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  1. Just don't put the flight information in. Make it think your driving in.
  2. Let me help you with a 100% accurate prediction of weather for South Florida and surrounding areas. Periods of thunderstorms and scattered showers in the afternoon. Take it to the bank.
  3. Just asking the questions Is your return flight the same day? and is your return flight within the time allotment for using Carnivals bus service?
  4. I would imagine it would be covered under Trip Interruption. Sure, there might be some additional out of pocket expenses. People would need to clarify this with their insurance company before taking it up on their own though. It would be best if they could either record the conversation, get the response in writing via e-mail, or at the minimum take very detailed and exacting notes during the conversation. There was one instance where the cruisers arrived back to port late and missed their flights. They took it upon themselves to rent a car and drive all night so they could be back to work the next day. Insurance denied their claim because it wasn't pre-approved. Insurance would have paid hotels and meals gladly, but not rental car.
  5. My sister had a massive stroke yesterday. Would this cover her cancellation? ** With the appropriate documentation provided to the insurance claims adjustor? Maybe. Unless it can be associated with a pre-existing condition. Also, can my other sister that planned to be in the same cabin still go? ** Assuming this sister was booked in the same cabin as the one who suffered the stroke and will cancel? Yes, she can still go,,, HOWEVER,, the cruise line can and may charge her the Single Supplement. (The may not also but let's assume the worst.) After the cruise is over, then she can file a claim with her insurance for a refund of the Single Supplement. I know, it doesn't make sense,,, however,,, we all know that business accounting, insurance accounting, and how you and I do our home finance accounting are different things.
  6. I'm a West Coast person who loves visiting Mexico. However, the pacific ocean is deep, dark blue, and cold. Even on a cruise, sailing along the coast, the temps are cold until you get south of San Diego. Caribbean cruise anytime and everytime for me.
  7. It's going to be State residency dependent. I live in Washington State. There is only 1 policy I can buy that let's me get pre-existing condition coverage and still not cover the entire trip. otherwise, most policies do require you to cover the entire Trip Cost to cover Pre-Existing. For me, the price breakdown is in $500 increments, so I buy at the Trip Cost of $500. For me,,, I had written an e-mail to Steve at www.tripinsurancestore.com and he found the policy for me. When I was just reviewing the options on my own, I hadn't noticed that this policy waived the entire cost provision.
  8. You shouldn't make that assumption. You may be correct, but you may be wrong also. On my last European cruise on the Brilliance, the ATM in the casino dispensed USD while the ATM near the Guest Services Desk dispensed Euros. That's not to say all ships have multiple ATM's, just sharing my experience without the assumption that all are like that.
  9. Yes, I have taken this tour. No, I did not find it of value or fun. Some of it might be interesting however, it's like going to the slaughter factory. I may enjoy my steak, but that doesn't mean I want to see where it comes from. Or, I may enjoy the magic of Disney, but I still don't want to see how the magic is made.
  10. and the charge for gratuities won't hit your account at the end of the cruise. I usually find it's one of the first to hit my account
  11. I wondered where you were going with a DP question. 😮
  12. and now, some States are making the age limit that you can't smoke or vape.
  13. Or, they could shut down GE, Boeing, and other corporations that receive tax breaks. Then we could get rid of the hundreds of thousands of employed people who buy cars, houses, food, appliances, go on vacations, AND pay taxes and overall keep the economic engine running.
  14. You may be correct, but your presentation leaves something to be desired.
  15. Carnival insurance has 1 price for all people no matter the age group. It includes Cancel For Any Reason. Does not cover pre-existing conditions. Has low medical coverage. $10K, I believe. www.tripinsurancestore.com www.insurmytrip.com allows you to compare 3rd party policies. Price is usually better with much higher limits of coverage. The are priced on age. For additional money you can opt in for Cancel For Any Reason, Pre-Existing conditions coverage, etc All really depends on what kind of coverage meets YOUR needs.
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