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  1. Allowed at any time with a penalty of 90, except in the case of not showing up for the flight (no-show), which does not allow reimbursement " with a penalty of 90, " 90 what???? 0.90 cents?? (doubtful) 90% of fare 😲 €90 This is for Business Class
  2. Nope But, the evening departure flight on BA from SEA to LHR will be on a 787-10 next year. (scheduled to be anyway. Lots of things can change between now and then)
  3. Didn't think of that but I'd bet that's a ding ding ding for correct answer
  4. Any update on the fine people at italytours.eu? Are they okay? are they still in business? Hope they are doing well. Have a 12 day cruise booked for July 2021. Time to start researching and confirming plans. (With a Covid-19 opt out back-up plan in place 😲)
  5. Refunds posted today 6 July. 93 days from cancellation to refund posted.
  6. If you booked directly with the cruiseline? Most likely not covered. If you used a TA? most likely covered. Here's a thread form a travel insurance expert.
  7. CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) is just that. "I don't feel like going" I'm cancelling. Now,, issue the refund or credit up to max allowable.
  8. Not sure how Travel Insurance works where you live. Here in the States, we would have a couple of options that "may" have helped us. We sometimes have the option to refuse to accept the future flight credits in writing and get reimbursed by the travel insurance. Or, 2, we could possibly wait out the time frame of the credit, let it pass and then file a claim for the unused air travel tickets. A lot of variables in this scenario. Some might work, some might not. Each State in the US regulates insurance sold in their state. Not sure if any of these ideas are of any value to you. Hopefully.
  9. Here is the States, one does not have to cover a trip in it's entirety to receive "Medical" coverage. I "risk" the trip cancellation, trip delay, etc. all the time, but still get Medical and Evacuation coverage.
  10. I cancelled my beverage packages back on April 4th. I still haven't received my refund. Spoke with a rep on June 24th.
  11. Though not well known in North America, the stresses of Covid-19 are adding up. https://www.maritime-executive.com/article/scandinavians-reorganize-birka-ends-operations-silja-layoffs
  12. I use Steve's services also. One thing I did learn during this past Junes highlight discussion with Steve here on CruiseCritic was that "Default" insurance that some policies include are not valid if you bought the cruise directly from the cruiseline. There has to be a 3rd party involved such as a TA.
  13. Good for the EU. At least someone is standing up and taking on a leadership role.
  14. June is coming to an end and I wanted to say thank you for helping so many people by giving up your time and sharing your expertise. Myself, I have learned so much over the years by following the Cruise/Travel Insurance board here on CruiseCritic and then finding your website. I know in the beginning of my travel days, I really thought I had finally become an adult when I spent the extra money on travel insurance. My thoughts were, now if I get sick or hurt or miss my plane, all I have to do is call the travel insurance company and they pay the bills or buy me a new ticket. Glad I never needed insurance during those days. I would have been very disappointed. 🤪 My question though is,,,, Do you know of websites or have points of contact where in the future when our friends in the North (Canada), or our friends across the pond, (UK), or our friends from Down Under (Australia) have insurance questions that we can possibly point them in the right direction?
  15. We're maintaining our flexibility in all aspects. Our trip isn't until 2021. Most places let you cancel for full refund up til 30 days. Plus, reservations are on a CSR card
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