cover claims against that storm. Insurance companies took the stance that once WHO made an announcement of a world wide health concern, any policies sold after that date would no longer cover claims for damages caused by that health concern. This is constant insofar as one must be healthy and able to travel on the day a policy is bought. You can’t buy homeowners insurance once your house is on fire. You can’t buy travel insurance while laid up in the ER. You can’t buy travel insurance while hurricane Zulu is heading to port of departure
  3. One hour is fine in Seattle. I fly out of Seattle all the time on Alaska. Sometimes after we board, we sit and wait for connecting flights to board. Other times when arriving, the flight attendants may request all persons not connecting to remain seated so others may depart the plane faster to catch their tight connection.
  4. UK rules are different than bookings made in US
  5. I do this. Live in Seattle but fly out of Vancouver BC for international travel. Currently pricing flights to LHR. SEA to LHR on Virgin Atlantic in business class is $7700 If I fly out of YVR and connect in SEA for that flight is $2700.
  6. It’s going take a few months to get ALL of your ID’s, credit cards, passports, etc changed to your new name should you decide to go that route. Book the honeymoon cruise in your maiden name, enjoy the honeymoon, then worry about the small stuff when you return. Congrats, have a great cruise, and an even better life together.
  7. I go with Primary. Don’t have to wait for denial letters before travel insurance medical reimburses me. Also, many personal plans have lifetime limits. Travel insurance won’t count against your personal lifetime.
  8. Thousands of unlicensed drivers have gotten tickets and failed to show up for court since they don't have a license but continue to break the law by driving anyway. Anybody who continually violates the law with many traffic infractions (speeding, running red lights, passing in no passing lanes, drunken driving) represents a clear danger to the general public. These are all important factors in determining if someone can be classed as 'trusted." and all of these fine upstanding people are illegals? Lastly, why are you so concerned about an internal matter in the United States and how we handle our immigration system? Why shouldn't he be. Maybe some of his best friends are illegals who went north to avoid the Vietnam war.
  9. Wait! What? 🤔 A moderator got rid of the Bob thread? That is just wrong on soooooo many levels.
  10. I'm editing because after rereading the question, I'm thinking there's more here than just a basic simple question.
  11. Absolutely https://www.lawyers.com/legal-info/immigration/citizenship/can-undocumented-immigrants-get-drivers-licenses.html
  12. I would also be very careful and research for your sister since she is Canadian. There are some exclusions for cruiseline insurance for Canadians from certain provinces or localities.
  13. Heartbreaking story and I'm sure my opinion will upset some people but,,, oh, well! I used to be all for service animals for the disabled and emotional support animals for those with emotional issues to deal with. Historically, my family has mental health issues. However, with all the stories coming out about abuse of the program, the outright lies and fraud,,, I feel the whole program needs to be suspended until there becomes more clarity and regulation of the industry. Who needs to take over this program and set the guidelines and regulations? Those for whom it serves. If left to me to resolve, nobody will be happy except me.
  14. https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/immigrants-in-alabama interesting data
  15. Was only a matter of time that they join an alliance with their continued growth. As a Alaska Gold 75 for the past few years, I'm happy with the decision. I like the SkyTeam partners better but no way was Alaska going to get into bed with Delta.
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