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  1. is there any benefit? Nope, not really. Just the psychological one of have a $200 end of cruise bill rather than a $700.
  2. Cruise cash is just you buying OBC for yourself. It is non-refundable though so don’t buy too much. The original purpose was for your family or friends to buy you a gift so you could have some money to spend. I buy Cruise Cash for myself though. If I anticipate that my end of cruise will be abot $700, I’ll buy $500 cruise cash just to lessen my end of cruise bill.
  3. Carnival only has Continental breakfast. They don’t do hot items. Menus are available on their web site
  4. I'm getting ready for my 20th cruise and I'm in my early 60's. The excitement and night before issues never go away. It would be sad if it just became old hat and there was no anticipation.
  5. You'll be charged the additional gratuities at the suite price on the ship.
  6. call and discuss this with the fine folks at Insuremytrip. That's why you went with a broker. They will know the exact wording of the policy they sold you and should be able to better provide you with guidance
  7. When we were in St. Petersburg and on tour, we really were not given the opportunity to shop on out own. When tipping the guides, I just used USD. Where we need the Krone or Krona, I just stopped at a local ATM and got a small amount of local currency or just used my credit card. Many places are moving to cashless anyway.
  8. Alla Tours is the way to go. They will arrange for your tourist Visa
  9. Did you have travel insurance? If so, speak with the broker you bought the policy from. Many policies will allow you to cancel your husband from the cruise (get that money back) then, if the cruise line charges you a single supplement, the travel insurance will reimburse that also.
  10. My last and only time using this service my travel day was 15 hours long so I could save a total of $200. Since then, I’ve determined that my time has value also. I can save 9 hours of travel time for $200
  11. Yes, they say it's helium and I don't doubt that. I find that interesting. There is currently a world wide shortage of helium gas. To the point that we can't even supply full loads of helium to support medical MRI machines. Helium boils off so fast that an MRI system has to use nitrogen to help keep the helium from boiling off any faster.
  12. All of your questions are perfect examples of why you should be consulting with a reputable TA Also, You need to get yourself out of the middle of this. from someone who did exactly as you are planning, I can tell you that everyone wants to sail on this cruise. UNTIL, it's time to put big money down, then folks will start dropping like flies. Just as if you are planning a big party at your house. If you want 20 people, then invite 40. Next on the agenda is that someone will start complaining because they talked to a friend who had a friend who went on a cruise and the price you are asking them to pay is way too much. That friend of a friend also said they got a better deal on amenities. Next on the agenda will be pre-cruise parties which everyone will want you to host. Them will come excursions and are you leading them and others just can't figure things out and what about this.. Find a TA that all can work with. The TA can get you the group discounts, the amenities, can handle the billings and the payments and can answer all questions.
  13. pricing and discounts are dependant on elite status and cabin type booked. I didn't pay near that much. I'm Emerald staying in a GS
  14. As with everything else in life, the answer is,,, it depends. How much money do you have? How much are you willing to spend?, how much elite status do you have with the business you are dealing with. I'm not going to get a free chauffer to take me to the airport. George Clooney can.
  15. You're asking 2 separate questions and they should be kept at 2 separate entities. 1. The ES price issue. What the disclaimer is say is that your earlier booking and OBC and any other incentives are out the window,,, gone. If you accept the new price it is what it is. You get the new bottom price and you get the new OBC offer if there is any. What ever deal you had before is gone. If you had a $49 deposit deal with $100 OBC,,,, Gone You must now comply with the terms and conditions of the new deal. 2. Upgrade Whole new question. Not combinable.
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