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  1. GeoBlue is a very good option which is not available in Washington State.
  2. www.tripinsurancestore.com or www.insuremytrip.com These are brokers who sell various policies who would be glad to help you
  3. He certainly could have IF had called and cancelled before the ships scheduled departure time. Or, he could have flown to the next port flown to the next port (if they had passports) and filed for Trip Delay/Trip Interruption.
  4. I could buy an annual medical only policy but don't travel enough yet to justify. Basically, the policy above is a medical only, but the price is set from $1 to $500 trip cost. Why not say $500, that way I do get some benefit for lost baggage, stolen jewelry, trip delay up to the $500 amount rather than $1. Plus, living in the US, all policies are regulated by each State. There's only 1 policy I can buy in my State, and it's not the good one. GeoBlue
  5. Key word being "Suggested" My BIL is an over the road trucker. His home is his truck. All he owns is what's on his back. There is no way in hell that he's going to buy a jacket and tie. He's got his blue jeans, work boots, some sneakers, and a couple of nice shirts. Yes, he eats in the MDR on formal nights and goes with us into Specialty Restaurants. I'm proud to have him sit with us and enjoy dinner. If he's not welcome at your table,,, well, that says more about you than it does him.
  6. As Bob said, there are only a couple of reasons to go with Royals coverage. The price is not based on age, and the policy automatically includes Cancel for Any Reason. Other than that, it's overpriced and under covered. Myself, I go with 3rd party and I don't even cover the cost of the trip. If I have to cancel, I just eat the few thousand it may have cost. Losing $3 to $5K would be painful, but it's not devastating. I just put the cost of the trip at $500 per person and that gives me the $250K in medical and $1M evac all for about $40 per person. 10 cruises and you're ahead of the game. Why $500 per person? Because there is no price difference from $1 to $500. The next jump in price is $501 to $1000 EDIT to clarify: You cannot buy insurance this way if you want to cover Pre-existing conditions or if you want CFAR. In those instances, you must cover the entire cost of you trip minus any possible refundable expenses.
  7. If people are that worried over how I may dress, then I have to wonder, is the problem how I may dress? Or is it something with the person tut tutting?
  8. If you click on the link to register for a Meet & Mingle,,, that link takes you to a RCCL page. The page controlled by Royal is the one that has dumped all previous registrations.
  9. They are not refrigerators. They will not keep your drinks cold and they do not make ice. Rather, they keeps your drinks a little cooler than room temp.
  10. Glad to hear it worked out for you. Many people have no issues,,,,, until there is an issue. I successfully used the withdrawal method in my younger days. It's not something I would recommend though.
  11. They're not just going to take your word for it though. You will be required to provide documentation.
  12. I've done before. Long time ago. The above link is old but still valid today. Just be aware of what you are getting into and make an informed decision. Buying your air travel through the cruise line is NOT the same as buying from the airlines website.
  13. Is it too early in the morning to have learn sooooo much reading through this thread? 🤣 I want to thank the contributors to this thread for sharing their expertise. On the other hand,,,, some of the best food I've ever eaten was in a hole in the wall dump.
  14. I recently got off the Allure. Self carry luggage. Left deck 17 at 0730 and was sitting at the gate at 0800. I had a lot going my way though. I was a suite guest so got escorted off the ship. No people in line for debarkation, no people in line for Customs/Passport control. Immediately got into a cab, was flying First Class so no waiting to check luggage, had TSA pre-check.
  15. 1 concierge got $100 from me,,,, 1 concierge got zip,,,,, another got $50 Were they friendly? Did I feel as though I was the most important person in the room during our interaction? Or was I just a bother? Did they go out of their way to ensure my holiday was the best ever? Or did they just do their basic duty? Did they make my wife feel as though she was a queen being waited on? Or was she ignored?
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