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  1. Unknown why the quote in this post. My apologies for why it even pops up. Anyway, Royal has offered no explanation regarding my "Next Cruise" OBC, nor have they offered any alternative for an acceptable sailing that fit our needs, wants, desires, or schedule. So,, we moved to NCL. Try our their product and The Haven. We receive a full 100% refund minus the $600 OBC. Since the $600 was OBC, we're not really out anything, just the monopoly money the $600OBC represented.
  2. As a US citizen making plans for Europe, I came across this https://cdn.civitatis.com/general/TravelAssistanceInsurance.pdf?_ga=2.2590512.108693467.1601086844-1430155580.1601086844 and would be interested in an expert opinion I came across this from this link https://www.civitatis.com/en/travel-insurance/?_ga=2.249913606.108693467.1601086844-1430155580.1601086844#description One of the reasons I ask, is because with my Travel Insurance medical plan, I have to whip out my credit card to pay for medical services and then hope to be reimbursed. This policy may be exactly the same, but I can't find a direct answer that I can understand. Anyway, thought I would share. BTW: I already have a policy purchased from TripInsuranceStore
  3. 🙄 Don't recall asking that question or for that opinion but thank you for offering Next
  4. Okay, I may have answered my own question. It appears that if I go to NCL.com, I can book a 7 day cruise on the Epic departing Barcelona AND I can book a 7 day cruise departing from Rome. I guess they debark and embark guests at both ports. I've never run across this but is good to know.
  5. This will be our first Norwegian cruise. Our past 10+ cruises were with Carnival or Royal We had a 12 day scheduled with Royal out of Barcelona which got cancelled completely earlier this week. I guess they are moving the Vision over to Puerto Rico. They didn't even offer an alternative ship, just cancelled. Anyway, while making plans and reservations, I remained fluid just in case something like this came up. We have moved to the Norwegian Epic out of Rome for a June 30, 2021 sailing. What has me confused is that when I look for Roll Calls, there is nothing for June 30, and everything near it indicates the Epic is sailing out of Barcelona. Therein lies my confusion. Any help in clearing up this confusion is appreciated. Kelly
  6. Was scheduled to sail on the Vision next summer out of Barcelona. This cruise was booked while on board the Allure using the "Next Cruise" promotion. $300 deposit, XXX amount of OBC, etc. Royal has now cancelled that cruise and since "they" cancelled, they are automatically refunding all monies paid. Was not even offered to transfer money to a different sailing/ship/booking. I get to wait ~45 days for 8 grand to be refunded to my credit card, then start all over. Anyway, what happens to my "Next Cruise" certificate and bennies?
  7. I was booked on the Vision of the Seas to sail out of Barcelona next summer. This was a 12 day sailing. Booked in a 2 Bedroom GS. Not sure what my options are now. Harmony is sailing out of Barcelona but only a 7 day cruise. They want $5K more for a CL than what I paid for my 12 days on the Vision. The other option will be to do a B2B on the Adventure of the Seas which is doing short 4 and 5 day cruises out of Barcelona. However, the sail dates and pricing won't be release for the Adventure until Oct 1.
  8. The only answer that the OP needs 😀
  9. If you're wanting to keep your sailing out of Barcelona, your options will be a 7 day on the Harmony or a 4 or 5 day (or a B2B) on Adventure of the Seas. Adventures dates will be on line on October 1st. We were scheduled to be on the July1st sailing on the Vision. Doing some scrambling right now.
  10. Not for me anymore. First time to the beach, Yep, I collected sand and shells. Got them home, displayed my new findings and experiences proudly. A week later they were a novelty. Two weeks later, I was asking myself why. A month later , it was all gone. In the trash.
  11. I took Hank's advice If my trip is going to cost me 5 or 10K, I'll forego the comprehensive trip insurance. If I miss the trip for whatever reason, I won't be financially devastated. I'll have some "splainin" to do with my wife,,,, but after 10 or so trips with no claims, I'm even. No medical or evacuation on the other hand can and would be financially devastating. Therefore, when I'm getting a quote for trip insurance, instead of saying the trip costs are $5000 per person, I'll put $499. That gives me all the medical and evac coverage that policy offers, while limiting the comprehensive to whatever the max % of trip cost is as listed in the benefits. (Note: I can still do this AND have coverage for Pre-Existing medical conditions in Washington state.. Your mileage may vary) Why $499? Most insurance policies have a break point where they set costs. $0 - $500 is one price, $501 - $1000 is a higher price and so on. So $1 trip cost is going to be the same price charged at $499. $499 will cover a hotel and a meal or 2 if I ever have a legitimate Trip delay or such.
  12. Beware of Travel Guard.... They might refund you for your claim... 😨
  13. GeezerCouple provide a great suggestion to this individual.
  14. Yes. My wedding band was lost, stolen, or misplaced on a cruise. I followed the instructions provided, filed the claim, sent in the requested documentation, and received full reimbursement up to the limitations set by the policy in about 14 days.
  15. To cruise??? No However, I would not be surprised if the vaccination is required to enter to enter countries or their territorial waters. So, in the end,,,,, Yes the vaccine will be required
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