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  1. First of all,,, Cruise Cash is non refundable, so don't buy more than you can use. Now to your question, there is really no advantage. The only reason why I might do it is just so I have as much pre-paid for my vacation as possible. If I know that I'm probably going to spend $1000 on the ship, I'll pre-pay as much as possible so at the end of my cruise, my credit card is only going to take a small hit.
  2. Contrary to what you may believe, this isn't about you then is it? If the system is working for you then so be it. However, if I look at my account within the first few hours, I will see a "pending" charge which is essentially the "hold" or "pre-authorization" come across. If I look a couple of hours later, my bank has removed it. Now, not all people are as fortunate as you and I. Some have financial institutions who don't do that. Some have secured cards which severely limits the use of the cards available limits. Some have cards with very low limits which also reduces availability. So, just because it doesn't happen to you, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  3. Ask yourself is losing the non-refundable deposit will ruin you financially? If yes, insure now. If not, then wait your normal amount.
  4. All I can think is,,,, What would Red Foreman say?
  5. I'm on both sides of the fence on this. Live a full life? of course. Cruise just like me? Maybe, maybe not. Cruising is not a God given right. Even though I am able bodied, there are some things I'm just never going to be able to experience. Whether it be mental, physical, or financial, I have certain limitations and I accept those limitations. Obviously you are an animal lover and are well versed on the ADA. I applaud you. However, it's people like you who should be standing up and shouting from the highest trees about the continued and growing abuse by those who circumvent the regulations to take Fifi on vacation. You guys have the most to lose. As my mother used to say when us siblings would fight,,, figure it out amongst yourselves because if I have to get involved neither of you are going to like my resolution.
  6. True. However, if the cruiseline won't handle the situation or the owner won't handle the situation, Fifi is much much lower on the pecking order of life than one of my friends or loved ones.
  7. Well, since there are no laws or regulations on the high seas, I guess if Fifi bites you, you can beat the little POS and there shouldn’t be any ramifications on you. Not the optimal answer or response, but if the animal or the owner has no remorse, the cruise line takes no action,,, so be it.
  8. If you have a port stop before the first elegant night, go shopping. I tried on my tux the first night to make sure it fit. Realized I had brought 2 left shoes. Fortunately, our first port had a Payless shoes in the port area. Problem solved.
  9. Also note that if you buy a NICE piece of jewelry or watch, that purchase will be sent to CBP for when you get ready to get off the ship in case any customs or duty is due. Don't buy a $10K ring then try to claim nothing at Customs. Big Brother is watching.
  10. If I get back to the bus and nobody is sitting in the seat I previously had, then I’d sit in that seat again. If upon return, someone else has occupied that seat, I’d find another. I’m on vacation and life is too short.
  11. I'm not embarrassed at all to ask my kids, grandkids, or even neighborhood kids to show me how to do something. Adults are always telling them what to do, when to do it, and/or how to do something that they seem to appreciate sharing their knowledge with an adult who's willing to ask.
  12. It is so frustrating as an employee of a major corporation when the C Suite won't listen to someone who has 30+ years of experience and can see the circle coming back around. Since you don't have a Business degree from Harvard or Yale,,, you don't have the big picture and "need to stay in your lane". 3 years later, C Suite personnel rolls over, new leadership comes in after an 80% drop in market share, and only then do things start to change,, maybe.
  13. Why would you think you can't? I stream my Sirius channel through the mobile app on my phone when sailing in the Caribbean.
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