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  1. English Greg - Thanks for coming on here and expressing your opinion. Aft extended is not my favorite location either. However, if someone else was paying for it, I'd take it. Not sure why people feel as though you pee'd in their Cheerios just because it's not your favorite location, but hey, it is what it is.
  2. Expert? Don't you know that we're all experts? lol I can only share my experience. I was sitting in the gate area by 8:30AM for a 10:35 flight. However, I had a lot going for me. Suite guests with escorts off the ship. No lines for Customs/Immigrations. Taxi waiting outside. First Class seating, so no line to check luggage, TSA pre-check so no line at airport for security. Will YOU make it? I have no idea
  3. https://tripinsurancestore.com/cancel-for-any-reason-travel-insurance-plans/ CFAR means EXACTLY that,,, ANY reason. I stubbed my toe and don't feel like getting out of bed,,, I can call and cancel my trip and receive whatever benefits are laid out under the CFAR terms and conditions. If one has travel insurance (that includes CFAR) and they have to cancel but the insurance determines the cancellation is not a covered reason, then the policy holder can still get some sort of relief under the CFAR. Granted, CFAR is usually paid out at anywhere from 50% - 90% CREDIT (not cash) of covered trip. (Depending on policy)
  4. Some policies require you to insure ALL nonrefundable trip costs if getting preexisting condition waivers and/or CFAR. Your question mentioned no CFAR but no mention of preexisting waiver. If neither, then no, you wouldn’t have to include air. As a matter of fact, if you don’t need either, you can cover as little or as much as you want. If you only cover $1, you still get the max medical and evac. All the other comprehensive coverages pay out a % of amount covered or up the amount covered.
  5. Yes you do. when I bused tables, the front of house split with back of house.
  6. OP, Let us know how it turns out. Your experience may help others in the future.
  7. She earns about 3000 to 3500 per cruise. She won a small jackpot that required a 1099G. I requested and received a Win/Loss statement for tax purposes. I was surprised to see that the "total play" was about $21K for her alone.
  8. My experience only. I am not a big player. However, my wife and I do play. My Wife is exclusive to slots. Her budget is $2 - $3K for a 7 day cruise. She earns big points, gets free drinks, bottles of wine sent to dinner, and offers like the OP is receiving. My budget is the same. I enjoy table games more but will sit at the occasional slot. I earn very few points due to the table rating method. My table play averages about $25 per hand.
  9. vital check is all I'm aware of. Good luck Remember the 5 P's in the future.
  10. Whew I'm glad Thinfool could help you out. I misunderstood the title and though someone was trying to fly TAP airlines to Ketchikan, Alaska.
  11. Look under your policies Definition section. Usually towards the end of the document. whats defined as Trip Interruption Whats defined as a Family Member and what are covered reasons
  12. During the process of getting a quote, put the cost of travel per person at $499. The medical will stay the same coverage, however, the comprehensive portion (cancellation, trip delay, trip interruption, etc) will be limited to the cost of the trip (499). I do this all the time for my short Caribbean cruises. I can afford the loss if I have to cancel, but I still get the medical benefits. Why $499 per person cost trip? Insurance companies price out their policies based on the cost of the trip. $0 - $500 is one price, $501 - $1000 is the next level, $1001 - $1500, and so on. Therefore if you put $499, the price is the same as if you put $1. Should you need to change flights or grab a hotel room,,, the $499 will cover it.
  13. Actually, I was just on the Symphony this past October. If you went to the casino cage, there was a betting sheet. So, YES, there is sports betting on Royal ships. First I'd seen or heard of it and you had to ask for the sheet. They're keeping it low profile. It appeared to me that the odds were coming from vegasodds.
  14. Credit card if purchased pre cruise on Carnival
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